7 Best Salt and Pepper Grinders (Reviews of 2020)

The simplest things inside of your kitchen can make a huge difference. In this case, we’ll be looking at your salt and pepper grinder. The best salt and pepper grinder will have an appealing visual while still remaining practical enough to serve you.

It’ll be able to define fine and coarse grindings when you want and need them. The body is best glass not only for image but so that you can see what’s going on inside if you need to refill the pepper and salt or not.

The smallest of pieces in your kitchen can make a huge impression on your guests. Something as simple as this can also become a great housewarming gift. So when you’re looking for a salt and pepper grinder set, you should be looking for the best at all times.

Best Salt and Pepper Grinder on the Market 2020

1. Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set (Our Top Recommended)


Take the luxury of having a salt and pepper grinder to a new level. It’s always convenient and safe to have the most natural spices and utensils on the kitchen table. Grinding your own salt and pepper can take time, but it’s worth the work.

With this battery powered grinder at hand, you can get your desired amount of salt and pepper in a matter of seconds just with the simple touch of a button. A complimentary mill tray is included with this purchase to help keep your kitchen counter clean and free of ground debris.

You can choose how coarse you want your salt and pepper to be. There’s a fine coarse knob that permits you to do so. To make sure you don’t over-flavor your food, there’s an LED light on the bottom of the grinders.

Rechargeable batteries don’t work properly with these grinders, so it’s recommended to stick to LR6 non-rechargeable batteries instead. The grinding mechanism is ceramic for a more durable, long-lasting performance. Humid spices such as Himalayan pink salt or wet sea salt are better ground in a solid material such as ceramic.

In appearance, this is a great looking piece to place on your table. It’s colored and coated nicely, fitting perfectly in any type of kitchen decor.

There aren’t any consistent complaints related to this product. The most common issue is how fragile these grinders are. If they fall off the counter once, the most likely scenario is that the plastic interior snaps. This plastic interior works with the moving mechanics of the grinder, so there’s no hope of it coming back from this state.


  • Battery powered grinder
  • Complimentary mill tray
  • LED light to see how much pepper/salt you’ve used
  • Coarse/fine adjustment
  • Aesthetic appeal


  • Fragile interior construction


2. Home EC Premium Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


For a sturdy build, these salt and pepper grinders are made out of a strong grade non-corrosive brushed stainless steel. The glass bottle is BPA-free and safe to use around food items. It holds off a classic modern fashion while still proving itself a propitious utensil. If you wish to impress at the dining table or you’re in search of a party favor, then look no further than this Home EC salt and pepper grinder set.

Using a strong, heavy-duty ceramic rotor, the grinding action on these model grinders can be adjusted to your liking. You can change the coarseness of your grindings with the knob on the top. Turn the knob clockwise and you get finely grounded peppers. Turn the knob counter-clockwise and you get a more coarse powder.

This purchase will also include a gift tray to place your salt and pepper grinders over, along with an emailed chef Ebook. A free complimentary silicone funnel comes with the grinders to help fill up your glass bottles without spilling anything.

To keep moisture out of your spices, these grinders have a tight stainless steel lid each. The grinder is located on the very top of the entire piece, ensuring the aim of the ground pepper and salt is directly over your food, not anywhere else.

These grinders don’t use any batteries and are manually cranked. They stand 7.5” in height and can hold up to ¾ cups of any spice each. Within one year, if you find that you’re not satisfied with your product, you can get it replaced or a full money refund with no questions asked.

The glass bottle makes these grinders very fragile which means toppling them over on hard countertops can cause them to break. The adjustment knob can also get jammed. To fix this, you can poke a toothpick through it to see if something is stuck or wash it thoroughly.


  • Adjustable coarseness
  • Included gift tray, Chef Ebook, and silicone funnel
  • Tight grinder on top to prevent grindings from spilling everywhere


  • Fragile glass bottle
  • Adjustment knob can jam


3. Gold Armour Premium Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


Gold Armour Grinders are shaped and sized uniquely to make a stand-out statement as beautiful salt and pepper grinders in your home. The bottles are brushed-satin stainless for a strong yet elegant appearance.

The adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism can crush your spices into multiple different sizes; milled, fine, coarse, and crushed. To adjust the coarseness of your spices, turn the knob on the top of the grinder, hold the head and twist the glass bottle.

These grinders are covered with a 90-day warranty. If you have any issues with your grinder then you can return and get a full money back guarantee without any questions asked. You can also get a replacement if you believe you have a faulty product.

These grinders hold 150ml of spices and stand at 5.2” tall. You won’t have to worry about refilling these bottles for a very long time. Thanks to the clear glass jar, you can always see when your bottle needs to be refilled. The opening is wide enough for you to not make a mess when refilling it.

Included with this purchase is a stand for your grinders. You can use this as a special gift for family and friends, or display it in your own kitchen for a satisfyingly professional look.

