5 Best Portable Ice Makers (Reviews of 2019)

Rather than bustling about, frustrating the limit of your freezer with an infinite amount of ice trays, bring yourself to ease with a simpler situation; an ice maker. Having the best portable ice maker is a wonderful idea if you plan outdoor excursions or need a small solution to produce cold beverages.

Our Top Recommended

Our top recommended for this list is the Della Portable Ice Maker. Simplicity is key to making anything enjoyable. The easier it is to understand, the easier it is to use and therefore the experience is more enjoyable. You don’t want to pester yourself over the complexities of your machine and Della promises a smooth performance each time.

Capable of holding up to 26 lbs. of ice, this Della ice maker can cover an entire party worth of people with ease, providing the right amount of ice for each glass to remain cool and refreshing throughout the festivities.

Buying Guide

Best Portable Ice Maker buying guide

Ice cubes aren’t as elemental as solid water. When it comes to having a clean, reliable machine to answer to your chilly requirements, the wrong ice maker can be a real deal breaker.

Quite like water, you want your ice cubes to be pure, clean, and always nearby. They aren’t hard to make on your own, but they take a decent amount of time to make and they cannot be overlooked as a minor addition to your drink.

Types of Ice Cubes

Best Portable Ice Maker types

Ice cubes can come in different sizes and styles which can make all the difference in performance and satisfaction. They can also change the result you get in your drink. The type of ice cube is something you look at when you expect to serve people and it does not hurt to get an ice maker that does you justice.

  • Cube

The cube shape is classic. These are complete cubes which evidently means they take the longest to melt. If they are made properly, and cube-shaped ice cube has no weak spot unlike other shapes, therefore, no part of the cube will start melting faster than the other.

It gives off a neat, well-rounded appearance when placed in drinks.

  • Crescent

Appearance wise, these shapes are quite satisfactory. Since their shape is considerably abstract, they have an aesthetic appeal to them that cannot be competed with.

Since the interior of these is hollow though, they melt much faster than any other shape and can only help a drink stay cold, not make it cold. Crescent ice cubes are best just for show.

  • Gourmet

Gourmet ice cubes hold a relative class to them and are used in restaurants. You’ll find them being partnered mainly with whiskeys of all types. To create a fancier, sophisticated interest, gourmet cubes are used for fine gourmet dining.

The shape of the gourmet ice cube is an elongated cylinder with one completely flat side. In this case, think of the top of your thumb, this is the shape the gourmet ice cube replicates.

  • Nugget

The smallest of them all, nugget ice cubes aren’t made for the show quite like the others are. Instead, they have the sole purpose of ice; to make everything cold. With an abundance of nugget cubes, carbonated drinks can easily be turned cold as they do not enthuse fizz to spread.

Clear vs White Ice Cubes

Clear vs White Ice Cubes

If you have made ice cubes at home before, you may have taken notice that sometimes your cubes can come out clearer than usual. In the case of ice cubes quite like water in its natural liquid state, the clearer it is, the better.

If your ice cubes are coming out white, then you’re looking at cubes highly concentrated in minerals which can alter the taste of your drink. They may not make as significant of a difference, but the whiter they are the more worried you should become.

The best of ice cubes are deemed those that are completely see-through. This means that they have no concentration of impurities and they are clean, tasteless, and nothing but cold, the way they should be.

If you find that your ice cube maker is making white cubes though the water you receive is not at all white or colored, try cleaning the inside of your machine before you blame your plumbing.

Benefits of a Portable Ice Maker

Best Portable Ice Maker benefits

There are stationary ice makers, and then there are those ice makers that are portable.

The first and most obvious advantage of having a portable ice maker is that you can carry it with you as you please. If you choose to go camping, fishing, tailgating, boating, or on a road trip, you can have your ice by your side and ready for you.

Having a machine that can make adequately sized ice cubes for you relieves the need to buy ice cubes from stores. Whether you need it to cool fish or for a long, cool drink, having an ice maker by your side will make the job easier.

Overall they can be extremely useful when it comes to convenience yourself. They take away the chore of having to fill and refill ice trays every time you need ice and create quite a bountiful amount with each use. Thanks to their size, you can simply place the ice maker on the countertop if and whenever you need to make and use ice.

At parties and in offices, where people will all be bustling to get ice without paying much attention to what they’re doing, a small, conveniently placed ice maker is the ideal solution.

Of course, it should be taken into account that having a portable machine will be much more affordable than installing the appliance into your kitchen. A full-sized ice maker is stationary, much more expensive and harder to maintain. When you have a smaller appliance that is used only when needed, it’s easier to both manage and afford. It doesn’t take up substantial energy and is a wonderful investment if you tend to travel and enjoy playing host for gatherings and parties.

