27 Super Easy Coffee Shake Recipes You’ll Want To Try At Home

If you love coffee as much as we do, you’ll love trying different ways to drink it. And what could be better on a hot day than a delicious coffee shake?

But how do you make one? Luckily, we have the answers! Take a look at our super easy coffee shake recipes. They’re so good, you’ll want to try one every day.

#1 Let’s start with a pure and simple coffee shake

Try this recipe for a great flavor without the fuss.

Take half a cup of brewed coffee, 2 cups of ice-cream and half a tablespoon of ice-cream syrup. Choose your own flavor of syrup - how about salted caramel or chocolate? Then put the whole lot in the blender, blitz and you’re done!

#2 Now get indulgent with a chocolatey coffee shake

When you really want to treat yourself, this recipe takes chocolatey-coffee-creamy goodness to the max! Add some milk and chocolate syrup, top with whipped cream, and sprinkle some cocoa powder on top.

Coffee shakes don’t get better than this.

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#3 Try a banana iced coffee shake for a healthier option

This shake is low in calories, high in protein and will really fill you up. It uses unsweetened almond milk in place of ice-cream, so it’s great if you have less of a sweet tooth. And with frozen banana and protein powder in the mix, it will really get you going in the morning.

#4 Or how about a coffee breakfast shake with added super-foods?

This is a great shake that adds plant-based nutrients to a delicious chocolate flavor.

The chocolate in this one comes from raw cacao, with a dash of vanilla for a sweet, creamy taste. Throw in oats and chia seeds to aid digestion, and the result is a shake that’s both healthy and tasty.

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#5 For a variation, try this wake-me-up smoothie with nut butter

This one’s similar to the coffee breakfast smoothie, but ditches the chia seeds for a spoonful of nut butter. The result is a shake with a smoother texture. For those of us who don’t love our alarm clocks, this is another drink that packs an energy-boosting punch!

#6 Freeze your leftover coffee for a protein-packed smoothie with hemp

If you’ve got brewed coffee leftovers, don’t let them go to waste! Pour into an ice-cube tray, freeze, and you’ve got one of the key ingredients for this delicious smoothie. Mash them up in a blender with a banana, almond milk, Greek yogurt, and hemp and chia seeds.

#7 If you love peppermint, try this vegan and gluten-free peppermint mocha Frappuccino

Here’s one drink that proves being vegan and gluten-free doesn’t have to mean compromising on flavor. A dash of peppermint extract adds a new dimension to this almond milk-based Frappuccino.

Swirl some coconut whip on top for a decadent finish that keeps it dairy-free. Fabulous!

#8 Or try a vanilla, coconut and cashew latte smoothie – with cauliflower

Yes, you read that right. The mouthwatering flavors in this smoothie can only be improved on in only one way – having a bigger drink!

But if you’re watching your waistline, piling in the cashews and coconut isn’t an option. Instead, blend in a handful of frozen cauliflower to pump up the volume. Believe us, you won’t taste it when it’s all mixed together.

#9 Add some spinach to your mocha smoothie!

Here’s another recipe that uses the magic power of smoothies to disguise the less-than-appetizing flavor of some healthy foods.

This delicious mocha smoothie is all about strong coffee and chocolate flavors. But there’s a twist. A loose-packed cup of spinach adds a pile of nutrients – but you’d never know it. There’s no spinach taste and the dark brown color means you’ll never even catch sight of it!

#10 Now back to more traditional ingredients: anyone for peanut butter and maple syrup?

If you’ve got a jar of espresso powder in your cupboard, we’ve got the shake for you! This espresso smoothie mixes peanut butter and maple syrup with unsweetened almond milk. Yum!

It’s another smoothie that uses the frozen banana for texture. But if you’re not a fan of bananas, don’t worry – just use ice instead.

#11 Or a healthy take on a salted caramel mocha smoothie?

A coffee smoothie with salted caramel that’s healthy too? That’s right – we’re about to make your smoothie dreams come true!

This recipe cleverly uses salt with pitted dates to get the salted caramel flavor. You can also add a scoop of chocolate or vanilla flavored protein powder for extra nutrients.

#12 No need for bananas in this breakfast smoothie

This is a great recipe if you need your smoothie to wake you up in the morning, but can’t stand bananas. It combines cold black coffee, peanut butter, yogurt, ice and almond milk. The texture in this one comes from a handful of oats.

Put it all in a blender and you’ll be ready to face the day!

#13 But if you love them – how about a coffee, banana and hazelnut shake?

What could give you a better jolt of energy than this coffee, banana and hazelnut shake? It also adds a dash of agave nectar for something a bit different.

If you’re worried your bananas are in danger of going off, you can peel and freeze them. They’ll taste every bit as good.

#14 You’ll be in coconut heaven with this shake

Coffee and coconut make a great combination.

Toast some flaked coconut and add to coffee, coconut milk, banana, flaxseed and a dash of vanilla extract. Put it all in the blender and you’ll have the creamy shake with a fragrance to die for! Top with a few flakes of the toasted coconut for the finishing touch.

