5 Best Iced Tea Makers (Reviews of 2020)

Long, hot days are hard to bear through without some cold beverage or snack at hand. With the best iced tea maker at hand, you can not only have the cold flavorful beverage you need to sustain yourself, but you can also have it in a matter of minutes.

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Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Fresh Tea Iced Tea Maker is the best product on this list of the best iced tea makers. This iced tea maker makes the most tea out of all the options. This allows you to store more at once and provide to a larger crowd at the same time.

The Mr. Coffee selection is already a well-known one for making easy to use, fast producing quality utensils. This product is no exception to these standards. This tea maker is quick and energy efficient. With the option to automatically turn off when the brew cycle is over, there’s no need for you to hover your tea while it’s being made.


The Best Iced Tea Maker on the Market 2020

1. Hamilton Beach 40911 2-Quart Electric Iced Tea Maker


This Hamilton Beach appliance is made for the sole purpose of providing you with the perfect brew in the morning right when you need it. Hot summer days and long trips can be complemented with this quick, quality solution.

This plastic pitcher can hold up to 2 quarts worth of refreshment and is slim enough to be tucked away in your refrigerator door. You can store your tea away when you’re not drinking it and then enjoy it in your time to your own pleasure.

This unit comes with an indicator light that signals when the brew is done. Once the cycle has been completed, the machine automatically turns off to save energy. You can adjust the brew strength of your tea to meet your own satisfaction.

With its quick standing performance, this tea maker can give you the cool refreshing drink you need in a matter of ten short minutes. This unit is compatible with either loose tea leaves or tea bags, whichever you prefer to use.

Unfortunately, this pitcher cannot go into the dishwasher so it’ll have to be washed by hand.

There is a questionable feature to this tea maker which would be the taste and smell that can come from the pitcher. Sometimes there’s the burning plastic smell after you’ve used the machine. Then there’s the odd plastic taste that comes from the tea sometimes. This could mean this plastic pitcher isn’t BPA-free which can be a major concern for most people.

The water reservoir for this tea maker doesn’t carry enough water to make a full pitcher’s worth of tea which is an odd inconvenience and flaw in the design. Though this prominent flaw is presented, this can be matted over nicely with the fact that this machine makes tea so quickly compared to other machines.


  • Quick performance
  • Large capacity
  • Can easily be fitted into the refrigerator and stored away


  • Plastic smell and taste in the tea occasionally
  • Water reservoir doesn’t hold enough water for a full pitcher

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2. Capresso 624.02 Ice Tea Maker


Simple and stylish are two words that apply to this iced tea maker. This tall, glass pitcher can both make and serve tea with justice. This pitcher can also go into the refrigerator with no hassle.

Making tea is as easy as pressing one button with this Capresso model tea maker. This pitcher can carry up to 2.5 quarts of iced tea maximum that you can store for later use. You can adjust the brew strength to get an either milder or stronger taste out of your tea.

This tea maker is compatible with either loose tea leaves or tea bags comes with a removable tea filter for easy clean. The water tank on this machine is removable to make filling as well as cleaning a breeze. Only the glass pitcher is dishwasher friendly. The rest of the machine, along with the filter and filter basket, have to be washed by hand.

Though this product does not come with another filter for this purpose, this machine can also be used to make iced coffee. It can be made the exact same way you would make the iced tea, though it is recommended to get another filter to make sure there’s no transfer of flavor.

There are multiple issues that come with this machine. Firstly, there’s the issue with having a big, bulky glass pitcher to carry around each time you need a cup of cold tea. This is very much prone to creating a shattering mess. Most complaints do originate from the pitchers breaking as they are fragile. Though it’s claimed that this pitcher can go into the dishwasher, it’s a better idea to not risk it if you want your pitcher to live longer.

Due to this and some issues that can arrive with the machine, this iced tea maker is known to have a short lifespan. The problems that can take place with the machine is that it leaks. From the water tank, you can experience leaks as the tea maker works.

When it works though, it works quite flawlessly and it does tend to make some great iced tea and coffee beverages.


  • Large capacity
  • Compatible with tea leaves and bags
  • Adjustable brew strength


  • Fragile glass pitcher
  • Short-lived lifespan

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3. Mr. Coffee 2-Quart Iced Tea & Iced Coffee Maker


Mr. Coffee is a great brand to look to when you’re in need of some good homemade coffee or tea in the morning. With this tea maker, you can make your tea in a matter of minutes.

This iced tea and coffee maker handles both tasks with the same amount of qualitative care. The pitcher can hold up to 2 quarts of refreshment at once and can be made from either tea bag or from loose tea leaves. Whichever taste is your preference.

The pitcher has marks to indicate where the water and ice should be placed. The steeping basket is removable and easy to clean. The pitcher itself is recommended to clean by hand since it’s not dishwasher safe.

