43 Coffee Scrub Ideas You Probably Did Not Think About

Coffee is a necessity for life. Ok, perhaps not quite as necessary as things like air, but pretty close! But when we talk about coffee, of course we’re thinking about drinking it, not rubbing it on our bodies. But did you know coffee is also extremely beneficial for your skin?

Here’s a list of coffee scrub ideas you probably did not think about before – but that could well be worth trying out!

#1. Exfoliating Face Scrub Recipe

Check it out at stylecaster.com

Let’s kick off with something simple but effective – a great recipe for a face scrub using coffee, oil and brown sugar, all things you probably already have at home.

#2. Vegan-friendly body scrub

This is similar to #1 but we love this recipe because the blogger includes lots of details on how to make and use the scrub – and emphasizes that the scrub is vegan-friendly too. Great ideas!

#3. Banish cellulite with coffee

Check it out at elle.com

Another great idea, this time for ridding yourself of unsightly cellulite – just what we need as the summer approaches and we start thinking about heading to the beach.

#4. Coffee and coconut scrub

Check it out at thecoconutmama.com

Maybe the best-smelling scrub in the world? We all love the delicious aromas of a steaming cup of coffee, and the scent of coconut just epitomizes summer vacations beneath the palm trees.

#5. Coffee scrub with lemon

Check it out at myfoodstory.com

Talking of great smelling scrubs, try this. Ok, we know that’s not the most important part, but adding lemon juice and lemon rind to the mix is going to make it even more fragrant. Great for your skin too.

#6. Coffee and Dead Sea salt scrub

Check it out at joybileefarm.com

If you want to try something a little more elaborate and have access to all the ingredients, we found a great recipe for a super-healthy scrub using coffee and Dead Sea salt. This scrub also can make a great homemade gift.

#7. Coffee scrub with coconut and cane sugar

Check it out at evermine.com

Here we have another version of a coffee scrub with coconut oil, this time combined with cane sugar. So simple and effective, easy to mix up with ingredients that are easy to find.

#8. Coffee, coconut, honey and carrot seed oil

Check it out at draxe.com

There are lots of similar recipes for scrubs online and it’s hard to find ones that really stand out – that’s why we love this one that incorporates honey and carrot seed oil. Wonderful ingredients for a refreshing scrub.

#9. Coffee, coconut oil and manuka honey – with great instructions

Check it out at rosiehope.com

Manuka honey has lots of benefits for your skin and this recipe will help you prepare your own DIY scrub. We especially like the high-quality photos and detailed instructions on how it’s done.

#10. Scrub, mask and other ideas

Check it out at theindianspot.com

Coffee is a great aid to healthy skin and this site shows you how to use it to prepare a scrub as well as how to make a mask combining coffee with egg yolk. Interesting ideas!

#11. Coffee, cocoa powder and almond milk

Check it out at rodalewellness.com

For more interesting and creative ways to care for your skin, have a look at this recipe using coffee with cocoa powder and almond milk. Another great idea for DIY skincare.

#12. Coffee with Epsom salts and olive oil

Check it out at misswish.com

Many DIY coffee scrubs use coconut oil, but some people find this leaves them feeling, well…oily. Another option is to use olive oil, something with proven health benefit. Here combined with Epsom salts and cinnamon.

#13. Exfoliate and scrub with tea tree oil

Check it out at onegreenplanet.org

We loved the idea of this simple scrub that combines tea tree or other essential oils with coffee. The site also has several other great ideas for using coffee as a natural beauty product.

#14. Coffee scrub for luscious legs

We all want great-looking legs, and this recipe for a coffee scrub is designed to help. The secret ingredient here is ginger. This scrub is sure to have you turning heads.

#15. Coffee scrub cubes

Check it out at hellowglow.com

For something you almost certainly wouldn’t have thought of yourself, try this: how to make scrub cubes using coffee to help combat cellulite – a solid coconut oil cube with coffee grounds inside.

#16. Easiest recipe for a DIY scrub

A good coffee scrub can help clear away dead skin cells while the natural antioxidants help protect skin. This recipe is one of the simplest ways for you to benefit from these and many other health benefits of a coffee scrub.

#17. Coffee scrub with lavender essential oil

Check it out at fabhow.com

We found a great site with instructions for a scrub made from coffee, lavender oil and other ingredients. The site also has plenty of other natural skin care ideas, well worth a look.

#18. Leftover or fresh ground coffee

Check it out at gimmesomeoven.com

When you make your DIY scrub, if you don’t know whether you should use fresh ground coffee or the used coffee from your morning brew, this recipe lets you use either.

#19. Or just using leftovers

Or if you are looking for a recipe specifically to help you make use of leftover grounds, try this one. An ideal way to look after your skin in an ecological way. Waste not, want not.

#20. Throw in some nutmeg and cloves

Check it out at mindbodygreen.com

If you want some clear information about the benefits of coffee scrubs, we found a blog with great explanations. The recipe includes nutmeg and cloves for extra health advantages.

#21. Coffee, sugar, olive oil, honey – and excellent instructions on how to use it

Check it out at livestrong.com

There are many recipes online for making DIY scrubs, often using similar ingredients. What’s so good about this one is the clear instructions for how to use it once it’s mixed up. Well worth a look.

#22. Classic coffee face mask

Check it out at beautybanter.com

Not technically a scrub but coffee is a great natural skincare product, so we thought we’d throw in a facemask or two as well. This is a perfect classic recipe that caught our eye.

