5 Best Pour Over Coffee Kettle (Updated 2020)

Pour-over coffee kettles work just like any other kettle, except they serve boiled water in a way that allows your coffee to develop a better taste and texture.

They not only provide better flavors of coffee but also help you get an even extraction of coffee grounds that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

And, the bright lining to the cloud is that we have found a few of the best pour over coffee kettles you can buy yourself for some great coffee:

The best pour over coffee kettles reviews of 2020

Now that you have a clear idea of what to find in your ideal coffee kettle, you can take your pick from our list of the best pour-over coffee kettles of 2018:

1. Pour Over Kettle Coffee Gator (Our Top Recommended)

Gooseneck Kettle - Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle - Precision-Flow Spout and Thermometer - Barista-Standard Hand Drip Tea and Coffee Kettle for Induction and all Stovetops - 40oz

The Pour Over Kettle by Coffee Gator provides you with the ideal combination of design and functionality.

Its stainless steel goes great with any stove or countertop, which is idyllic if you wish to place your kettle out in the open for aesthetics.

A gentle S-shape sprout gives you precision pouring, while the handle offers you a great deal of space for firmly and comfortably holding the kettle.

With the addition of stacked ridges, you also manage to enjoy some style with your pot.

If you're concerned about having control over the perfect water temperature for your coffee grounds, the kettle also comes with an inbuilt thermometer in its lid.

It also displays the ideal temperature in a nice green color.

Since the kettle doesn’t work on electricity, it is perfect for those coffee lovers who like to use a traditional gas stove.

Coffee Gator ensures customers get a complete satisfaction guarantee, and in turn, you get a reliable coffee kettle for your kitchen.

What I Like

  • Rust-resistant design
  • Inbuilt thermometer
  • Sprout design provides a precision pouring
  • check
    Stylish stainless-steel build

What I Didn't Like

  • One-liter capacity is small since it is recommended to only fill up to 0.6 liter

2. Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle

Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity

The Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle – 6576 pays homage to the classic kettle design and function.

Its no-frills construction offers a narrow spout with the ideal degree of curvature to provide good control over the water flow.

The angled handle also offers balance to the spout so that you are able to pour at an angle that isn't too difficult.

Despite its very minimalistic design, the kettle still manages to go well with any kitchen interior.

Its polished stainless steel gives you a mirror-like finish, while the lid knob and handle also go well with the simple look.

Like other kettles, it can be used on an induction, electric, or a gas stove. And even with a full kettle, you can be sure to get boiling water quickly.

With its relatively low price point, the Fino’s Coffee Kettle is considered one of the best pour-over coffee kettles by various people.

You can enjoy its simplicity, balance, control, and design if you're someone looking for basic functionality in a reasonable price range.

What I Like

  • Precision spout for controlled water flow
  • Can be heated on different types of burners
  • Large water capacity

What I Didn't Like

  • No thermometer
  • Can be hard to know when the water is boiling

3. Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Electric Gooseneck Kettle - Rapid Boil Electric Kettle Water Heater for Pour Over Coffee and Tea - 1L Water Boiler Tea Kettle Teapot Dripper

This is an electric kettle that lets you boil the water without having to constantly watch the kettle.

Once it reaches the boiling point, the base automatically shuts off, so you get your hot water whenever you are ready to go.

The kettle itself has a more conventional look and design, although it does have a long spout for precise pour-over techniques.

The mirror-finish provided by the stainless steel goes nicely with the kettle’s black knob and handle.

With no temperature display or thermometer, however, you will have to utilize a separate thermometer or your intuition to see if the water heats up to the ideal temperature unless you are somewhere near the kettle once the automatic power-off occurs.

If you want to get a kettle that can heat water rapidly and efficiently, while providing a smooth, controlled and consistent pour-over rate, then the W&E Electric Gooseneck Kettle is an ideal choice.

What I Like

  • Rapid heating using a 1000-watt power supply
  • Automatic power-off prevents burns and spills
  • Compact design for portability and storage

What I Didn't Like

  • Small handle not ideal for those with bigger hands
  • Does not come with a thermometer
  • The lid can be hard to open

4. Elementi Premier Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Elementi Premier Electric Gooseneck Kettle for Pour Over Coffee and Tea | 1.0 Liter Stainless Steel Drip Kettle Teapot

The Elementi Premier Electric Gooseneck Kettle is a good choice for an electric kettle if you are a coffee enthusiast.

Its precision gooseneck spout provides you with better control during the pouring over of hot water over the coffee grounds for a more even extraction.

Elementi gives a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with its design and functionality so that you can easily rely on the kettle's efficiency.

The kettle is made using a brushed stainless-steel to give a clean finish that doesn’t leave behind any messy fingerprint marks after every use.

Element's sophisticated design can be accredited to research and development across Europe, with their products being made in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Elementi Premier Electric Gooseneck Kettle is definitely a good choice if you’re looking for an attractive addition to your contemporary kitchen.

What I Like

  • The 1000-watt heating plate provides quick boiling
  • 1-liter liquid capacity
  • Rotates 360 degrees on base for convenient lifting and pouring
  • check
    Only 1.1 pounds when empty for easy transport

What I Didn't Like

  • Only comes in one size
  • Can’t tell water level or temperature from outside, need to look inside.
  • No added electronics or temperature controls, only a basic power switch.

5. Fellow Pour Over Electric Kettle

Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-over Kettle For Coffee And Tea, Matte Black, Variable Temperature Control, 1200 Watt Quick Heating, Built-in Brew Stopwatch

Another great addition to our list is the Fellow Pour Over Electric Kettle. The kettle manages to excel in various different categories such as design and efficiency.

