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22 Elisabeth Luard Recipe Books

While we would all love to be creative geniuses in the kitchen, sometimes we need a little help and inspiration from the experts. One of the most reliable writers we can always turn to when we don’t know what to cook is Elisabeth Luard – so here are all 22 Elisabeth Luard recipe books.

Who is Elisabeth Luard?

Before we start, let’s briefly remind ourselves of who Elisabeth Luard is. She is a veteran British author of many acclaimed cookery books.

Although London-born, she grew up in South America and has also lived in Spain’s Andalusia as well as spending time on a Scottish island and living for many years in rural Wales. Her travels have doubtlessly influenced her culinary writing, as can be seen from the titles of her many books.

1. The Flavours of Andalucia

A book dedicated to the cuisine of Spain’s southern region of Andalusia and the cookery of each of its eight provinces, from the rustic food of the countryside to the dishes influenced by the erstwhile Moorish rulers of the peninsula.

2. Seasonal European Dishes

From the icy far north to the sweltering south, Europe is a continent of huge variation, and as the seasons change, so does the food people prepare. This book documents the best-loved dishes of Europe’s many culinary traditions as the year advances and the available ingredients change.

3. Tapas – Classic Small Dishes from Spain

The concept of tapas – small dishes to be eaten with drinks among friends – is now well-know the world over. Here, Elisabeth Luard gives her take on the Spanish custom, having spent many years living in the homeland of this manner of eating.

4. European Peasant Cookery

Also known in the US under the title of The Old World Kitchen, this classic cookery book details the rustic cooking style of Europe’s countryfolk and how the simplest of ingredients can be turned into a hearty feast.

5. A Cook’s Year in a Welsh Farmhouse

Much of what Luard has written about is concerned with the cooking styles of the countryside, and this book talks in loving detail of the cuisine she discovered while living in a farmhouse in western Wales.

6. Truffles

Truffles are counted among the most expensive and most sought-after foods in the world. Here, Luard details the history of the truffle – and how to cook with them when you are fortunate enough to obtain some.

7. Saffron and Sunshine – Tapas, Mezze and Antipasti

For many, lovingly prepared dishes in small portions are a far more delightful treat than an overflowing plate of food. This book is all about the Mediterranean traditions of small snack food and how to prepare it yourself.

8. The Food of Spain and Portugal

There is much more to the food of the Iberian Peninsula than Spanish tapas, with each region of Spain and Portugal boasting its own distinct specialties – to which this book provides a wonderful introduction.

9. The Latin American Kitchen

Elisabeth Luard spent her formative years living in the South American continent, and this book is her homage to the melting pot of cuisines found there.

10. Sacred Food

A fascinating book about the place food occupies in rituals and rites of passage around the world – including how to prepare more than 40 traditional recipes.

11. Classic Spanish Cooking

A compendium of the food of the country that Luard made her home for many years.

12. Classic French Cooking

A book about the cooking from the various regions of a country that perhaps more than any other has elevated the preparation of food and its consumption to the status of a fine art.

13. Food Adventures – Introducing Your Child to Flavours from Around the World

Co-written with US food writer Frances Boswell, this is a book about introducing young children to the more exotic flavors of world cuisine.

14. Recipes and Ramblings

A collection of nearly 140 of Elisabeth Luard’s favorite recipes from down the years.

15. The Barricaded Larder

Written as a companion to the celebrated European Peasant Cookery, this is another volume of cookery in times of dearth. Even when life is hard, people have always found ways to make the most of the ingredients at hand – as this book shows.

16. Country Living – A Taste of the Country

Another volume of recipes demonstrating the author’s love for the food of the countryside – a lovely collection or hearty rural recipes.

17. Latin – a Culinary Journey of Discovery

A lovingly-written book of regional cuisine that is so obviously close to the author’s heart. Also notable for the exceptional photography that illustrates the book.

18. Sainsbury’s The Cooking of Spain

A book written for well-known British supermarket Sainsbury’s. This is a book of home-style Spanish cooking using mainly ingredients that are readily available outside of Spain.

19. Homemade Soups

Soups are enjoyed in practically every country and by almost every culture in the world. This book explores soups from around the world, from Africa to Southeast Asia to South America – and everywhere in between.

20. Vegetable Soups

Another volume dedicated to soups, this time specifically soups made with vegetables. It features recipes from many countries – but on the whole, all are easily adaptable to whatever fresh produce you can lay your hands on locally.

21. The Princess and the Pheasant

A vintage cookery book and a classic of the genre. This was a book that brought to life many classic recipes from around Europe and beyond – at a time when people were perhaps less used to eating exotic foods from other countries.

22. Country House Cookery Book

This book details the dishes traditionally served in upper-class country houses. Not everybody can live like a lord, but at least by following the recipes in this book, we can all eat like one from time to time.


Elisabeth Luard’s lasting appeal as an author of cookery books comes from her intimate knowledge of the culinary traditions of the many places she has called home.

It also comes from her passion for food and its preparation in many and varied forms around the world – something that shines through in all of her food writing.

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