This ice maker has a programmed cleaning cycle and will automatically shut off after it has completed making our tea or coffee. Mr. Coffee 2-Quart iced tea maker comes with a limited one year warranty.

This iced tea maker does come with the ability to adjust the strength of the brew for a milder or stronger taste.

To make this more likable, this ice tea maker requires little to no effort on your behalf and can make 2 quarts worth of tea in minutes. This cold brew doesn’t always require you to use ice, you can replace ice in this case with water.

Good is always complimented with some bad though. There are some issues with the plastic material of the pitcher. While it’s a very strong and durable pitcher that can be refrigerated, filling your pitcher to the very top does tend to make the plastic strain under the pressure. This can cause cracks to develop in your pitcher which will render it useless. This tea maker also sadly has a shorter lifespan than other tea makers.

It works excellently otherwise and can make a decent brew. This machine also doesn’t tend to make very strong brews even at the highest level of brew strength.


  • Indicators along the pitcher for where the ice and water should be
  • Quick process with little to no effort
  • Can make both coffee and tea


  • Doesn’t make very strong brew
  • Plastic pitcher is flimsy under strain

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4. Hamilton Beach 40912R Iced Coffee/Tea Maker


This iced tea maker from Hamilton Beach doesn’t stop at only tea, it comes as a two in one iced tea and coffee machine. In a mere matter of 10 minutes, you can have your iced tea or coffee ready to go. It’s a perfect amount of time for a quick start to your morning.

This model holds a maximum of 2 quarts worth of beverage. You don’t have to worry about mixing up coffee and tea filters as this machine has interchangeable coffee and tea filter baskets.

This Hamilton Beach maker can compete with both tea bags and loose tea leaves with the same rich result as one another. The base for this tea maker is both dishwasher and refigerator safe. You can prepare your tea beforehand and leave it in the fridge until you feel like having it. Once you’re done, cleaning is a breeze as this tea maker base can safely go inside the dishwasher.

The step-by-step process for this tea maker isn’t complicated at all; fill the pitcher with the required amount of ice, add in your coffee or tea bags, add in your water and then turn on the machine. With consistent results, you’ll get the tea and coffee you need every morning, afternoon, and evening.

Naturally, this tea maker pitcher comes with a lid for later use and storage purposes. Included in the purchase are some delightful recipes you can try to add more flavor to your morning with your iced tea and coffee maker.

One issue with the design of this machine would be the fact that the pitcher is made out of plastic. Granted, this plastic allows it to be cleaned inside of the dishwasher but it remains to be extremely light material that can crack after continuous use.

On the other hand though, this is an extremely simplistic design that does not require any heavy monitoring nor thorough understanding of the mechanics. It’s simple enough to use for the easiest and quickly done tea and coffee recipes.


  • Makes both coffee and tea
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Separate coffee and tea filter baskets


  • Plastic is thin and can overheat

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5. Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Fresh Tea Iced Tea Maker (Our Top Recommended)


This iced tea maker from Mr. Coffee by far holds the greatest quantity of tea in comparison to the competition. This tea maker can make up to three quarts of tea in one go!

It’s a simple enough procedure to make the tea, and it’s hassle-free. With just one push of a button, you can have your Mr. Coffee machine up and running and the tea will be ready in ten minutes.

You can place either loose tea leaves inside of this machine or tea bags and still get the righteous results you want. You also have the option of altering the strength of your brew with a slide bar option located on the front of the brewing machine. The brew basket is removable for an easy clean.

Once the Mr. Coffee ice tea maker is done with its cycle, it automatically shuts off for safety reasons and manages to save energy at the same time.

This plastic pitcher is BPA-free and is dishwasher safe. With the large amount of tea that can be made in on go, you can quench the thirst of a small party of people. The container is worth keeping an eye on since it can bend and show weakness after long periods of use and heavy amounts of tea made.

There aren’t many issues to point out with this model. There are some tiny places where you can find fault, but nothing that won’t make it last long with an even longer impression on the user. This overall is a great solution to the requirement of iced tea in a short period of time.

There are petty issues such as the fact that the white parts of the pitcher tend to stain from the tea bag or leaves. Sometimes the water in the reservoir won’t fill the pitcher up to the brim. Nevertheless, you still get a good amount of hearty iced tea. There is the possibility of making iced coffee with this machine but it doesn’t come out as well as the tea does.


  • Largest capacity
  • Quick work with consistent results
  • Automatic turn-off when the brew is done
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Small issues that can inconvenience daily use such as stains

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Buying Guide

Best Iced Tea Maker Reviews buying guide

Iced tea makers are made with the purpose of hastening the tea-making process. When it comes to making tea, there’s a lot of waiting for the water to heat up and then adding all the other ingredients to get the flavor you want.