#15 Try this shake for coffee flavors all the way

If you’re a coffee purist, this is the shake for you. And it provides a serious caffeine boost into the bargain.

Add strong, cold coffee to coffee-flavored ice-cream and half-and-half or milk. Then super-charge those coffee flavors with two to three tablespoons of chocolate covered espresso beans. Blitz in the blender and enjoy a taste sensation!

#16 When the sun goes down, try this boozy coffee shake

Kahlua and Irish Cream turn a shake into a grownup treat. The base is made with espresso and coffee flavored ice-cream, with a generous helping of alcohol complementing the flavors.

Drizzle chocolate sauce around the glass before you pour in your shake, then top with whipped cream. Tuck in when the kids have gone to bed!

#17 This mocha shake is good enough for dessert

If you’ve ever thought about swapping dessert for a shake, we’re about to convince you to do it.

There’s no artificial syrup in this mocha shake, just chocolate all the way. Chop strong, plain chocolate, and add coffee granules and boiling milk. Then cool and blend with vanilla ice-cream. We can almost taste it now!

#18 Or turn your dessert into a drink with the tiramisu shake!

If you love the Italian coffee-flavored dessert tiramisu, why not enjoy it in a glass?!

The ingredients are almost the same. The coffee, ladyfinger sponges, and mascarpone of the dessert are combined with vanilla ice-cream in a blender. Top with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and cocoa powder and voilà – tiramisu you can drink!

#19 Try a twist on cold brew coffee with a caramel shake

Keep things simple by investing in a can of caramel flavored cold brew concentrate, or make your own. Either way, the results will be delicious.

Just blend the cold brew with vanilla ice-cream, cinnamon and salt, and fill some chilled glasses. What could be simpler?

#20 Follow the example of Rhode Islanders with a coffee cabinet

Coffee milk is the state drink of Rhode Island, where shakes are known as coffee cabinets and made with home-made syrup.

To follow the Islanders’ example, boil together strong coffee and lots of sugar. Then add a dash of vanilla essence and leave it to cool. When ready, blend with coffee ice-cream, milk and more chilled coffee.

#21 Get tipsy with a Tennessee coffee shake

Way down in Tennessee, they like their shakes to pack a punch! The Tennessee coffee shake comes complete with Irish Cream, coffee liqueur and whisky.

Made with coffee ice-cream, whipped cream and lashings of chocolate syrup, it’s not for anyone watching their weight. But we reckon a little of what you fancy does you good!

#22 Or go exotic with a Vietnamese coffee shake

This impressive-sounding coffee shake couldn’t be easier to make. First, you need a brand of coffee with added chicory (Café du Monde is a favorite of Vietnamese ex-pats). Then blitz the cold coffee in a blender with half-and-half, sweetened condensed milk and ice.

It’ll take about 30 seconds for the mixture to go frothy, then you’re done!

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#23 From Vietnam to Turkey – meet the Turkish coffee shake

Despite the name, this is made with cold brew or chilled, regular coffee rather than the Turkish variety. It’s the addition of a pinch of cardamom that gives this shake its Turkish flavor.

The recipe uses vanilla ice-cream, with extra spice notes from cinnamon and cloves. The result is a real Turkish delight!

#24 And if you love Nutella…

…and who doesn’t love Nutella? – why not add some to your coffee shake?

Mix it with vanilla ice-cream and just add chilled coffee. The cold temperature will make the Nutella harden, and you’ll find delicious chunks of hazlenutty goodness throughout the shake. It’s amazing!

#25 Try adding whiskey and chocolate chunks

Another grownup take on the coffee shake combines Irish whiskey with bold chocolate flavors. There’s no actual coffee in this one, just coffee-flavored ice-cream blended with milk and whiskey. Roughly chop the chocolate and mix it in, and your shake is ready.

This is a whiskey-lover’s delight. Just remember to enjoy it in moderation!

#26 Time for something healthier – meet the low carb coffee shake

If all this talk of alcohol and chocolate is making your waistline tighten, how about a low carb alternative?

Using instant espresso powder, low carb sweetener and ice-cream, and almond milk can give you a shake with only 345 calories per serving.

#27 The ultimate healthy coffee shake

If you liked our low carb coffee shake, how about one that’s also free of refined sugars, low fat and high in protein?

Step forward our ultimate healthy coffee shake! Made with sweetener, low-fat cottage cheese, and unsweetened almond milk, there’s nothing here that’s bad for you. But you won’t believe that when you taste it!


We hope you’ve loved our list of super easy coffee shakes as much as we’ve loved trying them out! From ultra-healthy to rich and indulgent, we think there’s something here for every mood.

We hope we’ve inspired you to give these recipes a try. Please comment and let us know how it went.

And if you’ve enjoyed this list, why not share it with your friends? If you’re lucky, perhaps they’ll make a coffee shake for you!

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