5 Best Smokeless Indoor Grill (Reviews of 2019)

Cooking is a great hobby to have and an awesome skill to gain. There are different ways you could prepare a meal and one of the ways is grilling.

Nowadays grilling is no longer reversed for sunny days outdoors but for raining (or whenever you want) days indoors. There are so many grills to choose from so why not find the best smokeless grill for you.

Top Recommendation

Before we tell you some of the options for what type of smokeless indoor grill you could take a look at, let us just say that the Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill is a top choice to start with. This stylish grill should be easy to use, easy to clean and be able to handle high temperatures.

You could be able to cook many different meals with this grill since you can control the temperature. It should be made out of aluminum which can be durable. Plus, it should have a non-stick coating on the cooking surfaces as well as the drip pan to catch the oils from the food.


The Best Smokeless Indoor Grill 2019

1. Phillips Avance


The Philips Avance could be a good choice because it can use up to 1600 Watts of electric power. This smokeless grill is an infrared grill which seems to be quite small. It does have a good-looking, simple and smooth design to it.

The Philip Avance should be light which could make it easy to move around as well as setting it up. The grill only comes with two parts: the grease tray and a grid, therefore, setting up should take about a minute.

It could be simply to clean and could take about 60 seconds cleaning time. This means that you can have more time to enjoy your meal. And you could even put the parts in the dishwasher to save yourself some more time.

The Philips Avance could be able to reach a temperature of 450 Fahrenheit (232, 22 Degrees Celsius) which could make for a great temperature for steaks. This grill may not have random drops in the temperature and the grid could give you an authentic-BBQ looking steak like a professional.

The grid is made out of a non-stick ALU. The grill is designed in such a way that the advanced infrared heat technology and special reflectors inside the grill are able to guide the heat up towards the food.

They seem to be placed on the sides of the grid. This should be able to decrease 80 percent of smoke depending on what you cook. Lamb and pork are usually known to be smokey while the steak is not. The grease tray seems to be in between the reflectors and this should be cool so that there could be less grease splattering.


  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Offers 80 percent less smoke
  • Easy to move around
  • Consistent temperature level
  • Non-stick ALU grid
  • Open Countertop
  • Advanced infrared heat technology with special reflectors


  • No temperature control
  • No lid so a mess could be made
  • Could blow a fuse

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2. BELLA 14750

The BELLA 14750 could be a good addition to your kitchen because you could be able to cook different types of food with this one 12 inches by 16 inches grill (30, 48 cm by 40, 64 cm) with a weight of 8, 1 pounds (3, 67 kg).

This grill could be able to be multi-functional which mean that you could do a range of cooking methods such as roast, fry, etc. You could even use it to make omelettes, ratatouilles, etc. and even tomato sauce.

It is electric and could be able to use up to 1500 watts of electricity as well as uses integrated heating which could make it heat up your food faster. There is also a cooling drip pan to catch the oils so that less smoke is made.

It could be easy to clean because of its non-stick premium copper coating which could also make it durable. Plus, this coating could make the cooking surface of the BELLA 14750 be eco-friendly as well as healthy.

However, the non-stick coating may not last as long as it should. On the plus side you are able to control the temperature. The materials that seem to make up this grill are that of metal and plastic. And it is an open countertop grill since it does not come with a lid.


  • Size: 12 inches by 16 inches (30, 48 cm by 40, 64 cm)
  • Multi-functional
  • Temperature control
  • Non-stick premium copper coating
  • Cooling drip pan
  • Integrated heating


  • Non-stick surface may not last too long

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3. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor

If you are looking for a close countertop smokeless, indoor grill than the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor could be the choice for you. This indoor grill could be easy to set up, easy to use and easy to clean since it seems to be dishwasher friendly.

You could be able to wash the removable hood (since it attaches to the grill at an angle instead of straight on like standard lids) of the grill, the drip tray, and the grid.

The size of this household grill is 6, 81 inches high by 16, 73 inches wide by 12, 4 inches deep (17, 30 cm by 42, 50 cm by 31, 50 cm) and it has a cooking surface area of 118 square inches (761, 30 square cm).

The cooking surface is also has a non-stick layer to it where you could fit up to eight servings.

There is a drip tray underneath the grill surface to catch the oils and juices of the food that can be easy to remove and it seems to be quite large.

Plus, this indoor grill comes with an adjustable temperature dial where the temperatures could go from 200 degrees to 450 degrees (93, 33 degrees Celsius to 232, 22 degrees Celsius).  There are also pre-heat and power indicator lights on this indoor, smokeless grill.