The issues of this set revolve around the pepper grinder. The salt grinder can easily turn salt into fine and coarse grindings, but the pepper grinder can’t claim the same. It shakes out coarse pepper grindings that are at the least chopped in half, but nothing more than that. Since pepper is stronger, it can’t cut through as nicely as salt does. Instead, you’re stuck with thick pieces of pepper.


  • Adjustable grinder
  • Included stand for your grinders
  • Large capacity


  • Pepper grinder doesn’t grind as finely as its salt counterpart


4. Kitchen-GO Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


Kitchen-GO has both your kitchen and your convenience in mind with this grinder set. The grinder body is 5” tall and can hold up to ¾ cups of spices. You can adjust the grindings from fine to coarse with this user-friendly ceramic grinding mechanism.

With an air-tight stainless steel cap, your spices are preserved and kept fresh for longer. You won’t make a mess over your table as the grinder opens right through the cap. You don’t have to open up the cap each time you need spices.

The materials used to make this grinder are high-quality grade. Both grinders in this set have a stainless steel brush over the high-quality glass body. The blades are ceramic and non-corrosive for a better, longer performance.

if you’re not clearly as satisfied with these grinders as you and the manufacturers want you to be, you can get a full unquestioned %100 refund within 90 days. These do make excellent housewarming gifts for family and friends.

The freedom to choose your spices and portions are now yours. You can select whatever type of spice suits you and with the adjustable features of coarse and fine, you can make the most out of each meal.

The glass bodies are made out of a lighter glass than others, which can make them more fragile than other salt and pepper grinders. The blades of the grinders are also thinner than other grinders meaning these can sometimes let slip some bigger chunks of salt and pepper. These aren’t major issues, just nuisances to look after when you purchase these grinders.


  • User-friendly
  • Large capacity
  • Adjustable coarseness


  • Fragile glass bodies
  • Thinner ceramic blades slip some bigger pieces occasionally


5. KitchenBliss Professional Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


The freshness and authenticity of your salt and peppers are preserved with these KitchenBliss grinders. To get the ripe and rich taste over all your dishes, these grinders work with fresh pepper and salt without creating any mess over your table. With air-tight lids, the freshness is sustained longer.

These grinders are a combination of premium rust-proof stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, and crystal clear glass. Partnering with KitchenBliss means you get the quality taste you want as well as the appeal of classic modern styled utensils in your kitchen.

Being larger in size allows for an easier grip around the glass body and you don’t have to refill the grinder as much as you would need to a shaker. They’re easy to clean and you have complete control over how fine or coarse you want your salt and pepper to be.

This product has a promise to be amazing. If this isn’t what you’re feeling then KIthenBliss does offer a full refund on grinders that are less than satisfactory. You can also get a free bamboo spoon with your purchase for a taste of KitchenBliss’ other quality products.

Like the Gold Armour salt and pepper grinders, this one doesn’t cooperate well with pepper either. This one has a more aesthetic appeal than anything, as its performance doesn’t match up to par with its looks.

Pepper doesn’t come out of the grinder or it only comes out with the pieces cut in nothing more than half. The salt grinder works perfectly fine, it’s the pepper grinder that creates a significant issue for most people.

There are some grinders that do work with pepper, this is just a hiccup that creates most issues and complaints related to this product.


  • Air tight lids keep the pepper and salt fresh
  • Quality material used in construction
  • Inclusive free bamboo spoon upon purchase


  • Pepper grinder doesn’t grind properly


6. OXO Good Grips Salt & Pepper Grinder Set


OXO has a much different style to their salt and pepper grinders that make them aesthetically appealing as well as practical.

For an easier adjustment to the coarseness of the pepper and salt, you can move a tab located on the top of the grinder left and right. The furthest right is the finest setting, while the furthest left is the coarsest option.

The non-corrosive ceramic grinder blades don’t absorb any smell nor flavors. This keeps the grinders odorless and nice to place on your kitchen table. The bodies of these grinders are clear acrylic which allows you to see how much is left inside. This also gives you a good idea of when to refill your grinders.

To refill your grinders you flip them over, unscrew the base and place more pepper and/or salt inside. It’s easy and efficient, making sure you don’t tamper with the mechanics of this grinder. The stainless steel accents around these grinders are not only for reinforcement, but they wrap up these grinders nicely.

The grip-hold on these grinders is soft and non-slip to reduce the risk of you dropping these pieces and breaking them. You can get in touch with OXO if you feel there’s an issue with your grinders to receive a full refund or replacement.

Practicality is spoken out best by these grinders. They have all the features that make a grinder easier to use and they don’t look half bad.

The only issue that could be fixed on this grinder is the fact that fine and coarse settings on this grinder aren’t that different. For both salt and pepper, the coarse setting doesn’t make much of a difference than the finest setting.