Additional Features

Best Portable Ice Maker features

Like all things, ice makers can come with additional features that can make them easier to use.

  • Self-Cleaning

Some ice makers have the features of rinsing themselves out or filtering out all of the remaining water so your job cleaning it becomes easier.

  • Automatic Timer

You can find some machines that have a timer option. This allows you to make ice on a schedule given to your machine beforehand so it’s ready when you need it.

  • Ice Size Selection

There are portable ice makers that can offer you a variety of ice size and not only this, they can offer you different shapes as well.

  • Ice Scoop

An ice scoop is a great addition to your purchase since you are going to need a way to remove bundles of ice all at once. Rather than picking them up with your hand or one by one, a scoop makes the convenience of an ice machine all the more notable.

The Best Portable Ice Maker on the Market 2019

1. Della Portable Ice Maker (Our Top Recommended)


Della is a quiet, fast performing ice maker that works great inside and out.The lack of noise created is great when you have this machine working in the office or at home. It also has a speedy performance of a mere six minutes to create your ice cubes. If you’re hosting a picnic or party, you can have ice cubes ready for everyone who needs them.

This ice maker can make up 26 lbs. of ice in one go which is plenty to fill a cooler or sustain a crowd for one night. It’s compact and easy to place over counters for ease of access.

To make it easier to clean this unit, the interior ice bin is removable for an easy rinse and replacement. This unit also comes with an ice scoop to make your job less of a hassle when you need the ice.

This unit also comes with indicator lights for when the ice is done or when there’s no more water. This ice maker doesn’t work as a cooler once the ice has been made. Instead, it works in an endless cycle of melted ice turned to water then turned back to ice then melted if you don’t use it. It is for this reason that you will get ice cubes that are slightly wet when they come out.

Otherwise, this machine is very energy efficient and it uses up all of the water you put inside, reusing the water from the melted ice cubes.

From this machine, you can get two different sizes of big and small. The ice shape is similar to a bullet, great to place in all types of drinks and long-lasting.

The only problem with this ice maker would be that it doesn’t live all too long. The performance of this ice maker goes well and beyond to make a great machine. When it comes to the lifespan of this product, only the best ones will last well over a year.


  • Quick performance
  • Large capacity
  • Indicators for when the ice is ready and water is low


  • Short lifespan

(Top Pick) Check Price at Amazon

2. Vremi Countertop Ice Maker


In a matter of 8-10 minutes, this machine already starts to make solid ice cubes. In a matter of 24 hours, you’ll have a stacked pile of 26 lbs. worth of ice in the ice maker.

This machine is nice, snug, and compact which is best for traveling or daily use if you need ice that much. This ice maker doesn’t need to be hooked up to a water reservoir, it carries one of its own. You can take it anywhere you need to go, even if that’s simply on your kitchen counter.

This ice maker comes with some smart features to enjoy. With warning lights, you can know if there’s too much water or if all the water has been used up. This feature will also automatically shut the machine off so there’s no overflow or unnecessary energy used.

There’s no complicated installation to this unit, simply plug it in, fill the reservoir and turn it on. In twenty-four hours you’ll have the ice you want.

This unit works quietly and quickly, saving you energy and making the wait worthwhile. If the ice does melt, this water is then reused to make ice once more.

This purchase comes with both a basket for the ice and an ice scoop for further convenience. This basket is removable for an easy clean when you’re done with your ice maker. Since it’s so robust and well-shaped, it can neatly be stored away when you’re not using it.

The ice from this maker comes out cylindrical for a unique appearance and has a hole driven down the middle.

One recurring problem with this unit is the false detection of water being ice. Sometimes it will keep working for hours on end but it won’t turn the water into ice and then it’ll announce it’s done afterward when all it has done is give the user a cool refreshing glass of water.


  • Quick and quiet performance
  • Easy to use smart system
  • Energy efficient


  • Faulty products detect water as ice

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3. Igloo ICEB26RR 26-Pound Portable Automatic Ice Cube Maker


This Igloo unit was made to be traveled with. It’s robust in shape, easy to carry around, and convenient in its performance. In a matter of 24 hours, you’ll have 26 pounds of ice at your disposal for drinks, keeping cold, or for matters just in case. This machine has a one year warranty.

It can hold up to 3 quarts of water or two liters. In one go, the basket located inside of the machine can hold up to 2 pounds of ice all at once. In a matter of 7 minutes, you can have 9 ice cubes cold and ready to use. The ice cubes that come resemble the shape of raspberries which adds a sparkle of creativity to your drinks.

