41 Coffee Ice Cream Recipes Your Kids Will Absolutely Love!

On a scorching hot day, there’s nothing better to cool you down than a bowl of delicious ice cream, a sentiment we’re sure your kids will agree with. If you’ve ever had the urge to combine your love for this classic dessert with your love for coffee, look no further – we’ve got you covered.

#1. Basic Coffee Ice Cream

Check it out at pamperedchef.com

Let’s start with a recipe for a basic coffee ice cream you’re sure to love as much as your kids do. The coffee flavor comes from instant coffee granules and all the ingredients are things you probably have at home already. Requires an ice cream maker.

#2. Caffeinated or Decaf Coffee Ice Cream

If you’re worried about your kids eating coffee ice cream because of the caffeine in it, here’s a recipe that has a decaf option. Everyone can enjoy the great taste of coffee ice cream – without causing problems when it’s time for lights out!

#3. Mocha Madness

Oreos are perfect for ice cream and this awesome recipe uses them to make ice cream that tastes like a luxurious mocha. It’s so easy and the main ingredients are Oreos and espresso powder. You don’t need special equipment, you can make it with or without an ice cream maker. Give it a go!

#4. Gourmet Coffee Ice Cream with Custard

You need to use premium ingredients to make a premium quality home-made coffee ice cream. The custard makes it more stable in the freezer and the use of high quality beans gives the ice cream an delightful flavor. Maybe you won’t want to share this with your kids.

#5. Coffee Ice Cream with Custard – Take Two

Check it out at foodandwine.com

As with any ice cream recipe, this takes some time to set – but the actual preparation time is quite short. All you have to do is pass the time until it’s ready for your kids – and you – to taste.

#6. Light Roast Coffee Ice Cream with Instant Granules

If you don’t want the flavor of the coffee to be overpowering, try this. Here, the coffee “supports” the other flavors, and the overall effect is subtler and more refined. You can make this with any kind of ice cream maker.

#7. Slow Coffee Ice Cream

If you want the best quality, sometimes you need to slow down and do it properly. That’s the case with this delicious slow recipe for ice cream using real coffee beans.

#8. Coffee Ice Cream with Corn Syrup

We found lots of similar recipes online for coffee ice cream, but this one is a bit different because it employs corn syrup as a sweetener. This gives the ice cream a rich sweetness that kids with a sweet tooth will love. Requires an ice cream maker.

#9. Espresso Ice Cream

For many, espresso is the only true way to drink coffee – which means, logically, that using espresso is the only true way to make coffee ice cream. Whether or not you agree, you can still give the recipe a go.

#10. Coconut Milk and Coffee Ice Cream

Check it out at goop.com

Coffee combines so well with many other ingredients, and this is also true when making ice cream – as this recipe shows. This will teach you how to make coconut milk and coffee ice cream that’s sure to be a big hit with your kids.

#11. Extra Strong Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate

You might want to think twice about giving your kids too much of this one – but the use of extra strong coffee makes for an intense ice cream fix that kids and adults will all adore. If you don’t use decaf coffee, perhaps avoid eating it in the evening!

#12. Vanilla Latte Ice Cream

Lattes are one of the most popular coffee drinks the world over but who wants a hot latte on a scorching summer’s day? Why not try a vanilla latte ice cream instead? Your kids will be clamoring for you to make this recipe over and over again!

#13. Caramel Latte Ice Cream

Perhaps you prefer a caramel latte to a vanilla one? No problem, we have a recipe for that too. Just like the real thing in your favorite coffee shop – except as an ice cream instead of in a cup. Delicious!

#14. Ben & Jerry’s Cappuccino Ice Cream

Ok, so now we’re starting to get a little more elaborate. A Ben & Jerry’s cappuccino Ice Cream? It has to be done – and this is how.

#15. Coffee-Caramel Crème Brûlée Ice Cream

Check it out at epicurious.com

If you thought #14 was elaborate, try this. Coffee-caramel crème brûlée ice cream. Perhaps you might want to give this to your kids on special days – or perhaps you might just want to keep this one to yourself.

#16. Espresso Crème Brûlée with Hazelnut Ice Cream

Upping the stakes again. Ok, so this is not technically an ice cream recipe, more of an idea for how to serve ice cream. But what a fantastic idea! So we thought it had to make our list.

#17. Turkish Coffee Ice Cream

Another wonderful idea here, maybe not something you would automatically come up with yourself, but one that makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Maybe one for older kids with more developed and refined tastes.

#18. Strawberry Cappuccino Ice Cream

Speaking of original ideas, this one is just amazing. We all love strawberries, we all love cappuccino and we all love ice cream – so let’s be totally decadent and combine them all. Another one your kids will just adore.

#19. Mocha Nice Cream

Check it out at liveeatlearn.com

While we’re on the subject of combining fruit and coffee, how about a banana mocha version? We’re not sure if we like this idea more than the strawberry one. Why not try both and decide for yourself?

#20. Avocado and Coffee Ice Cream

Check it out at recipelion.com

Bananas and strawberries, we get. But what about an avocado and coffee ice cream? Depending on your tastes, it could be the vilest combination ever created or a work of pure genius. If your kids are big fans of avocados, why not give it a go so they can tell you what they think?

#21. Coffee Panna Cotta with Coffee Granita and Ice Cream

This is another recipe that technically comes under the heading of “ice cream ideas” rather than “ice cream recipes” but it sounds so delicious we just couldn’t leave it out. A great dessert to spoil your kids on special occasions.

