7 Best Meal Prep Bags – Top Meal Prep Lunch Box 2019

Meal prep bags are basically larger sized lunch boxes are made to carry a full-scale meal with you when you can’t go home to eat. Think of these accessories as conventional picnic baskets. They can come insulated to keep your food fresh and ready to eat. Some purchases of meal prep bags come with inclusive containers which will make packing your bag much easier.

These are very useful bags that can help make your busy lifestyle more versatile. You can take whole meals with you anywhere you go. To get the best out of your to-go meals, you should consider getting the best meal prep bag.

The Best Meal Prep Bags on the Market 2019

1. MIER Adult Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag (Our Top Recommended)

Comfort is key when you’re carrying a bag with you all throughout the day. MIER takes this into consideration with their reusable lunch box made for busy working adult lifestyles. This bag has a soft plush handle and detachable shoulder strap for easy carriage.

There are two sections to this bag, one keeping your food cold while the other keeps it warm. The top pouch is great for light snacks such as chips, fruits, and drinks. The bottom square-shaped compartment is exclusively for sandwiches and salads that should be kept in a cooler area. This compartment is also leak-proof, so spilled drinks and water won’t come seeping out of the bag.

The small frontal pocket is ideal to keep all of your utensils, cutlery, change, keys, and other petit trinkets you need to carry with you at all times. The interior of this bag is made out of insulated PEVA lining to keep a consistent temperature for your food. This lining is food-safe, eco-friendly, and wipes clean with ease. You don’t have to worry about a dirty interior so long as you have strong wipes.

If you’re out for the whole day, then rest assured this bag can hold all your meals snugly. The containers delivered with this bag were made to fit perfectly inside while still carrying all of the right portions of food needed to keep you energized.

In comparison to other lunch bags, this one has loose stitching which can be problematic. This stitching can open when the lunchbox is jam-packed or when it’s being misused. Throwing the lunch box around or placing it outside can ruin the condition of the strings. This bag can very easily be squashed, so it’s better to keep nothing heavy on top of it.


  • Two separate compartments cold/hot
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Leak-proof compartments
  • Insulated PEVA lining easy to clean and food-safe
  • Inclusive containers on purchase


  • Loose stitching
  • Can be squished if placed under heavy object

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2. ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Boxes

This lunch bag can work for both children and adults, or the whole family if you’re going out on a picnic. The lunch box comes with 6 plastic containers, all dishwasher and microwave safe. There’s an included BPA-free shaker cup with 3 additional storage containers that can connect to the base of the cup. There’s a seven-compartment pill box and finally, a reusable ice pack to keep your lunch cool.

The containers help keep your portions in control. Being the right size, all of the containers also have a strong four-sided snap lid that locks in place and secures your food. They can fit inside of the lunch cooler snugly, offering you vast opportunity to bring as much food as you feel needed to carry.

Made to suffice through your daily use, these bags are constructed with double insulation and heavy duty material. With double stitching along the rims of the bag, there’s less chance of it tearing while you’re carrying it.

With no questions asked, you can get a replacement or full refund if you’re not satisfied with your lunch box. You have a 100% guarantee from the company that these policies will be met based on your satisfaction.

The interior of the container is leak-proof to prevent any spills or drippings from exiting your bag. You get extra pouches on the sides along with a drink holder pouch. It’s not a small bag but it’s not too big either to complement the lack of space you may have while traveling; it’s just right.

The bag is not so much of an issue as the containers are. The containers are fragile and don’t take impact all too nicely. The lid and locks will snap if you fill the container too much or if the food inside is fresh, hot, and emitting steam.


  • Can be used for both children and adults
  • Variety of accessories included with the bag
  • Heavy duty build


  • Food containers are fragile

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3. Fit and Fresh 944FFJXGRY Cooler Lunch Box

Another BPA-free promise, Fit and Fresh also promises to help control your healthy portions and save your money. Included in this purchase is the insulated bag, 4 2-cup containers, 2 1-cup reusable containers, a shaker bottle, an ice pack and finally a vitamin case.

If you place protein powder inside of your drinks, then this shaker bottle can help mix your powder into your drink smoothly with a JAXX agitator. All of the portion controlling containers are leak-proof to prevent any messes. They can be placed inside of the freezer, microwave and the topmost shelf of your dishwasher safely.

The freshness of your food is secured tightly inside of this insulated bag until you’re ready to eat. It’s a compact size that suits an active lifestyle very decently. All of the accessories included with this bag sit amply and don’t cram inside uncomfortably.

For carrying compact snacks and meals around while you’re on the move, this bag promises a lot. Consider the idea of having a compact fridge by your side throughout the day. This is the promise you’re offered.

It’s a big promise to keep, and not all aspects of this bag live up to it. For starters, the containers have very stiff lids that practically have to be pried off in order to open them. The container itself can snap under this pressure so it’s better to always be careful.