  • Ceramic blades don’t absorb smell or taste
  • Refill cap located on the bottom of the grinder
  • Non-slip soft grip-hold


  • Fine and coarse settings aren’t different


7. FLAFSTER KITCHEN Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


FLAFSTER KITCHEN is another product that uses batteries to power their grinders. As a great gift, these grinders can come inside a gift packaging and will make any homeowner happy in their kitchen.

They are sleek in design, lightweight and a great decoration piece for any kitchen. Included with this purchase is a stand to go perfectly with these grinders. You can keep your counters clean of any grindings, transport your grinders around easier and make a great centerpiece on your kitchen table.

The coarseness of the pepper and salt can be adjusted on both of these grinders. You can choose how fine or coarse you want your pepper and salt grounded to get the right seasoning over all your meals.

There’s also a built-in light to help you see how much pepper and salt you’ve placed over your meal. Here’s a helpful tip from FLAFSTER KITCHEN, if you’re able to toast your spices before you grind them, you can get a stronger taste and aroma out of them.

The design structure of these grinders was made so that they won’t topple over no matter how harshly you place them down. The rubber caps are easy to replace on top of the bottles after you’ve refilled them. Each grinder will require 4 AA batteries each to work properly.

Backed by FLAFSTER KITCHEN, you get a 30-day money back guarantee with a one-year replacement warranty.

The motor on these grinders is not a strong one, which can leave you with unground pepper and salt. They are very appealing, no doubt there, but some of them are just not strong enough to grind pepper and salt as finely as some people would like it. The motor can also hum loudly if there’s too much strain on the blades.


  • Battery powered
  • Great gifting piece
  • Design structure allows them to be used in a harsher manner without breaking


  • Motor is weak

Buying Guide

Salt and pepper can be distributed the simple way, which is by shaking readily powdered salt and pepper out of a shaker. But most people don’t enjoy this method. Professionals and passionate chefs enjoy having more control over the pepper and salt they use in their kitchen.

This is where grinders come into play. With a grinder in your kitchen for both your pepper and salt, you have control over which type of salt and pepper you use, how coarse or fine it is, and how much you use.

Not to mention, grinders have the peculiar tendency of looking great in your kitchen.

Body of the Grinder

There are multiple components you have to keep an eye out for when looking at the body of the grinder. Here are a few key points worth noting when making a choice.

  • Easy-to-Grip Body

The bigger the body gets, the more strain there’ll be on you while holding it up. You don’t want to get something extraordinarily large, just something that can hold a decent amount of pepper and salt as well as fit in your hand nicely.

The bigger the body is, the likelier you are to drop it as well. Since most of the best grinders are glass, you don’t want this to happen. To avoid this possibility, you can keep an eye out for non-slip grips and ergonomically shaped designs that mold into other natural form of your enclosed fist.

  • Easy Refill

Since you’re looking for fine quality grinders, you’re most likely to come across some glass bodies. These are great to help you see if you need to refill the pepper or salt. Peppercorn is tricky to refill since most grinders come with smaller openings on the top. To make sure you don’t have this issue, look for grinders with bigger mouths and even have a funnel or tube handy when you’re refilling peppercorn.

Electric vs Manual

This would be one of the rare cases where electric is not better than manual models. Electric models can take time to warm up and prepare the pepper and salt. Manual grinders are better since you can get the ground pepper and salt out at your own convenience, not the convenience of the machine.

Some electric models work very well, such as the top pick Latent Epicure, but there are some downsides to electric that are unavoidable. Firstly, you must have batteries for your grinders, not a power cord, so there’s the inevitable fact that you’ll need to keep getting batteries to work the grinder.

A manual grinder only needs some elbow grease, and better models are sensitive enough that they only require one or two twists to create abundant pepper and salt.

Electric models are harder to refill and clean since you have to be careful of the power source in both of these cases. When refilling, you’ll have to take out the batteries to do so. You can’t submerge the grinder in water so cleaning is more tedious.

Manual grinders don’t have any of these issues and are much simpler to handle. If you’re up for the extra maintenance with electric grinders then, by all means, it’s an investment. The easier option is would be manual grinders unless you can find a long-lasting electric grinder.

Electric models do have more precise results, and they can come with LED lights. This lighting allows you to see exactly how much pepper and salt you’ve sprinkled onto your meals which can help you reduce your consumption and sneezes.


As the best salt and pepper set, the Latent Epicure is the clear winner. Firstly, it gives you the pleasure of being battery powered. This makes it easier to use than other grinders and self-sufficient. The battery life on these grinders is long.

They’re aesthetically pleasing and come with many beneficial accessories. You can choose between coarse and fine grindings, an LED light shows you how much pepper or salt you’ve grounded, and a complimentary mill tray keeps your kitchen counters clean from debris and grindings.

Over the competition, this is simply a deal that’s too hard to beat. As a utensil, this is practical and handy for daily use. As a piece in your kitchen, it’s a sleek designed grinder that brings style to life on the counter.

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