This unit comes with an LED display and electronic control panel. This allows you to choose the size of the ice cubes from small to large. You can also get a notification if the water tank is low on supply or when the ice basket is full and needs to be removed.

The lid on top of this piece is transparent so you can get a full view of the ice being made and how much of it has been made.

This purchase includes an ice basket and scoop. The best part about this ice maker is the vibrant red color that refuses to not appeal. It is luminous as it is useful. It makes for a wonderful addition whether you’re going outside or relaxing at home with a cold beverage.

An issue with this machine is the delicacy of the ice cubes themselves. The machine does manage to make the right amount of ice in the time promised. This means that yes, it is capable of producing ice.

The issue arises when you use the ice. It doesn’t last all too long. This could be because of the shape the ice cube take, but they aren’t as reliable for long term uses. They are best in drinks.


  • LED display and electronic control panel
  • Large capacity
  • Quick and quiet performance


  • Ice doesn’t last too long

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4. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop


For everyday use, this is the right portable ice maker for all cases. This appliance doesn’t make much sound, works quickly enough to give you hard cold ice by the time you’re done blending your smoothie.

This machine works behind the scenes to make rectangular-shaped ice cubes for your refreshments. It comes to your aid as soon as you need your ice. There’s no hassle on your part; no need to chisel at a large bag of ice nor the requirement to wait long hours for ice trays to complete freezing over.

In a mere matter of minutes, you’ll have the ice you need to enjoy your day. So long as you have an outlet, this machine is ready to use and there’s no unnecessary assembly required. It’s an easy clean with this machine. There’s no need to rip it apart and then put it together.

With a little dishwasher soap, it can become as clean as it was when you first bought it, giving out the same results of fresh, cold, soft ice. You can have small or medium-sized ice cubes ready and waiting for you.

This also has automatic functions for indicating and shutting off when there’s no more water left or when the ice bucket is full. Included with the ice maker is a bucket for the ice and an ice scoop.

One problematic factor to this machine is the fact that it does not detect a container properly. It stops itself from making more ice cubes even though the bucket isn’t full yet. This does not happen with all machines though, only some of them ever occur to encounter this experience.

When it comes to normal functional machines they work almost flawlessly with minor hiccups but always pull through for very long life. Even with this issue of not filling up to the brim with ice, they still manage to last for a very long time.


  • Automatic functions to indicate too much ice or no water
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet and quick performance


  • Does not use all of the water

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5. Frigidaire Portable Compact Maker Countertop Ice Making Machine


This Frigidaire portable machine is extremely quiet so you’ll never raise your voice over the ice maker. In every 7-15 minutes, you’ll have 10 more ice cubes cold and ready to keep a beverage cool and refreshing. There’s no need to open the lid each time you need to check on how much ice there is. This model comes with a window on the top to spy over the ice cubes.

This machine has a convenient drain plug that lets you clean out your machine much easier. A shovel is included in this purchase. This particular brand of Frigidaire comes with a variety of options for portable ice makers. You can get one that’ll hold 26 lbs. maximum, or you get the bigger model that’ll hold up to 40 lbs.!

Running short on space is not an issue with this machine, as it calls for little space on its own. There are no added chemicals in the interior build so nothing is contaminating your fresh shovel-full of ice.

You can get the complete stainless steel model from Frigidaire that is not only sturdy in build but demanding for respect thanks to its premium appearance.

There’s an option of two ice sizes with this machine. It can hold up to 1.5 lbs. of ice at once. The reservoir can hold up to 2.3 quarts of water. This piece comes with an electronic LED controls to monitor the water level, how much ice is made and the size of the ice cubes.

The only thing that spoils this deal would be the fact that this piece has a relatively short lifespan. Even the best working machines scrape through the first year with some hiccups that’ll make you feel wary.

The ice that comes while it does perfectly fine until something goes wrong with the machine. There’s never been an occasion when the machine didn’t work perfectly the first time but afterward, it’s hard to tell the reliability of the machine.


  • Quiet operation
  • Window to see the ice inside
  • Drain plug for an easy clean


  • Short-lived lifespan


Check Price at Amazon



The best part about this Della model is that it remains simple. Though the rest of the competition will insist that their advanced features are what makes them better, it’s the lack of these very things that keep Della easy to use and easy to trust.

Della makes you what you need in an abundance and uses a shape that is easily collapsible in your mouth.  This bullet shape is unique and easy to place in bottles and glasses of all shapes and sizes.

The shape and size make it easy to carry anywhere you need to go, let that be to the beach, on a camping trip, or simply the kitchen counter.

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