The selling point for this insulated cooler lunch box is the shaker that comes with it. For regular water and drinks, it is more than adequate keeping it cold and refreshing. The JAXX agitator blends powders and shakes excellently while you’re on the go. If you’re looking for a quality homemade shake to take around with you during the day, then have this shaker by your side.


  • Shaker blends drinks with JAXX agitator
  • Compact size for an active schedule
  • Freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe containers


  • Lid of containers are stiff and hard to open

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4. Evolutionize EDC Meal Prep Bag

Looking for a bigger scope? Then this is the box you want to hold your lunches. Coming along for the ride are 3 full sized meal prep containers as well as a large non-toxic gel pack. There’s an insulated pocket on the top that can either hold another container or separate food items at a different temperature from the rest of the bag.

All three containers can be placed inside your freezer, they can go into the microwave, and they can withstand the dishwasher. Just don’t take the container out of the freezer and throw it into the microwave next second. That’ll make the container explode.

You can fit 4 meals and 2 protein shaker cups inside of this insulated lunch box without any issue. There is also an outer mesh pocket and an outer private pocket where you can store personal necessary items such as cards, keys, and extra change.

This bag was made to withstand daily, consistent use. If your diet doesn’t take any breaks, then neither does this lunch box. It has an inner PEVA lining, EPA foam, metal hardware for strengthened support, flexible mesh and a final thick layer of polyester.

This bag has three separate insulated compartments that can help you organize your meals in an orderly fashion. The side pockets are great for keeping your bottles, snacks, fruits, and energy boosters.

Evolutionize works to make a much better lunch box that fits both meals and snacks into one perfect compact package that is easy to carry around. Any complaints? There are some.

The handle of the bag isn’t a very sturdy one. It rips apart, comes off, and just fails overall. The quality of the material used to make this bag is questionable as well since most complaints come from some part of the bag failing in one way or another.

Overall the bag does seem promising with the three different insulated compartments, but what with the bag not making through a year, the pros can sometimes be outweighed.


  • Three different insulated compartments
  • 3 full-sized meal prep containers
  • Containers can be microwaved, frozen, and placed in the dishwasher


  • Flimsy material
  • Short lifespan

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5. Prep Naturals Meal Prep Bag

For the biggest, most prepared meal on the go, the right insulated lunch box to turn to is the Prep Natural’s option. This purchase comes with 10 28oz food containers, additional cutlery, and napkins. The homey feeling of sitting at the kitchen table will be complete as you carry fully stocked meals around in this bag.

The interior lining is PEVA inner lining and food-grade safe. For a snug, cuddled hold around your containers, the bag is bolstered with EPA foam. The metal hardware and polyester ensure durable performance. This bag is capable of holding ice packs, not just loose ice.

The containers are BPA-free, FDA and LFGB approved. They can be placed in the freezer for cooling, and they can go into the microwave for heating. They cannot, however, go into the dishwasher as they will break and snap.

The cutlery sets come with a fork, knife, spoon, and paper napkin for everything you need to dine in. The cutlery, in comparison to the containers, is FDA and LFGB approved. You can put these utensils in the dishwasher but you can’t microwave them.

There are multiple cooling compartments you can organize your food in. The mesh pockets on the side are ideal for bottles and drinks where they lay in plain sight, most convenient.

There are some downers in relation to this bag, one of them being the containers that come with the purchase. For starters, they are ideally sized for portioning. They can hold whole proper meals which is what you would want when you’re too busy to go home and eat.

The issues are related to the quality of the containers. They are very light and flimsy, which makes them useless when holding anything more than veggies and light foods. Soups, chicken pieces, thick sauces and more will bend the container shape.


  • Abundant space inside the box
  • Containers are BPA-free
  • Utensils included
  • Multiple cooling compartments


  • Containers are flimsy

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6. Isolator Fitness ISOBAG 6 Meal Prep Bag

The grand selection of colors isn’t the only appealing thing about Isolator Fitness’ ISOBAGs. Space is not an issue with this bag. This lunch box can easily hold up to 6 meals throughout the entire day, keeping them cool for up to 12-16 hours.

First, there is the easy loading front compartment that can carry the stackable containers offered upon purchase. There are 2 zippered insulated side pockets as well as two mesh pockets along the exterior for drinks and bottles. An additional storage compartment is located on the top of the bag. Inside this compartment, there is a mesh along the lid which can be used to pack granola bars and vitamins and utensils.

With this purchase, you get 12 stackable reusable meal prep containers. They’re BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher safe, freezable, and when you’re done with them they can be recycled! There are four different sized containers. Six 16oz, two 12oz, two 28oz, and two 38oz containers.

This bag is backed with a lifetime warranty for zippers and stitching, as long as you register within the first 30 days of your purchase. So long as you have this bad in hand, you won’t have to go shopping for your healthy meals and you have a much cheaper alternative to stay healthy on the go.

