Best RV Grill of 2020 – Top Portable Gas Grill for RV Camping & BBQ

The love of barbequing cannot be contained. The juicy, crisp savory taste of freshly barbequed meat is one to be remembered only in the best of moments.

These moments may sometimes be outdoors while camping with family and friends, which is where you’ll need the best RV grill for camping BBQ.  

My Top Recommended

Cuisinart CGG-180 Portable Gas Grill

Why We Love It

A portable grill comes with the acceptance that you’re giving up something for a larger one. Yet, this is not the case when it comes to using Cuisinart's Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill. This grill offers you a surmountable space of 160 square inches of grilling space. It has a strong-standing 5,500-BTU burner to get the perfect taste and quality with each use.

This grill can also be tightly packed and carried around like a briefcase for further convenience. The design makes carriage and storage easier. Power and performance are carefully considered with this piece making it a top contender for the best RV grill for camping BBQ.

Best RV grill for  Camping & BBQ 2020

1. Blackstone Table Top Griddle

Blackstone provides you with a solid 268 square inches worth of grilling space. This grill not only does its job, but it also makes clean-up easier with a smooth surface to work on. It doesn’t take up mass amounts of space and storage is made easy with the geometric shape. The griddle can easily be flipped over to make for a perfect rectangle slide into trunks or even under seats.

The burners on the interior are formed in an ‘H’ shape to better regulate the heat. This shape ensures all areas on the tabletop are heated, not overheated. Cooking happens fast and you’re given an even 12,000 BTU for a strong job well done.

This model is compatible with a 1 pound propane gas container. It also comes with an easy ignition. The feet for this Blackstone model are adjustable, which allows you to place this grill over uneven surfaces. This unit is entirely propane gas fueled and the gas tank or bottle will have to be purchased separately.

The griddle surface means that you’re going to have to season it before use. Any oil or flavoring you want on your food can go over the grill. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a metal taste in your teeth.

Most comments towards Blackstone are quite positive on how fast the grill tends to heat up and how precise the results turn out. There are some complaints though that stand out when it comes to ordering the product. These are directed more to the service behind the product instead of the product itself.

When faulty goods do come by, customers don’t receive the customer service that they’d like and were instead left with an unsatisfying product and no reassurance behind their product. There were sometimes stains on packaged products which caused much confusion and problems.

Another issue some people experienced was the short-lived life of the burners. Though they serve their purpose dutifully over the first few tries, customers have either stated that the burners stopped starting completely or burnt through the griddle.


  • Tabletop is easy to clean
  • Adjustable feet for uneven ground
  • Easy to store away


  • Inadequate customer service
  • Short-lived burners

2. Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Weber specializes in satisfying the camping party, and this grill comes inside of the deal. This model has porcelain coated iron-cast grates for a more resilient performance and quick clean once the job’s done. The body is made out of aluminum, to make for lighter carriage and efficient resistance against heat.

This grill provides you with 189 square inches of working space that’s coupled with 8,500-BTUs for swift and steady accomplishment. There’s no need for any assembly when your package comes. It’ll be delivered as one piece ready for work.

For an easier job, this unit has an electronic push ignition, meaning that there’ll be a required power source for this grill. Luckily, it can be connected to your RV’s available outlets. However, the tank does not come with the grill and needs to be purchased separately.

This model comes with a removable catch pan to lower the chances of a greasy mess. This makes it easier to clean the plausible mess that can leak from under the grill.

What customers really like about this grill so much is how well it cooks for a small party, and how quickly it gets the job done. Allowing it the right time to heat up, (about one to two minutes) this grill does the job fluently and in most cases, flawlessly.

A repetitive issue with this grill, however, is the regulator, which doesn’t work as efficiently as it’s promised to. While there are solutions to this issue, none of them are provided by the company, therefore, making this issue a nuisance as well as an added expense. The regulator of this machine sometimes falls apart or only works for the first few times before becoming insufficient. This isn’t a positive component at all since, without the right regulator, the grill will never heat up to the temperature it needs to be to cook anything.


  • Electronic push ignition
  • Small, compact design for easy storage
  • Removable catch pan
  • Comes completely assembled


  • The regulator isn’t of the best quality

3. Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Stainless Tabletop Grill

Another compliment to the tabletop style, Cuisinart offers a differently styled grill for those who prefer working on a flat surface. This grill has to be set up beforehand and can be done in a mere ten minutes or less without tools.