However, the hood does not heat the meat at all, so you would have to use it like you would with an outdoor grill. There could also be a chance that the heat distribution could be uneven and it may take some time for the grill to heat up to the correct temperature that you would need to cook.


  • Temperature control from 200 degrees to 450 degrees (93, 33 degrees Celsius to 232, 22 degrees Celsius)
  • Size: 6, 81 inches by 16, 73 inches by 12, 4 inches (17, 30 cm by 42, 50 cm by 31, 50 cm)
  • Cooking area: of 118 square inches (761, 30 square cm)
  • Non-stick surface
  • Has a hood that is attachable
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Large drip tray


  • Slow to heat up
  • Hood does not offer to heat
  • A chance of uneven distribution of heat

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4. Delonghi Perfecto BG24


For a much more stylish looking indoor, smokeless grill that uses a standard lid take a look at the Delonghi Perfecto BG24.

This indoor, smokeless grill is said to distribute the heat evenly across the grill with the help of it ‘M’ shaped heating element that it uses. And, it can take up to 1500 Watts of power. It could come with a tempered glass lid as well as a removable non- stick drip tray.

Plus, it has an adjustable thermostat which can also be detached that could measure up to five temperature levels. The grilling surface is large coming in at 12 inches by 6 inches (30, 48 cm by 15, 24 cm).

The grilling surface is also made out of die-cast aluminum which should be high-quality material that could be long lasting as well as non-stick. However, the non-stick quality of the grilling surface could wear off with use and due time.

The non-stick quality of this grill could make it easy to clean and the size of this item is 19, 7 inches by 13, 2 inches by 6, 7 inches with a weight of 10, 8 pounds (50, 04 cm by 33, 53 cm by 17, 02 cm and 4, 90 kg) so it could be easy to move around if need be.

A possible downside of this grill is that it can be quite small with the lid on it for cooking purposes and it may take a while until it reaches grill heating temperature.

On the plus side, keeping the lid on the grill (with your food inside) after you are finished cooking could turn it into a hot plate.


  • Cooking surface: 12 inches by 6 inches (30, 48 cm by 15, 24 cm)
  • Die-cast aluminum cooking surface
  • Size: 19,7 inches by 13, 2 inches by 6, 7 inches (50, 04 cm by 33, 53 cm by 17, 02 cm)
  • ‘M’ shaped heating element to evenly distribute heat
  • Adjustable thermostat with five temperature levels.
  • Glass lid


  • Some time to reach grill heating temperature
  • Non-stick quality of the grilling surface could wear off
  • Lid could give it limited space for cooking big meals

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5. Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill (Our Top Recommended)


But our top recommendation is still the Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill which is an electric grill.

This grill could come with a non-stick ceramic coated cooking surface which should be designed to withstand a lot of heat. The cooking surface area could be made out of a strong Ti-Cerama surface which has titanium in it so it should not be able to get scratches when it is being used.

This 16, 2 inches by 14 inches (41, 15 cm by 35, 56 cm) comes with a handle plus a frame to be moved around and the size of the cooking surface is a wonderful 12 inches by 10 inches (30, 48 cm by 25, 4 cm) with a weight of 6 pounds (2, 72 kg).

The Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill can come apart into three parts: the ceramic coated grid, the drip pan which also has a ceramic coating to it and the burn proof base. This could make it easy and simple to clean.

And this grill could come with a temperature dial which has four settlings on it: warm, low, medium, and high heat. However, it may take a while to heat up. And although it is an open countertop grill which does not come with a lid it could still be a good addition to the kitchen.


  • Non-stick ceramic coated cooking surface
  • Size: 16, 2 inches by 14 inches (41, 15 cm by 35, 56 cm)
  • Cooking surface size: 12 inches by 10 inches (30, 48 cm by 25, 4 cm
  • Temperatures dial with four settlings: warm, low, medium, and high heat.
  • Easy to clean


  • No lid
  • May take a while to heat up

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Buying Guide

Best Smokeless Indoor Grill buying guide

There are different types of grills and many of them come in different sizes. Smokeless grills are designed with the homeowner in mind since they could be quite small (for the size of a family) to quite large (for a size of a family reunion) but should be used as well as kept indoors.

Some smokeless indoor grills could give the option of cooking more than one type of food at the same time. All grills make smoke but smokeless grills are made in such a way that the smoke from the meat could be noticeable (at least to the smoke alarm).

