7 Best Coarse Ground Coffee Brands (2019 Lists)

Different grind sizes of coffee are used for different coffee-preparing methods.

Instead of grinding the coffee at home through trial and error, you can purchase the perfect grind for your taste.

Coarse ground coffee is one with chunky pieces of the coffee beans and is a preferred size for french press coffee preparation and cold brews.

Here are seven best coarse ground coffee brands that you can readily use.

Top 7 Best Coarse Ground Coffee Brands In 2019

1. Stone Street Coffee (Our Top Recommended)

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve Colombian Single Origin Coarsely Ground Coffee - 1 lb. Bag - Dark Roast

A coarse ground coffee product. The 1 pound of coarsely ground coffee is placed in a resealable bag for the freshness of the flavor and your convenience. The bag is made of 3 layers of natural kraft and foil material.

The coarsely ground beans are crafted for cold/iced coffee. The bean origin, quality, size, and roast level are perfect for cold brews. The taste of the coffee is very low on acidity, slightly sweet, smooth, balanced, and bold.

The coffee origin is 100% Arabica coffee from a single origin Colombian Supremo. The dark roasted bean is ideal for slow extraction.

Roasted in the heart of Brooklyn, the crafters pride themselves in ethical and close sourcing relationships with coffee farms.

The resealable bag measures 6.5 x 2 x 9 inches in dimension and has a 1-way degassing valve to maintain the aroma of the coffee.

2. The Chosen Bean Premium Cold Brew Coffee Coarse Ground

The Chosen Bean Premium Artisan Cold Brew Ground Coffee Beans, Small Batch Roasted, Organic and Fair Trade Roasters, 12 oz

The 12-ounce coffee bag is specially selected from single origin farms of 4 different locations.

The product is made of the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans. The beans are selected by 14 different criteria including size, taste, flavor, and aroma.

The beans are roasted in small batches with a Loring roaster by Master Roaster Moshe.

He personally hand-roasts each batch to ensure the smooth finish of the beans and prevent burning. The product is Kosher for Passover.

The unique taste of the coffee has a subtle sweetness to it with a milk chocolate flavor and cherry undertones.

To preserve their freshness, the beans are sealed in a double-layer bag with a one-way degassing valve for preserving the taste and aroma of the coffee as long as possible.

A tin tie allows you to store the coffee for long periods of time.

3. Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee - Smooth & Sweet Blend - Coarse Ground Coffee - 16 oz

The course ground coffee is specially engineered for cold brewing. The 1-pound product gives you a consistent and extra smooth drink.

You can alter the brewing method by adding more water for a weaker brew or less water for a stronger brew.

The company sources its coffee in an ethical manner from organic farms in Peru and Nicaragua. The product is USDA-certified organic.

The beans are light, medium, and dark roasted for a sweet and smooth cup of coffee. The beans are 100% Arabica.

4. Cold Brew Lab Ground Organic Coffee

Cold Brew Lab Ground Organic Coffee Crafted for Cold Brewing, Extra Coarse Grind Size, Dark Roast, 1 LB Bag

The product is specially prepared to be used in a cold brew. The flavor of the end product is finished, smooth, low on acidity, and rich.

The coffee beans are sourced from 100% organic Arabica Colombian coffee.

This means that the beans are pesticide-free to give you the best and safest product on the market.

With a USDA certificate, you can be sure of the specialty grade Colombian Supremo.

The product consists of a blend of medium and dark roasted coffee beans. The coffee is created by artisans in the city of New York.

The coarse pieces leave no residue in your finished product.

5. French Press Specialty Coffee

French Press Specialty Coffee, Coarsely Ground, Primos Coffee Co (Medium Roast, 2 Bags)

The 12-ounce coffee bag contains beans that are specially selected from experienced fourth-generation family farms.

The beans are 100% Arabica. The product has a medium body, low acidity, and smooth and sweet taste with citrus notes and consistent taste.

The flavor is pleasant due to eh medium roasted specialty coffee created for cold French Press brewing.

The coffee is observed to be grown under the shade of trees to give it time to ripen. It is harvested by hand, naturally dried, and prepared in Europe by European standards.

The product is made through sustainable and fair practices towards the natural resources of the land and the Nicaraguan coffee farmers.

When farmed, each cherry is individually picked to be fully ripe. THe growing in the shade ensures that the beans develop their tastes in a slow manner and are more aromatic.

The cherries are milled daily with natural spring water to remove skin and pulp and then fermented for 36 hours. The beans are naturally dried in the sun and roasted in a roasting facility.

6. Lavazza 2-pack Crema E Gusto Ground Coffee

Lavazza 2 Pack Crema E Gusto Ground Coffee 8.8oz/250g Each

The original Lavazza coffee has a net weight of 8.8 ounces or 250 grams.

The coffee is perfect for those that prefer a strongly caffeinated cup of coffee at any time of the day.

The taste of the coffee is intense and strongly flavored.

The mix of the blend is 70% Robusta and 30% Arabic full-bodied ground to course ground.

It is used well in Drip Grind and French Press coffee preparation.

7. illy Coffee, Drip Ground, Dark Roast Coffee

illy Coffee, Drip Ground, Forte, Extra Dark Roast, 100% Arabica Bean Bold Signature Italian Blend, Premium Gourmet Roast, Brewed, Drip, French Press, Cold Brew Coffee, Pressurized Fresh 8.8 Ounce Tin

If you love an extra-dark roast, this coffee is for you. The distinctive blend of 100% Arabic beans makes for a smooth and rich taste.

The extra dark-roast makes it bolder with undertones of dark chocolate and caramel.

The coarse grind makes for an optimal extraction in drip coffee makers, french presses, and cold brewing containers. The beans are sourced from the top 1% Arabica beans in the world.

The package is pressurized in a unique way to preserve the flavor and aroma of the blend. The 8.8-ounce can has a satisfaction-guaranteed purchase, so if you do not like the product, you can return it and have it refunded.

The 4 different facilities of illy strive to bring their coffee blends to perfection every single day.

With 4 quality and 1 sustainability certifications, the ill blend is perfect for those that want a perfect taste with an ethical approach to our environment.

The illy company purchases the coffee beans at higher prices to make sure that growers receive their fair share of the profit.

The Universiteta Del Caffee provides instructions and new skills to farmers in order to keep them in touch with new innovations in farming sustainability and coffee production.

End Thoughts

Different coarse ground coffee brands have their own specifics when preparing them. You can choose between light, medium, dark, or extra dark roast or a blend of all of these.

All of the products we have chosen for you are made in a sustainable environment and from the best coffee beans out there.

An important factor to these brands is the fair trade practices that give farmers the profit that they deserve.

Try different recipes with the coffee press, mason jar, or other cold preparing techniques to achieve the result that you like.

A quality coffee brand will ensure that you achieve the perfect results.

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