This tabletop grill has 2 stainless steel burners located underneath the griddle. It offers you 725 square inches of working space with 20,000-BTUs to kick start your barbeque. Each of the burners has its own dial for greater control over the heat on each side. This model also has a thermometer so you know how high the temperature of the grill reaches.

This grill doesn’t come with a push ignition but rather a twist ignition, meaning there’s no need for any power source.

The legs are foldable for a better standing surface, as well as easier storage. The lid locks over when you’re not using the grill. The grate on this model is made out of stainless steel for a tougher, superior performance.

The shape of the grill makes it a versatile utensil that can easily be packed along on road trips or simply used for smaller jobs, not a whole get-together. It’s not hard to store and not at all hard to make space for when you need to use it. Though it’s not provided with the purchase, this grill uses a 20lb. gas tank for fuel for a longer-lasting period of swiftly cooked barbeque meat.

Customers enjoy this product for its fast-working temperatures and enjoyable final results. For most customers, this product does serve justice to a certain degree, but there are some occasional issues that can take place. It’s also shipped fully assembled so there’s no hassle on your behalf.

For heavier duty jobs though, customers find that this grill is not their first option. The grandest and most popular complaint is that the material stainless steel used in the manufacturing of this grill isn’t sturdy. It’s oddly flimsy and doesn’t support itself in some cases. The most drastic of situations have called on the grill falling apart completely. It provides the support you need when not committing to whole parties worth of food, and if left unattended to it’s liable to develop rust.


  • Foldable legs and lid lock
  • Control dials for each burner and thermometer on the lid
  • Comes assembled when delivered


  • Stainless steel material is not sturdy

4. Weber Q2200 Gas Grill

The total cooking working surface on this grill is 280 square inches. This grill also comes with a stainless steel burner with a durable lifespan, surmounting 12,000-BTU every hour. Placed on the sides of this model are two foldable side tables, perfect for personalizing your workspace.

Quite like the previous model on this list offered by Weber, this option has many of the same benefits. Weber is a trustworthy brand when it comes to barbeque experiences and this grill cuts the cake.

It also comes with a removable catch pan for any slips and spills that may occur while you’re using the grill. This model is made to suit your grilling needs with porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, perfect for a quick clean once the job is over and restrains heat from overpowering the entire meat and grill.

While this model does have electronic ignition, it can also be battery-powered to keep up with your outdoor trip demands. The batteries used in this grill are AAA and the gas used is standardized propane like most others.

This Weber product has a thermometer on the lid to help you keep an eye on the heat without having to open the lid. Admittedly, this model resembles the first one very much but nevertheless offers something the former didn’t; side tables. Most portable grills cannot proudly claim so since they only focus on making the grill work as efficiently as it can. Weber not only does so but also adds in the homey touch to your grill with the extra space for your utensils.

There are multiple issues with this mentioned model, all relating to their heating process. For some people, the complaint originated from the grill not heating up properly. When users tried getting replacement parts, as most do without hesitation from customer service, it didn’t prevail to any successful conclusion. Instead, the result was worse or exactly the same as it had been. For the other side, users couldn’t get the heat to go down from temperatures as high as 400 degrees. This was problematic for any meat as it would end burnt quicker than cooked on the inside.


  • Table space provided
  • Removable catch pan provided
  • Battery-powered; therefore greater portability and versatility


  • Poor heat regulation

5. Coleman Propane Grill

Coleman eases the transportation of this grill by replicating the design of a wheeled bag. You can pull this grill behind you and stash it away with the adjustable legs underneath.

This grill provides you with 285 square inches of grilling space and 20,000-BTUs worth of heat. Though sold separately, you have the option to change the grates with this model to designs that better suit your needs. The ignition is a push button for a fast flame in a matter of seconds. There are two stainless steel burners over this grill, each controlled with their own dial for enhanced heat maintenance.

Wheels really make the deal with this grill and the fact that it’s collapsible. This makes taking it around to the perfect picnic site a cinch, packing it in the trunk or your basement relatively easy and overall more enjoyable than hauling a full-fledged grill around.

This grill has porcelain coated iron-cast grates with porcelain coating overall. This allows for a much quicker clean with every use. The grill also has a removable grease tray to help make cleaning up afterward much simpler than cramming your fingers into the grill. This model like all those mentioned above is a propane gas fueled grill that doesn’t come with the propane tank on purchase.

More value is added to this grill with its sliding tablespace located on the sides of the unit when opened. This allows for convenient space given to utensils and condiments.

Unlike other options, this model doesn’t come fully assembled on purchase. Instead, the pieces are given and instructions provided.

