5 Best Meat Grinders (Reviews of 2020)

Whether you need it for commercial use or simply for using at home, a meat grinder can come in handy for various reasons.

With the best meat grinder at your disposal it’ll be cheaper to grind the meat at home than to pay extra to have it done in the store. You can personally attend to your own meat, knowing how fine, processed, and sanitary it is.

Our Top Recommended


ALTRA Electric Meat Grinder receives the title of our top listed for the best meat grinder. This meat grinder is not only powerful but quiet and consistent in performance.

Nothing beats the luxury of staying home and still getting everything done. Instead of purchasing processed foods from stores or delis, you can instead make your own sausages, burgers, grinds, minces, and meatballs knowing exactly what went into the making of your meats.

Trust yourself and your meat grinder to get the best results that can satisfy you only.


The Best Meat Grinder on the Market 2020

1. STX International “Platinum Edition” Turboforce 3 Speed Heavy Duty 1200 Watt Electric Meat Grinder


This high powered meat grinder works at 1200 maximum watts. The feeder tray can hold up to 3 pounds of meat in one go. Inclusive in this purchase is a pair of meat claws and a burger slider burger press. Yes, this does mean you can create burgers with this meat grinder.

This intense grinder is made to handle 320-360 pounds ground in every hour. Do give your machine 5-minute intervals breaks so it doesn’t overheat. There are three speeds to select from on this machine; high, low, and reverse.

This meat grinder also comes with a circuit breaker as a safety precaution.

This grinder in no sense should be used to grind tendons or bones. It cannot grind vegetables, plants, nuts, and fruits. This meat grinder was made to handle heavy-duty jobs with only meat. Since all the listed are not as hard to grind as meat, this heavy-duty machine will go right through them and this can create problems for the blade mechanics.

For hands-free operation, there is an additional foot pedal you can connect to your machine. It’s not mandatory to use this foot pedal but it’s useful if you need to use your hands somewhere else.

There are some drawbacks to this heavy-duty machine, starting with the fact that it is limited to boneless meats only. It cannot handle any vegetables, fruits, nuts, and plants. This limits the variety of food items this machine can handle very much.

Another issue is the material, which does tend to stain from fats and juices coming from the meat. These fats and juices can collect and ruin the joints and screws of the machine. Cleaning this machine is very important but it does take time and isn’t easy when you have to get into all of the small nooks.


  • On/Off foot pedal control
  • Capable of making burgers
  • Can hold up to 3 pounds of meat at once


  • Cannot grind bones or other food items
  • Fats and juices can stain & clog machine

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2. SuperPostman Electric Meat Grinder


SuperPostman brings to the competition a 2000 watt powered meat slicer in a petit size perfect for storing and quick use. This multi-functional machine can make coarse, medium, and fine grinds of meat. It comes with a sausage attachment as well as a kubbe attachment.

This model meat grinder stays simple with its one food pusher and one cutting blade. There are four control buttons on this machine. There’s an on button, a reverse option, and a button to turn the machine off.

There are suction feet on this machine to keep it locked in place while you’re working.

The separate parts of this machine are dishwasher safe for an easier cleaning solution. Do not place the plastic body in the washing machine. The metal used in this machine is food safe, meaning there are no dangerous chemicals coating the metal.

This model comes with a 12-month replacement warranty and a lifetime support guarantee.

This unit cannot handle other types of food, nor can it handle grinding bones, skin, or nuts. This is made only to grind meats based on the grinding options given to work with this unit. Allow the motor to cool down every five minutes, otherwise, you risk overheating the motor and therefore the machine.

This machine works best when the meat is chilled beforehand. Don’t grind frozen food; this does not end well and can ruin both the meat and the grinder.

One major issue with this unit is the fact that it has a tendency to clog up after uses. Constant use can do this to the machine, and it’s better to always clean out your machine before you start using it again. What makes this a flaw for this particular model machine is the fact that you may have to clean it after every single grind. This makes the process of grinding a lot more timely and tiring for users.


  • Simplistic design
  • Separate parts are dishwasher safe
  • Suction feet


  • Tendency to clog up after continuous use

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3. AICOK Electric Meat Grinder


Aicok’s meat grinder can serve multiple purposes. It can grind meat, vegetables, create sausages, kubbe, and even noodles. This can help with more than your meat requirements.

This machine can reach from 300-800 watts in power. In every minute you can create 2 pounds of meat. This machine is made entirely out of food-grade material safe to come in contact with the food. This personal meat grinder can assure the cleanliness and safety of your meat, unlike public delis.

On this machine, there’s a reverse option to move your food backward on the grinder in case anything gets stuck. This machine also comes with the feature to automatically turn off when the machine overheats too much. This can happen if your machine works for more than eight straight minutes. To make sure your machine stays in peak condition, do not let it run for more than eight minutes and give the motor breaks.