It has a nice wide design, with an ergonomic handle and a precision gooseneck spout that all come in a sleek stainless-steel finish.

The kettle comes with an inbuilt thermometer so that you get the ideal temperature regulation and steam control you need for that perfect pour-over during your coffee extraction process.

Although the thermometer does have a tendency to fog up during use, this is only a small setback compared to the better temperature control you get in return.

The Fellow Electric Pour Over Kettle is a kettle that any coffee lover can enjoy if they are looking for ease of use, clean and elegant design and temperature precision.

Besides its slight issues with the lid removal and thermometer fogging, the kettle is effective in its job.

What I Like

  • Quality stainless-steel finish
  • Exceptional stream control
  • Great handle ergonomics

What I Didn't Like

  • Relatively expensive
  • The lid gets stuck if the kettle is too hot
  • Thermometer fogs up

Best Pour Over Coffee Kettle Buying Guide

What do pour-over coffee kettles do?

A pour-over coffee kettle isn’t just a luxury item for coffee shops to show off, it actually has a specific use. For coffee brewing, even extraction is critical.

That is why people want even coffee particles when grinding and why, when pouring over the coffee, they don’t just randomly add the entire kettle of water to the collection of grounds. The water has to be poured over slowly and carefully.

Regardless of what kettle you choose to use for brewing, too much agitation because of reckless pouring can result in a poorly extracted cup of coffee.

A pour-over coffee kettle, when used properly, provides you with better control of the flow rate and allows you to be more accurate with where you are pouring the water on the coffee grounds. Moreover, the kettle helps make brewing easier.

You can regulate the flow rate by carefully tilting your wrist up or down.

A normal kettle usually requires slightly greater forearm strength, stamina and focus to maintain the flow of water and even if you have those all down perfectly, you will likely have a wave of water splash out here or there sometimes.

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When to use pour-over coffee kettles

These coffee kettle does not provide a special benefit in every brewing technique. There are some brewing methods where a pour-over kettle is not required, for instance:

  • French Press
  • Clever (if used as an immersion dripper)
  • Cowboy Coffee
  • Siphon
  • Cold Brew
  • Cafe Solo

If you are making coffee in a French Press or Clever, you don’t really have to switch to using a pour-over coffee kettle at that point, unless you actually want to. The benefit of a coffee kettle is seen when using it for pour-over brew techniques.

Although you can brew a decent pour-over coffee without the use of a pour-over kettle, there are some methods and recipes that are almost impossible with the absence of the kettle’s control.

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How to choose the best pour-over coffee kettles

When looking for one of the best coffee kettles, make sure to pay special attention to specific features that will allow you to figure out the product's value. Here are some main points for you to focus on:

1. Temperature Display

Some pour-over coffee kettles can show you exactly what temperature the water is warming up to with the help of a display. This is ideal if you want to warm your coffee to a specific temperature.

Die-hard coffee enthusiasts are well aware that various blends of coffee beans have been used with specific temperatures of water.

For example, you need a temperature of around 207°F for a majority of light to medium bean roasts, and around 196°F for darker roasts.

If you look for this degree of temperature control and accuracy, then a kettle with a thermometer is an ideal choice for you.

Some kettles also provide users with real-time digital temperature displays so you can have better temperature control.

2. Ease of use

Simple pour-over coffee kettles make water boiling an easier process for people. All you have to do is fill them up, put them on, and wait for the water to heat up.

If you’re not looking for crazy advanced temperature control features, you can choose to avoid any top-tier brands.

All other simple pour-over kettles only need you to press a button and flip the lid and you’re good to go.

This is especially ideal if you’re looking to conserve time, money and extra effort when warming up water for your coffee.

3. Speed

How quickly do you want your water to be ready for that delicious cup of coffee?

Most of the pour-over coffee kettles out on the market have a basic 1000-watt powered heating feature.

Kettles that provide faster brewing can be powered by a heating element as powerful as 1200 watts.

If you have to make a quick cup of coffee in the morning before work, or you just don’t want to wait too long for the water to boil, you can find high-powered pour-over coffee kettles to do the job.

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4. Design and Comfort

The size of a pour-over coffee kettle’s handle essentially decides how comfortable the fits is in your hand.

You should know that the majority of these kettles are designed with comfort and ease of use in mind.

There are various coffee kettles that come with an “open” style handle.

Many people can appreciate such kettles since they don’t totally wrap around the hand during pouring so you don’t have to worry about hand strains or difficulty while pouring.

5. Safety

Make sure that you look for coffee kettles that are designed using safe materials like stainless steel or BPA-free plastics.

The kettle should be designed in such a way that doesn’t put your hand or other body parts in danger when it is plugged in or being used.

In addition, the kettle should be able to withstand corrosion, rust, high temperatures and short circuits.

6. Price

In the end, the best pour-over coffee kettles are those that meet all the criteria mentioned above within a reasonable price value.

You can find affordable gooseneck kettles that offer a wide range of features and functions within your budget limits.


Hopefully, this guide to finding the best pour-over coffee kettle will help you make an informed decision when picking a kettle for yourself out of our list or even through your own personal research. That being said, we feel there is a stand-out winner in this list of best pour-over coffee kettles.

The best pour over coffee kettle in our opinion is the Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle! The kettle offers a greater degree of safety during use with its rust-resistant design that not any of the other kettles on the list provided.

Furthermore, it comes with an inbuilt thermometer for temperature display and control, unlike the Fino, W&E and Elementi kettles. The kettle embraces a better design than the W&E and Fellow kettles, which have hard-to-use lids.

And finally, the kettle offers all these features at a better money value than the other kettles.

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