The complaints about this grill are variable, indicating that there is no specific issue that arises with this purchase, only occasional misfortunes. Some of the mentioned are issues with starting it over a long period of not using it. Coleman has given a solution to this problem stating that cleaning for this machine should happen thoroughly twice a year, even and especially if it’s not in use.

Otherwise, users don’t find it to be all that sturdy of a product. It’s considered flimsy to some, or they’ve experienced it first-hand breaking down in front of their eyes.


  • Comes with wheels to easily transport the unit
  • Collapsible for easier storage
  • Sliding tablespace


  • Flimsy material
  • Stops working after long periods of idleness

6. Char-Broil Standard Portable Liquid Propane Gas Grill

best rv grill

This grill gives you 187 square inches of space to work upon. Its burners reach up to 11,000-BTUs of heat. This Char-Broil model uses propane and the purchase of the tanks is not included in the primary purchase.

The grate that comes with this grill is chrome-plated and safe to clean i n the dishwasher. The overall build of this unit is stainless steel, ensuring that the grill lives a long, durable life and doesn’t fall victim to rust as quickly as other options.

The compact design of the Char-Broil is great to carry around. The handles are heat-resistant so you can pick up the grill without having to wait out the heat. The legs flip over the lid when packing up the grill, acting as a lock so the lid doesn’t fall off in the midst of transport.

Overall, this grill pulls a strong performance when it comes to actual usage.

However, the complaints about this grill are the most terrifying. Instead of simple issues that can be solved with replacement parts and recovered, this grill is known to spew propane. What the actual issue is, still unsure. The fact is that some users have had propane leak out of the tank though the tank would be intact. Other times, the grill would catch flame due to the excess propane while customers were grilling.

Reaching the right temperature is not an issue for this grill, but the propane connection to the grill does hold some unpleasant promises.

Other complaints about this grill are very modest though. They include issues with the shipment, the lack of a sufficient way to control the temperature rather than stoking and intense monitoring.

This grill does make it as one of the better ones though with the greater quality performance with users who’ve experienced no issues. The size of this grill is decent and since it holds a geometric shape, the grill doesn’t take up abnormal space and can even be fitted into tight places. Overall, this unity impresses when it comes to packing and carrying it around. It’s not at all hard to assemble.


  • Easy transportation
  • The grate is dishwasher safe
  •  Heat-resistant handles


  • Leaks in the propane tank connection

7. Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill with VersaStand (Our Top Recommended)

Cuisinart holds the highest position on this list with its standing model. This portable grill can be hand-held, imitating the shape and hold of a briefcase. It’s considerably lightweight, weighing 17 pounds, and doesn’t take up much space at all with its collapsible body.

This grill has a workspace of 160 square inches to offer which is a lot for an on the go experience. The burner can reach up to 5,500-BTU for a strong show.

The integrated lock on the lid helps keep the grill closed while you carry it around. This unit can either be used as a freestanding or tabletop grill, depending on which type you prefer. The porcelain coated grates prove easy to clean and resilient to heat.

This Cuisinart grill is fueled by propane gas and has a twist ignition, requiring no power source for your barbeque. With a small build, it manages to keep all the heat right where it needs to be rather than letting loom before it finds its way to the food. It also comes with a dishwasher safe grate for easier clean-up when the fun and food is over and done with.

The stand for this grill is adjustable to reach your height level. Overall, manufacturers of this model have taken convenience into deep consideration. The ability to hold it in your hand makes finding the perfect picnic spot easier since you’re not limited to the area near your RV or car.

This piece is lighter than others since it is carried around by hand. It could be for this reason that this grill doesn’t handle heavier duty jobs well. With some customers, they found that the material melted after using it on some grilling projects, though some could debate that these projects were more intense than they should have been for a portable grill.

For a complete look on this product, it exceeds expectations with the hefty space it has to offer and decent strength it provides when grilling food. The outcome when properly maintained is an effective lifespan of a good quality product.


  • A large amount of space and strong power
  • Briefcase like build for easier hold and lid lock
  • Collapsible stand


  • Lightweight material used

Buying Guide

One the most fun but perhaps challenging aspects of camping is cooking. Since RVs are short on space and don’t have the layout of traditional homes, it can be difficult to air them out when cooking indoors. Plus, food odors, smoke, and grease can become difficult to get out which is why many campers prefer grilling outdoors when traveling in their RVs.

So when you are RVing, the type of grill you choose to take along will have to meet certain criteria in terms of performance, the weight of the unit, cooking surface, ease of cleaning, storage and of course, portability. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before you invest in your RV grill.

How is an RV grill different from other grills?

