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7 Waste Removal Tips for Your Kitchen

Maintaining the cleanliness of a home is something everyone wants to prioritize, but not everyone actually does. If you find it difficult to keep your home clean, it’s vital that you learn how to make it less of a task and more of a routine.

Once you get in a routine with cleaning, you will find that build up of clutter will become a thing of the past. The kitchen is the place most people spend their time, so you may find the following info to be of great value to you.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is truly a cleaning miracle that gets even the toughest of stains to disappear with ease. With a cleaning pad, simply mix baking soda and water to all the areas in your kitchen that need deep cleaning.

Most people use it for ovens or stoves because it gets the job done without leaving any harsh chemical smells after.

2. Multiple Trash Bins

Organizing your trash bins with recyclables, regular trash, and wet trash will really save you a lot of time when disposing trash comes along. Investing in 3 bins can also make it much easier to recycle as well.

Along with multiple trash bins, it’s also recommended to invest in a reliable waste removal service, like Rubbish removal company. The last thing you want is for your garbage to not be disposed properly or on time.

3. Ammonia for Stained Stoves

Waste Removal Tips 2

Ammonia is a natural ingredient that can get even the nitty gritty old stains on stoves to disappear without breaking the material.

Simply leave some ammonia on that area you want to break down and after 5-10 minutes, the stain will fall apart.

4. Water and Lemon for Microwave

Lemon is also a powerful cleaning natural ingredient that does wonders in cleaning a microwave.

If you various stains in your microwave that you don’t want to use chemicals to remove, simply microwave a bowl of lemon and water for 30 seconds, and the stains will soften.

What this does aside from softening the stains is also absorbed the grease that has to build up in your microwave.

This is actually an age-old trick that can also prevent further grease build up in the future. After you microwave the concoction, simply let the bowl of lemon water sit.

5. Blender Cleaning Hack

Waste Removal Tips

Blenders can be a pain to clean and can also be quite dangerous.

A quick hack for getting all the crevices clean is blending some dishwashing soap and water together for 30 seconds to a minute or until the juices get off the sides of the blender.

This takes so little time and effort and you won’t have to worry about getting cut while doing so.

6. Clean Oven with Vinegar

Ovens also accumulate a lot of grease and hard stains that usually only strong chemical-based products can get rid of.

However, vinegar and apple cider vinegar have actually been proven to get the job done just as well if not better than those products.

Just allow the ingredient to sit in your oven, and swiping the dirt off will be a breeze.

7. Hand Washing Dishes

Hand washing dishes is often seen as a very time consuming and tiring task, but it actually is so worth it.

Not only will you get all the germs off more thoroughly, but you also happen to save more money doing so than using a dishwasher.

Dishwashers don’t always get every inch of dishes, and often use up a lot of water.

Though it does require more effort, it is cleaner, and more cost effective to do the dishes with your hands.


With all of the tips above implemented into your life, you will find that upkeep in your home to no longer be so tedious.

All it takes is curating a detailed maintenance schedule along with hiring a quality waste removel service. The last thing you want is for your house to be overflowed with garbage.

The trick is to beat the clutter to the punch by always doing tiny cleaning regularly. Having to clean huge amounts every so often is exhausting and time-consuming.

However, doing little stuff consistently not only keeps everything clean but also doesn’t require much effort.

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