This piece comes with a two-year warranty. In this, you have a return guarantee policy on parts and the whole piece.

The qualitative parts help construct this sturdy, reliable meat grinder for your kitchen to make mincing and grinding easier.

This meat grinder works considerably fast for its size, but it does have an issue of developing a significant smell after long periods of use. This should indicate to you when to give your machine a break from grinding. If this does happen, turn off the machine immediately and locate where the smell is coming from. If it is not from the plastic, open it to check the motor. A smell could indicate permanent damage to the machine.

This machine can be noisy while it’s working. For this reason, it would not be a wise idea to use this for anything other than at home use. This machine is also considerably light-weight which can question the durability of this piece.


  • Small and easy to store
  • Food-grade material used
  • Fast performance


  • Noisy
  • Light-weight
  • Can assume a smell

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4. Homgeek Electric Meat Grinder


This machine is made out of food-grade stainless steel, both in body and blades. This machine has a protective motor copper system, which allows for efficient grinding in a robust, safe environment.

This machine can grind meat for the purpose of both stuffing and filling. With three different cutting accessories, this meat grinder can create coarse, medium, and fine grinds of meat for all occasions.

This machine marks its spot as a 1200 watt powered output at maximum load and serves its duty swiftly without hesitation. This meat grinder has the option to move in reverse in the case that anything gets stuck or clogs the cutting plate. This Homgeek electric meat grinder has an immediate response to its off switch.

This piece is not dishwasher safe. It’s capable of making kubbe and sausages coming with the equipment for so, one cutting blade, and 3 stainless steel cutting plates.

This machine comes with a one-year warranty for issues and problems with the machine. It is recommended not to grind any nuts or bones with this grinder to maintain a longer life.

This model’s auger-type squeeze avoids the oxidation of the meat and keeps it fresh for longer. This machine is a lot smaller than other models and can efficiently make all kinds of meat grinds. It doesn’t take up much space and time to use this machine and it is a safer option than going to the butcher. This way, you can understand what is going into your meat and this grinder has a chemical-free coating over its stainless steel material.

This model meat grinder does work excellently in performance, but it is a much slower grinder in comparison to others. It is also a very confusing assembly in the beginning. The assembly of this meat grinder includes many parts and it will take quite the time to do so. Do it right, and you have a great meat grinder at hand. Do it wrong, you have a warranty to help you.


  • Light, compact, small machine
  • Can grind fish, pepper, and agarics
  • Reverse option
  • Immediate response to the off button


  • Slower than other grinders
  • Confusing assembly

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5. ALTRA Electric Meat Grinder (Our Top Recommended)


This ALTRA electric meat grinder can reach a maximum point of 2000 watts when used at top speed. This sleek, silk brushed machine keeps up with modern style while still performing above and beyond its standards.

The engine for this piece is quiet while you work, with a minimum power of 350 watts. In every minute you can create 3 pounds of minced meat at a minimum. This meat processor can work with deer, chicken, pork, beef, and more. This machine can also make sausages.

There are three grinding plates included in this purchase along with 2 stainless steel blades, 1 food pusher, a set of kubbe and sausage atachments. There’s a variety of fine medium and coarse cuts.

On this unit, there’s an on/off and reverse button, the reverse button used to unclog any large pieces. This machine is easy to disassemble for storing and cleaning. Before storing it away, dry the unit after washing it.

None of the pieces of this machine are safe to put inside of the dishwasher. Do not use any abrasives on top of this machine when cleaning and stick to neutral detergents.

The material used in the construction of this machine is 100% food-grade materials, safe to come in contact with food. There’s no risk of contamination of the meat.

ALTRA provides a 12-month worry-free warranty and 1 year replacement warranty for any sighted defects in the machine. You also get a lifetime technical support.

A design issue with this machine is the loading tray, which is considerably small. Since this a heavy duty machine, it can go through a larger amount of meat quite quickly, but this tray does not hold much.

This can be frustrating since you need to take more frequent breaks so the motor doesn’t overheat. Loading more and more meat in one go to have more done at once would have been easier, but once again, there isn’t a lot of loading space on this machine.

Otherwise, the performance of this machine is indeed better than others, swift, and clean. This meat grinder does the job justice.


  • Sleek style
  • Quiet when working
  • Can make burgers, sausages, meatballs, and meatloaves


  • Loading tray is small

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Buying Guide

Best Meat Grinder Reviews buying guide

Your meat grinder is a very useful tool to keep at hand. With this, you can create ground meats on your own, sausages and mince as well. Having the capability to control how fresh you receive your meat and how finely ground is a luxury, and a lot of people have come to realize this.

Meat grinders can always be found in delis and butcher shops, but now select companies and brands are bringing this tool home where you can take full control of how you have your meat. The best part to this is you can now relieve yourself of worries about what preservatives, added chemicals, and contaminants being added to your meat.