RV grills have compact, convenient designs to make cooking outdoors as easy as stovetop cooking. You can use your regular portable grill as your RV grill, one that is easy to pack up and take on your next adventure.

That said, gas grills make up for the most suitable portable options. These are easier to transport, yield faster ignition and heat up faster than their charcoal counterparts. Gas grills are also easier to clean and maintain. The one flip side, if any, is that gas grills come with a tank which can make it difficult to carry around.

However, gas grills can also run off your RVs supply tank. Some models offer both a hose and a tank to give users a choice of what fits their needs best.

Charcoal grills, on the other hand, are more basic compared to gas grills. Anyone with a smaller RV may decide to opt for this type if they are looking for maximum portability.

Features to look for in an RV grill


Size consideration is crucial when it comes to getting a grill for your RV. Most portable grills vary between the small to medium size range and you can look for a model based on the size of your RV.

Many people prefer getting something that folds up into a more compact version of itself to meet storage needs in their RV. Many portable grills come with tables, sides and stands, but will only make sense if they are the collapsible kind and fit easily into your RV.

The size of the grill should also take into consideration the number of people you plan to cook for. For a small family of 3-4 people, a grill with a 200 square inch cooking surface can suffice well, but for preparing larger batches of food, portable grills can go up to yielding 300 square inches of cooking surface.


Grills typically come in iron, aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic varieties. To take one along on an RV, many people prefer opting for stainless steel as it is relatively light-weight, easier to clean and is rust-resistant.

Even though aluminum may yield a lighter weight grill, it tends to discolor easily from the heat and exposure to the elements. Cast iron, on the other hand, is a sturdier material but is also heavier. At the same time, it presents greater vulnerability to rusting if the unit isn’t painted properly.

Temperature control

Since most grills suited for RVs will be more compact than standard sized units, it may mean that the grill comes with only one temperature gauge.

However, if you are looking for a greater range of temperature control, you may also be able to find something with dual controls. Such models will allow for greater accommodation letting you use multiple temperature zones when cooking.


When looking for a gas grill, pay special attention to its burner/s. Burners made of brass or stainless steel tend to be longer lasting while those made from aluminum can wear out sooner. Stainless steel burners manufactured from 304 grade have higher anti-corrosive properties and can deliver better outdoor performance.

Another feature to look out for includes a metal deflector between the burners and the grate. This feature assists in delivering superior heat distribution and minimizing any hot spots found on the grate.


If you look for a grill to set up in your backyard, then portability may not be a priority. Backyard grills are more or less permanent fixtures and don’t need a lot of heaving around.

However, that equation changes when RV grills are involved. For starters, you will want something that is easy to move around. In this regard, look for portable models that are lightweight but don’t take anything away from the cooking/grilling performance of the unit.

If you have a bigger RV model, then you could enjoy the luxury of getting a bigger grill with wheels and folding features to accommodate in your recreational vehicle.

Mounting and/or detachable components

For your camping needs, you may wish to look for something that comes with mounting options. Grills that you can mount onto your RV will come with bracket systems, and hanging racks to facilitate the mounting.

Some systems also allow the grill to detach and be used as a standalone unit. This lets you park your vehicle in one area and grill in another.

Likewise, there are swing-away options that let the mount fold against the vehicle when driving. Once parked, the mount can be pivoted and locked back into position, ready for grilling.

One consideration to keep in mind when looking for a mounting system is to make sure that the unit comes with all the mounting accessories included. There are companies that sell such attachments separately so make sure that these are included in the deal.

Other features

Once you have the basics figured out, you can look into other features such as a lid for secure traveling. Consider if you want a grill that sits flat or comes with a stand to prop on. A grill that comes with travel case will make for easy portability but will also likely hike its price tag.

Wheels, sides and extra surfaces to place out your dishes and utensils are all useful options to look out for as well. If you have the space to store a slightly larger unit, then by all means, go for an RV grill that comes with these features included.


The Cuisinart CGG-180 makes it as the best RV grill for camping BBQ with its versatility and convenience. Over all of the other factors, this grill tries to make your experience of traveling with a grill an easy one, with minimal hassle. Storing and traveling with it isn’t hard either with the robust shape of the body.

While others did have table space and electronic ignition, this one allows you to trek over more area solely, without dragging the RV behind you. You can have an amazing barbeque anywhere without worrying about the batteries and searching for a place to stand the barbeque.

It also offers you a decent amount of space to work, evenly place all of your food items and still has room for the smoke and fat to seep through. This grill is definitely one to consider for when you need to travel.

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