When you have a tea maker at hand, this makes boiling water, filtering tea bags or tea leaves, and blending the flavor all in one. It can do this in a matter of minutes and it does so not for one serving but for at least one half of a liter.

You get a bulk amount of tea in one go all made to a consistent taste and style.

Electrical Tea Makers VS Manual Infusers

Electrical Tea Makers VS Manual Infusers

An electrical tea maker is a lot easier to use than a manual one. It requires less effort and therefore less attention. These kinds of tea makers work better for people who are always busy when they want a quick cup of tea at hand.

Manual tea makers give you more control over how you make your tea, so you can insert your own methods when making tea. Evidently, this takes more time than using an electrical tea maker but some people enjoy this way more.

The main difference between manual and electric tea makers are the provision of water. When using an electrical tea maker, the machine already provides you with boiling water from the reservoir. This water is poured over the tea bag or leaves and this seals the flavor into the drink. When the boiling water reaches the sweeteners, this all dissolves and blends together.

With regular manual infusers, you have to boil the water yourself or use another method to create cold tea.

Some electric tea makers can also make coffee, but to do this you’ll need another filter for the ground beans. If you risk using the same filter to make both tea and coffee there can be an overlap in taste which does not ever end well.

Additional Features

Best Iced Tea Maker Reviews additional features

When it comes to tea makers, additional features are always helpful. They make your fast procedure of brewing even quicker and more convenient.

Automatic Shut-Off

This feature is extremely handy if you don’t plan on standing around, waiting for the tea to finish. If you’re busy or attending to an awaiting crowd, you can leave the tea in the machine knowing it won’t be overheated or burning while you’re not there. It also manages to save energy instead of draining away electricity when you’re not watching.


There are some great machines that can create both iced tea and coffee. Keep in mind, though these machines can make both of these beverages, it’s always better to use different filters when doing so.

Unfortunately, not all tea makers can do both so unless it clearly says it can do so, do not attempt to do so. You risk a permanent coffee taste in all of your future teas.

Loose Leaves and Tea Bags

Tea bags and loose tea leaves eventually give you the same output, which is tea. But some people enjoy one over the other. Tea leaves give you a richer, more condensed taste while tea bags are gentler in taste and don’t come out as strong.

You want to at least make sure that your tea maker works with the type you like or both if you want to try out different recipes.

Adjustable Brewing Strength

For some people, this is an important factor. Those who enjoy diversifying the taste of their tea, adjusting the brewing strength is the first and sure-fire step to changing the taste and effect of tea step-by-step.

You can have a mild or strong preference. This adjustment changes the temperature at which it’s made, as well as the rate of water flow. Each of these factors contribute to the taste of the tea.

For different recipes, you may need milder or stronger solutions for everything to dissolve and blend properly.


Best Iced Tea Maker Reviews necessities

There are some basic necessities your tea maker needs to cover before you can believe it’s the right tea maker for you. Check all of these requirements as soon as you buy your tea maker.


The amount the pitcher can hold is a very important factor to your convenience. Having a machine that can make a large amount is a great idea. If you and another person want to have tea 2-3 times a day, a tea maker is the right solution. Cold tea can simply be put in the fridge for you to enjoy later and the more you have made, the less you’ll have to keep making more.

You also need to make sure you have space in a closet, cupboard, or pantry as well as in the fridge. When you’ve made your tea, you’re not going to keep it out to let it go bad so you need a pitcher that can snugly fit in the fridge. In colder seasons, when you don’t need to use your ice tea maker, you’ll need to be able to safely store it away where you can take it out later. So don’t go for anything too large.

Time It Takes To Brew

Quality and quantity go hand in hand.

Sure, your tea maker can make an abundance of tea in one go but the real question is; is the tea all that good? If your tea can brew in 10 minutes or less, then you know you’ve got a reliable timeframe that can complement a busy schedule.

But then you have to keep an additional eye out for the quality of the tea you’re brewing. Does it even taste like tea? Could it be better in ten minutes? Is there an odd taste that shouldn’t be there?

Ask yourself all of these questions before you jump onto the bandwagon of tea makers. There are iced tea makers that can create amazing results while not faltering one time.


Undoubtedly, Mr. Coffee reigns supreme even when you’re not making coffee. This ice maker can create up to three quarts worth of iced tea in a matter of minutes. This means not only you but your friends and family can enjoy the cold iced tea throughout the hot summer days.

To make this environmentally friendly and dishwasher safe are two big plus points. Most pitchers experience damage when they go into the dishwasher. Most people don’t enjoy the fact that they have to hover over their tea and coffee to see when it’s done. With this piece, you don’t have to worry about either.

Mr. Coffee 3-Quart Fresh Tea Iced Tea Maker comes with problems that are small enough to deal with without worry of having to throw away the whole appliance.

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