Best Granite Sealer 2019 – Which is Right for You?

Whether you’re purchasing a new house or renovating the kitchen or patio, granite makes for a great final touch in your home. To make sure this appeal stays intact, you’ll need the best granite sealer to prevent anything from harming your granite surfaces. From water, dust, and bacteria, everything should be stopped from attacking your granite.

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The best granite sealer for all of your granite surfaces is the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer. This sealer can be used on any surface that’s made out of natural stone. The Rock Doctor Granite Sealer is strong and reliable, with a long’-lasting period of one year before you have to reapply the coating.

This can be used over other surfaces such as marble and quartz, and can also work over walls, floors and outdoors. This granite sealer is water-based, meaning it has a more gentle touch on the granite. It dives in deep into the stone, building a strong, tight bond in the interior to prevent any water or oil-based element from seeping in.


Best Granite Sealer on the market 2019

1. TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector

TriNova offers customers premium grade protection from water and oil-based stains on all premium stones including marble, quartz, granite, quartzite, and soapstone. This spray is long-lasting and strong for all of your counters.

TriNova makes one layer of strong bonded sealer inside of the porous stone, then one over the stone to ensure nothing sticks and collects over the surface. This creates a great, sturdy layer of protection over granite. This also helps make sure that your countertop is glossy and smooth. This creates a great appealing look to your kitchen and it sustains the simplistic beauty of granite.

TriNova pulls off a strong, reliable job on all types of solid, natural stones. This formula has no dangerous volatile chemicals so it’s safe to use near areas that’ll be in contact with food.

This granite spray can be used on outdoor surfaces as well as indoor surfaces. There’s little to no difference though you may need to spray outdoor granite more often.

Alongside the sealer comes the handy cleaner that TriNova provides in the same purchase. They work together to help maintain the clean and beautiful look of your granite along with other natural stone material surfaces. These two pieces work great together but they don’t mingle well with other products, so it’s better to stick to one brand when you want to keep consistent quality.

For harder to reach areas, this sealer comes with an elongated tube to spray into more in-depth spots. This helps make it easier to coat hard to reach areas in the sink and around bathroom wall and floor tiles.

Some complaints towards this product would be that some products under this brand name aren’t as effective as they’re intended to be. Instead, they come out as more liquid than they should be. This doesn’t give much protection and can instead ruin your surface with dark stains and streaks.


  • Premium grade sealer spray
  • Glossy, smooth finish
  • Safe for counters contacted with food


  • Product comes out a runnier than it should

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2. Granite Gold Sealer Spray


All natural stone can be covered with the Granite Gold Sealer Spray including granite. The application for this spray is an easy spray and wipe situation, nothing else. This spray is water-based and ensures stronger protection after each and every coating.

This spray protects from staining, scratches, and any possible soil or bacteria build-up. While doing so, this spray does not inflict its own stains or streaks.

Inside of the Granite Gold Sealer Spray is a mild yet refreshing citrus scent to freshen your counter space. This spray is safe to use on surfaces that’ll come in contact with food. It protects from oil, water, coffee, wine, juices, and anything else you can spill over your counter.

Granite Gold spray is non-toxic and non-acidic. This means there is no ammonia or phosphates in this solution that can dull or break down the stone material.

Granite Gold products are easy to use and work best when used with one another. Granite Gold also offers cleansers, polishes, and sealers for granite among other surfaces. They even have additionally specialized cleaners for the floor and outdoor areas.

One questionable feature about this spray would be the required amount of layers you need to get this to work. Although it’s instructed to only apply one coating, the most common scenario is that you’ll be applying two to three layers of spray over your counter before you get a strong enough layer. Just as well, rubbing over the surface too vigorously or constantly will create streaks and in some cases remove the layer of sealer on top.

This spray is a great addition to your appliances at home for your countertops and floors along with the other products Granite Gold sells as well. Altogether they make a great set but mingling products and brands isn’t as good an idea when you have Granite Gold.


  • Non-toxic and non-acidic
  • Safe for food-contacted surfaces
  • Refreshing scent of citrus
  • No staining, scratches, or debris build-up


  • Hefty amount of layers required to protect granite surfaces

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3. Stone Care International Granite & Stone Sealer Spray


Stone Care International is a safe product that can easily be used on multiple stone surfaces. Since this spray is ammonia and phosphate free, it is safe to use over surfaces that’ll come into contact with food and other items. The sealer leaves no marks or stains over your surface and can be used safely on countertops, floors, walls, and vanities.

This spray isn’t liable to create any streaks over your surfaces when applied or wiped over. This entire bottle is capable of covering 600 square feet of surface, more than plenty for your kitchen counters.

For the best results, it’s advised to apply this sealer spray every six months. This spray works deep into the surface of the stone, creating a tight compact bond on a molecular level to create an impenetrable surface no water or oil-based elements can break through.

Though this spray has tight protection, it still allows the stone to breathe and release the necessary vapor preventing smells and bacteria from developing and cracking it from the inside.

Stone Care International Products range from cleaning, sealing, polishing, and repair and can all come in different bottle varieties. This allows you to pick and choose which bottle type is more convenient for you and what products you want to stash in your closet to maintain your stone surfaces.

The application for this spray is easy enough, and for more porous materials can be safely repeated. If you require more than one coating for your surface, each coating should have a one-hour space between one another.