The best and worst part about this bag would be the containers. In some cases, these containers are exactly what you need to take full meals around with you along with snacks and light appetizers. They can serve a lot in one day and are not hard to clean at all. The only issue with them is that they’re flimsy. They’re the quality you would find in restaurants when you receive take-out, which isn’t quality at all.


  • 12-16 hours of cooling
  • Abundant space for your containers
  • Safe, different sized containers


  • Containers are flimsy

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7. BergKoch Glass Meal Prep Container Set

Finally, we have the BergKoch insulated thermal cooler lunch bag.

The biggest selling point, if you can believe it, is not even the lunch bag. It’s what comes with the lunch bag that makes it such a dealbreaker. These containers are not made out of plastic, but glass. They’re stronger, more durable, and practical. You won’t have them bending under the pressure of heavier foods or snapping when you try to pry the lid off.

Each container has two compartments to organize the food in. You can place dry foods on one side and soups, sauces, or salsa on the other. However you feel like organizing your food, it’s up to you. The glass is BPA-free and food safe.

The glass containers are leak-proof so anything that pops or spills inside of them stays right where it is. You won’t have the mess seeping through your bag and onto your car seat. To make sure your food is kept fresh throughout the entire day, the lids are air-tight and Snap-On for easy opening and closure.

In total there are three containers that can fit into the navy blue lunch box. They are all quality made and ready for daily use on-the-go.

Since they are glass, there is the chance of them breaking if you’re too harsh with the glass containers themselves or simply the meal prep bag while they are inside.

The bag has one large compartment for the containers along with other handy pockets on the outside for cutlery, napkins, keys, card, change, and whatever else you have to bring with you.


  • Handy pockets and large compartment space
  • Glass containers have 2 compartments and are BPA-free
  • Easy, air-tight, Snap-On lids


  • Glass containers can break if used carelessly

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Buying Guide

Best Meal Prep Bags

There’s a lot more than appearance to consider when it comes to buying a meal prep bag. Not like traditional bags, These bags were made to carry food for a long time, even a whole day. If they can’t hold your food for more than a few hours, they aren’t what you’re looking for.

They should have space, insulation, and most of all, be food safe. Comfort and containers can all come later, but how well they handle your food is a must. You don’t want to eat a sandwich that went bad during lunch or drink water just to find it hot and not refreshing at all.

There are quite a few considerations to make when it comes to your meal prep bag, these are simply a few you should look into.


Meal Prep Bags

There are three terms you’re definitely going to come by when looking for a safe lunch box or meal prep bag. These are BPA, EPA, and PEVA, which we’ll look at individually.

  • PEVA

PEVA will be a term used when discussing the interior lining of your meal prep bag. PEVA stands for polyethylene vinyl acetate. This type of vinyl is non-chlorinated, a better and safer option for your food. PEVA is basically a substitute for PVC since PVC was found to have chlorine in it. This chlorine exposure to your food can have some minor health hazards, but it is much better to avoid this chance by all means.

  • EPA

EPA is not an acronym for components, but an acronym for an agency. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) ensures that the human risk to certain environmental factors is minimized as much as possible. EPA exists for the betterment of human health and protection from pollutants on the environment. When you find a registered EPA product, it means that company in question has alerted EPA of all the possible health side effects their product may impose. EPA does not have to be in favor of this product, the certificate only indicates that they are aware of the risks.

  • BPA

BPA is an industrial chemical you can commonly find in plastic products. These plastic products are most commonly in contact with food, such as food containers and water bottles. Bisphenol A or BPA does have a history of being absorbed by drinks and foods, which can impose unhealthy effects on our body. Finding a BPA-free product is a much better idea than risking having BPA seep into your daily meals.


The insulation of your bag is without a doubt the most important component to consider. If your bag cannot keep a consistent temperature, there are going to be consequences. Think of a sandwich or a salad you might want to bring with you.

If there is no insulation to keep these cool throughout the day, then you’re going to have a hard time bringing anything along with you. The salad will wilt and the sandwich filling will go bad. If you accidentally eat these, even take a bite out of them, your stomach is going to be upset.

Always try to get a bag that comes with a warranty. Most bags that you’ll find on the market have nothing more than mere strips of foam underneath multiple layers of nylon in the inner layering. With a warranty, you can have this looked at to make sure your insulation is guaranteed to work at peak condition and you can resume using your bag.


When it comes to selecting the best meal prep bag, the definite winner is the MIER Adult Lunch Box. This box takes in the comfort you need while carrying a heavy lunch box everywhere you go.

Accessories aren’t the key selling point with this bag, but the bag itself. It doesn’t matter what containers you use or how much cutlery you have on you, so long as you have space and the cooling features to have fresh food on the go, this bag surpasses the test.

You can store both cold and hot foods in two different compartments in the bag. It’s completely PEVA lined, meaning there won’t be any leaks from the bag, nor do you have to worry about the bag not being food safe.

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