#23. Coffee and yogurt scrub

Check it out at top10homerecipes.com

Drinking coffee can help to protect against some forms of cancer and coffee scrub may also fight against sun damage. We found a recipe using yogurt. The site also has recipes using coconut oil or coconut milk.

#24. Easiest coffee scrub ever

Check it out at cosmopolitan.com

The guys over at Cosmopolitan have put together a recipe using some great natural ingredients that allows you to make up your own DIY skin scrub. Using organic ingredients means no unpleasant chemicals on your delicate skin.

#25. Or maybe this one is even easier?

Check it out at peta.org

If the Cosmo recipe is too complicated (seriously?), here’s one that only uses coffee grounds and olive oil. Did you know you can absorb caffeine through your skin? This post explains how.

#26. As scrub for skin and hair

Check it out at food.ndtv.com

Coffee makes superb skin scrubs, but it can also help you keep your hair looking shiny and beautiful. This post explains how to make a coffee scrub you can use on your body, face and hair using olive oil and virgin honey.

#27. Ecological scrub using simple ingredients

Check it out at mightynest.com

Many commercial scrubs include microbeads, but we are realizing how detrimental these are to the environment. This well-written post explains how to make an ecological alternative using coffee.

#28. Look 15 years younger with a coffee scrub

Check it out at theholisticmama.com

Did you know that removing marks caused by sun damage can help you look up to 15 years younger? This fascinating article explains how and offers a recipe for how to do it with coffee.

#29. Revitalizing coffee face scrub

Check it out at naturalbeautytips.co

Wake up your mind with a morning brew and wake up your skin with a coffee scrub. We found an adaptable recipe that will let you do just that.

#30. Scrubs for acme, cellulite and eczema

Check them out at nowloss.com

Three recipes for the price of one. We found an insightful blog that gives you slightly different mixtures depending on what you want to treat, all of them creative and effective.

#31. Simple and inexpensive facial scrub

There are many reasons why a homemade scrub is superior to a bought one, including the cost and environmental concerns. This blogger scoured the internet and this is what she came up with.

#32. A two-ingredient wake-up scrub for your skin

Check it out at allure.com

Caffeine helps us get going in the morning and the caffeine in coffee can help our skin look lively in when we’re getting ready to leave the house. This well-written piece explains how.

#33. A coffee scrub for smooth and cellulite-free skin

Check it out at cliostyle.com

When we were hunting down DIY coffee scrubs for our list, we uncovered a great many claiming to help with cellulite. With clear instructions and good images, this was one of our favorites.

#34. Something different – coffee and mint

Check it out at lacrema.com

As we just said, we found lots of great recipes – but many are just different ways of combining the same ingredients. This one using mint with coffee is more unusual.

#35. Coffee and chocolate

Check it out at deliciousliving.com

#34 gives you an original recipe with mint and if you like experimenting, here’s another one for you to try, this time with chocolate. A fun and interesting article.

#36. Coconut and raw sugar to revitalize your skin

Check it out at healthymummy.com

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of using raw sugar in a scrub? We found a blog post that explains it in easy to understand terms. Use this recipe to nourish the body’s weakest organ – your skin.

#37. Homemade face and body scrubs with coffee

Check them out at beautyandtips.com

We found a blog that offers several variations on coffee scrubs using different ingredients. We loved these recipes for soothing and refreshing homemade skincare products using all-natural ingredients.

#38. Fight cellulite and give yourself beautiful glowing skin

Check them all out at stylecraze.com

Many bloggers have posted recipes for scrubs using different ingredients and here we’ve uncovered a great one with ten recipes including one using coffee and sugar. All worth a try, not just the coffee version.

#39. Organic two-ingredient scrub

Check it out at thefrugalchicken.com

Give yourself healthy, glowing skin by harnessing the power of coffee, this time combined simply with coconut oil. More elaborate versions with honey or myrrh essential oil are also included.

#40. Coffee and various “carrier” oils

Check it out at femina.in

We found another great blog offering skincare tips using coffee, this time combined with different oils including apricot essential oil. We also like the other recipe for a scrub made with oatmeal.

#41. Another great recipe for glowing skin

Check it out at beautichy.com

When our skin glows, we look healthy and energetic. Using a scrub made from coffee can help achieve this effect and this blog offers another take on how to achieve it.

#42. A scrub to wake up tired skin

Check it out at simplyannie.com

This blogger writes about how she has always suffered from skin problems – and how a coffee scrub helps her fight them. You can try her recipe to see if it works for you too.

#43. Coffee can do wonders for your skin

Check it out at instyle.com

The author of this post includes a quote from Dr. Susan Bard of Vanguard Dermatology in New York City saying how coffee can do wonders for your skin. The recipe explains how.

Give your skin a coffee treat

So these coffee scrub ideas you probably did not think about can actually be quite effective. What do you think? Are you going to try? So now you can give your skin a coffee treat, not just your taste buds!

Have you ever tried a coffee scrub? Or is coffee purely for drinking? What are your views? Let us know, we love hearing from you. And if you enjoyed our list, please don’t forget to share!

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  1. Surely, coffee does make some wonder. I’ve tried scrubbing coffee on my face and arms before and the results are really good. It can leave your skin soft. I’ll try some of these combinations or mixtures the next time I use coffee for my skin. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Using coffee scrubs in skincare routine is best option. I use its face scrub which helps to tighten the skin and gives it a smoother appearance. Thanks for sharing such a great article.


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