Many smokeless grills use electricity to work which could be a great thing for those who have the taste from grilling but have a limited amount of space such as an apartment. Smokeless grills could fix this gap in the taste buds since many apartment owners could be able to have smokeless grills.

There are also different ways in which certain smokeless grills are able to cook food. You could get a grill that could work as a rotisserie, or one that could work like a kabob grill, or even one that could work like a griddle grill. So knowing what you want is an advantage, but also knowing what to look for could be a must.

Types of Smokeless indoor Grills

Types of Smokeless indoor Grills

Since one of the main purposes of having an indoor grill (besides cooking food) is to create less smoke a lot of indoor grills do not use gas, propane, or coal to create heat.

However, there are still three different types of smokeless indoor grills that you can choose from. These are stovetop grills, open countertop grills, and. As you guessed it, closed countertop grills.

1. Stovetop Grills

As the name suggests these types of grills are set on top of a working stove that you use as your heat source. The shape and design of these types of stovetop grills can be similar to that of griddle design or a traditional outdoor grill design.

This could be a great addition for the kitchen if you are someone looking to expand your cooking skill and try different flavors of the meat. Since you are using your stove directly you are able to control the temperature of the grill. Plus, since it is your stove you know all the tricks and gimmicks that it may have developed over the years.

However, there is a downside to these types of the smokeless grill and it is that you would, of course, have to have a working stove.

The other potential downside is that there is nothing between these types of stovetop grills and the stove so the grease and juices from the meat can fall directly on to the stove which could cause a hassle to clean. On the bright side, it could give you a good arm work out.

2. Open Countertop

These types of smokeless indoor grills could be what comes to mind when someone speaks about indoor grills since they only require a power outlet to work.

They could add a griddle or a standard grill design to the meat that you are cooking to give it a more professional look. These types of grill also seem to be the most common ones, and they could offer you a large surface area into which to cook.

Because of this large surface area, you could be able to cook different types of food at the same time.

Most of these types of grills tend to come with button or dials so that you could be able to control the temperature of the grill while you cook or you may even use it like a hot plate if you would just like to keep the food warm.

A downside to the open countertop smokeless indoor grill is that there is no lid to it.

This could make a big mess since grease and liquids could fly from the meat and hit your walls or counters.

You could use a substitute lid to try to fix this potential mess but the chances of finding a lid size that could cover the whole grill could be a challenge, not impossible, just challenging.

3. Close Countertop

While a close countertop smokeless indoor grill could sound similar to an open countertop grill, but the former comes with a lid there are actually quite a few major differences.

Close countertop grills have lids which could be able to keep grease and juices from flying every which way they please so that your kitchen is kept clean and your cleaning time could be reduced there is also another positive to using lids while the food cooks.

This positive is that a lid could be able to speed up heating the food as well as heat both sides of the meat at the same time. Like the types of grills mentioned before you could be able to cook different types of food.

However, there is a downside to using a lid and that is that your food has to be able to fit onto the grill so having thick portions of meat may not be doable with these type of indoor grill since you would not be able to put the lid on the grill in the way it was meant to go.

And because of the use of the lid, these types of indoor grills could be smaller than the ones that do not have a lid. This would be great for a family or a tiny gather but not so much for a huge party.

How to Clean It?

Best Smokeless Indoor Grill clean

Cooking can involve some preparation, a bit of actual heating, but a lot of cleaning up. This is why looking at a grill that could be easy to clean can be a must-have. Good smokeless grills could have a drip pan or a tray.

This is made so that the grease and juices from your food that you are grilling do not drip onto your kitchen counter and make a huge mess. And this drip pan or tray caught the grease or at times the food particle it prevents this from burning and therefore a lot less smoke is produced.

Since the drip pan or the tray caught the mess before it got worst all you would need to do is throw that liquid out and your kitchen will still be as clean as it ever was. A lot of grills also have coatings on them which can help you to clean your grill well, easily, and quickly. Some parts of the grill could be dishwasher friendly which could save you some more time.


The Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill could be a great addition to your home since it could be easy to use and easy to clean. You could be able to control the temperature and you could be able to cook a variety of different types of meals.

This indoor smokeless open countertop grill should be smokeless and the juices should go down to the drip pan so that there is less mess to clean. Plus, the size could help you cook for the whole family and even some guests that decide to come over and visit. But buying the best indoor smokeless grill all depends on what your home needs.

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