Shaft Blockage and Power

Best Meat Grinder Reviews shaft blockage

Different meat grinders will have different levels of power, and their level of power can also help you determine whether or not you’re looking at an expensive price tag.

High Powered Meat Grinders

These meat grinders are the strongest and most productive of them all. Being electric and somewhat independent, these are the kinds of meat grinders you’ll spot in restaurants that grind their own meat out of preference.

High powered meat grinders reach a wattage around 1200-1400 watts. They can handle up to 2 kg of meat every minute. These type of grinders are expected to grind large amounts of meat in a shorter amount of time. They do this with consistency and can even grind through harder meats.

Medium Powered Meat Grinders

These are your average standing meat grinders. They can hold some promising features but will never be the same as those that run in quality restaurants and delis. Meat grinders of the medium class are most probably the type that you’ll be introducing to your home for your own food projects.

These grinders work around 800-1200 watts. These meat grinders don’t grind several kilos of meat in the minutes. If you have to, you can grind tendons and cartilage through these grinders and they’ll do the job, it’ll just take more time and effort and your blade may dull quicker. On average, these grinders can make 1.5 kg every minute.

Low Powered Meat Grinders

To distinguish between these grinders and medium leveled grinders, just look at the size. These grinders are much smaller than a medium leveled grinder and they certainly don’t perform to their standard.

These grinders are made for home users. They use 400-800 watts and can produce a little less than 1 kg of ground meat in every minute. The best these grinders can do is simply grind meat. Trying to grind tendons, bones, cartilage as well could permanently damage your grinder.

Materials Used

Best Meat Grinder Reviews materials

The materials used inside of the grinder can help you determine the quality of the grinder even before you use it. Naturally, for different parts of the grinder, there are different expectations.


For the body, there are two expected materials to be used. Metal can create a sturdy utensil; plastic is a much cheaper alternative for producers. Sometimes you can find grinders that are either plastic or metal and then the more plausible scenario is you’ll find a combination of these two.

With a frame made out of plastic, the exterior, front panel, mouth, tray, and blades are made out of metal.

Cutting Blade

This piece of the grinder is the part that grinds your meats and if you want, your vegetables. The blades are best when they are made out of stainless steel. Blades that are made out of stainless steel are rust-resistant, and you don’t risk contaminating your food with rust.

Blades made out of stainless steel are generally stronger and more durable, capable of staying sharp for a longer period of time. You also want to check for any certifications around the metal that could indicate your metal is not coated or layered with chemicals.

Auger Conveyer

The auger conveyor s another important part of any grinder. This part of the grinder pushes the meat to the cutting plate. The auger conveyor should be made out of some sort of metal to ensure it is easy to clean and strong.

Plastic conveyors can be found, but these are better to use with vegetables and fruit. This part of the machine directly touches the meat, so you want this part of the machine to be clean-cut and sturdy.

Additional Features

Best Meat Grinder Reviews additional features

‘Reverse’ Feature

The reverse feature on meat grinders allows you to pull back the meat you currently grind. The auger conveyor reals back anything that hasn’t reached the cutting plate yet.

This comes in handy are when something gets stuck inside of the cutting plate. If a bone or tendon is stuck, you can pull all of the meat back and the tendon, then removes it carefully from your pile.

Not all grinders have this option of reversing the meat. If your grinder doesn’t have this feature, then you’ll have to turn the whole machine off, clear out the meat yourself and find the object that is clogging the cutting plate up by hand. This is rather bothersome and it raises the chance of wasting meat.

Overload Protection

This feature is extremely useful if you use your grinder more than often. For heavy-duty jobs and long-term work, it’s a good idea to get this feature in your grinder.

What this feature does is turn off the motor of the grinder when it detects overheating or an overload in the process of the machine. It reduces the risk of any accidents and keeps you safe while you work. Sometimes, if there is a bone of hard piece of meat it cannot grind, then it’ll turn off, allowing to safely find the issue.

Keep in mind, your machine should never be running for more than 10 straight minutes. Always give your meat grinder between every five minutes to reduce the risk of overheating. This feature isn’t necessary if you don’t use your grinder as often and for long periods.

Rubberized Legs

It’s always better to check that your meat grinder has rubber legs. This feature helps keep your grinder fixed in one spot. It also helps resist against the vibrations of the machine. With rubber feet, your grinder won’t move around the counter while you’re working with it.


ALTRA Electric Meat Grinder is a trustworthy company that makes 100% food-grade meat grinders for your family to enjoy at the leisure of your own kitchen.

This option is much safer than using a deli or butcher to gain processed foods. With a sleek design and versatile variety of cuts and minces at your disposal, this machine brings the professional deli back to your home.

It works to a wattage up to 2000 watts while still remaining quiet enough not to disturb the peace of your home during the day.

ALTRA stands on top of the others for reliability and consistency in performance each time.

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