#22. Affogato

A delicious version of Italian “drowned” ice cream. Remember, this recipe includes liqueur – so if you’re making it for your kids, remember to substitute the alcohol for something more appropriate.

#23. Affogato with leftovers

Check it out at jamieoliver.com

Another version of this Italian classic. The simplest of recipes to make a tasty dessert with ice cream, coffee and whatever else you have left over. An ideal option to whip up something sweet for your kids from what remains after the Christmas holiday.

#24. Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream

Check it out at allrecipes.com

Our list has cappuccinos, it has lattes, it has just about everything – so we can’t forget that other all-time favorite, the caramel macchiato – as an ice cream. Choose your favorite coffee and there’s a way of making it into an ice cream!

#25. Sea Salt Coffee Ice Cream

Check it out at seasalt.com

Perhaps a bit more “foodie” than classic this time. It might sound a little odd at first but the more you think about it, the more you’re convinced this would really work. Salt and coffee. Have a go!

#26. Coffee Ice Cream with Salted Caramel

Sticking with the salty theme for just one more, how about coffee ice cream with salted caramel? This one doesn’t even need a moment’s reflection, you just know this is a great idea. And your kids are bound to agree with you! It’s vegan-friendly too.

#17. Peppermint Mocha Ice Cream

Can you believe we’ve got as far as #27 without including any recipes with mint? Well here’s the first one, and this one sounds particularly enticing. A great light and refreshing dessert after a good meal.

#28. Mint Mojito Coffee Ice Cream

So now we’ve started with the mint recipes, we’ll keep going. What about this? Mint mojito coffee ice cream. Sounds amazing and perfect for showing off your culinary creativity – but if you make it for your kids, don’t forget to make it a virgin mojito…

#29. Mint Chocolate Affogato

The last one, we promise! Just one more recipe with mint, this time another idea for a superb affogato. You can almost taste the delicious flavors melting in the rich, hot coffee.

#30. Yuanyang Coffee-Tea Ice Cream with Condensed Milk Crumble

Check it out at tworedbowls.com

An enticing Asian-inspired ice cream creation that will appeal to your kids or your adult guests alike. Maybe you’ve never tried tea and coffee together before, but if you try this recipe, you’re surely in for a treat.

#31. Vietnamese Iced Coffee Ice Cream

Check it out at goodfood.com.au

Staying in Asia, here we have a recipe for Vietnamese iced coffee ice cream. For anyone who has tried Vietnamese coffee in Vietnam, this recipe will instantly pique your curiosity. Great coffee and a great way of eating ice cream.

#32. Coffee Sorbet

Check it out at lavazza.com

Here we have a sorbet so it’s not technically an ice cream – but that doesn’t really matter because we eat sorbets and ice creams in the same way, right? Whatever, we’re still putting it in our list because we think it’s another amazing dessert idea and great for kids.

#33. Coffee Granita

Check it out at theguardian.com

Another one that we’re going to slip in despite it not being a true ice cream. But frozen desserts are in the same family, right? And we’re sure your whole family will love this recipe on hot days.

#34. Coffee Frozen Yogurt

Check it out at epicurious.com

While we’re doing the round of frozen desserts that aren’t really ice creams, let’s mention the coffee froyo. Not technically allowed but we’re still going to include it because it’s seriously yummy – and a healthy favorite for kids.

#35. Chocolate Chili Ice Cream

Check it out at lakeland.co.uk

So back to true ice creams and here’s one for the more adventurous. If you or your kids enjoy a bit of spice, try this ice cream recipe that combines chili and coffee. Intriguing to say the least.

#36. Layered Coffee Ice Cream Dessert

Check it out at tasteofhome.com

This looks like it takes a lot of effort to make but is actually very simple. You only need four ingredients. Perfect for kids’ summer birthday parties maybe?

#37. Dolce de Leche Coffee Ice Cream Dessert

If you want to impress your kids with an unexpected treat, try this. Although you will perhaps want to skip the coffee liqueur – because this is really a dessert for grown-ups.

#38. Maple Nut Coffee Ice Cream Dessert

Check it out at foodnetwork.com

If you have a tub of boring coffee ice cream at home and you want to make it into something a bit more exciting, try this recipe we found for coffee ice cream with maple nut syrup. Totally indulgent.

#39. Home Made Espresso Ice Cream

We love this food blog we found, and we love this recipe for homemade espresso ice cream. Just as they say, the perfect dessert to end a summer meal – and your kids will love it.

#40. Coffee Ice Cream Pie

Check it out at pillsbury.com

Sometimes you want more than just ice cream – so why not have a go at making this coffee ice cream pie? This is sure to become a big family favorite.

#41. Coffee Ice Cream Float

Check it out at kraftrecipes.com

To finish our list, one other original idea for how to use your coffee ice cream to create a dessert – this delicious coffee ice cream float is super easy to make and super tempting!

A tasty list

We’ve really enjoyed compiling this list for you. The summer is almost here and thinking about all these coffee ice cream possibilities just gives us an uncontrollable urge to go and try some of them out. We hope you enjoy experimenting as much as we do!

What do you think of our list? Do you have any others to add? What’s your ice cream and coffee secret weapon? If you have anything you’d like to tell us about, please leave a comment as we love hearing from you – and if you enjoyed our list, please don’t forget to share!

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