A recognizable concern with this product is after continuous use, darker spots in the stone become more prominent and streaks appear over the surface. To avoid this inconvenience, try not to use this spray more than you have to and make sure you’re getting a distinct time period of six months between each application. Do not use any aggressive cleaners over the sealer coating or any abrasives.


  • Ammonia and phosphate free
  • Different bottle types and complimenting sprays for your granite sealer


  • More liability to receive dark spots and streaks on granite with repeated use

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4. The Floor Guys Granite Cleaner, Polish, Sealer Set


In this purchase, you can get both the sealer and the polish which acts as both a cleaner and polish. Together, they create a smooth, glossy surface that cannot be penetrated by water or other liquids. Your granite surfaces maintain their shiny glory for over a year. It’s recommended to apply this sealer annually. You can use the polish and cleanser whenever you get large-scale messes over stone surfaces.

The sealer prevents any water or oil based stains from draining into the stone. The Floor Guys back their product with a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee policy. Along with this, they provide customers with a free microfiber towel that is soft and delicate to the touch. This towel doesn’t damage the surface of the granite, nor does it ruin the coating of the sealer or polish.

This spray has no scent to it when used, nor does it leave a scent on your stones. The spray doesn’t leave any streaks when you wipe the towel over the surface. This is a strong spray that can coat a few counters in one go. Others will need two or more layers in order for this to work. When using this the first time, it may be expected that you need more than one coat to keep all water oil-based elements from penetrating your countertop.

One issue with this though is that it’s short-lived. The results, granted, come out very well and the countertop, floor or sinks are all shiny and water resistant, but this result doesn’t last long. Sometimes, in six months or even less, the strong protective coating comes off which means the time to put another came twice as quickly as it should have.

This isn’t a major issue since this spray nonetheless pulls a decent job, but it is a nuisance that could be avoided since other sprays can last a year and even longer.


  • Comes as a set of two
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth included
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Does not have any scent or fumes


  • Short-lived results

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5. Rock Doctor Granite Sealer (Our Top Recommended)


The Rock Doctor has the right solution to help seal all of your granite surfaces. This spray can work over granite, marble, quartz, and more natural stone surfaces. This water-based spray penetrates deep into the surface to create a tight bond with the natural stone. This layer of protection has a natural, smooth appearance that fights moisture and bacteria from seeping into your stone.

One can of Rock Doctor Granite Sealer can cover up to 100 square feet of granite surface. This sealer works wonders, but it does need more than one coat in order to do so. One coat isn’t enough to create a strong enough barrier for oils and other liquids, so using 2-3 coats to get the perfect seal is recommended.

This sealer can find its way into the toughest of spots on your kitchen counter, work around the kitchen sink, and still maintain a consistent, formidable performance. This long-lasting spray ensures the only build-up of water you get over the counter is in the form of beads.

This spray lasts long enough to protect your countertop or floor for one year or more. After this time period, you can apply another coating for another durable layer of protection.

This is only a sealer and cannot be used as a polish or a cleanser. Rock Doctor sells these products separately and when worked together, they create an admirable result.

This sealer does not contain any putrid fumes or odors, nor does it leave any smell behind once you’ve applied it over your granite surface. This water-based spray is gentle on your granite surfaces while still performing long enough to sustain not only the water-proof and stain-free surface, but a clean, glossy look over all of your surfaces.

This sealer is a great solution for a long-term sealer for not only granite but all of your natural stone surfaces, keeping them clean and beautiful.


  • Can be used on more than just granite
  • No odor during or after use
  • Fast strong and long-lasting performance


  • Requires heavy amounts of coats to work properly

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Buying Guide

Best Granite Sealer buying guide

Before you go out to buy a granite sealer, it’s important to be aware that a granite polish, cleaner, and sealer are all different products with very different functions.

A polish is the final touch over your stone surface to make it really stand out, reflect light and catch attention with its everlasting shiny appearance. This cannot seal the stone nor can it clean the stone. It’s best to use a polish after you have cleaned the surface.

A cleaner helps removes tough stains and water marks from the surface of the stone to regain the original, alluring presentation. This cannot prevent further stains from happening.

A sealer is a product that protects your stone from any possible damage.

Types of Granite Sealers

Best Granite Sealer types

There are two types of granite sealers you can come across. The first is a water-based sealer while the second is a solvent or oil-based sealer.

Solvent-based sealers are known to be stronger than water-based sealers as they can deeply penetrate the surface of the stone. They can also create a tight protective layer underneath the surface of the stone as well as over the surface.

While water-based sealers can do this as well, they cannot perform to the level solvent-based can. Solvent-based sealers also tend to protect against scratches and etchings much better than water-based sealants can.  This makes solvent-based sealers appear to be the winners in this case, but there are drawbacks.

Water-based sealers don’t come with a smell while solvent-based sealers do. This can make water-based sealers a better option for those who have allergies to odors or simply get irritated by the lingering scent.

Water-based sealers are also a much gentler option as they don’t pose the risk of decoloring your granite surface. Since solvent-based material has a higher potency of chemicals, streaking, staining, and discoloration are all more likely scenarios.

Water-based sealants are simpler to use, and easier to apply. They don’t strike as hard and as fast as solvent-based sealers do but they are friendlier to the stone and they don’t pose any health insecurities when applied onto kitchen counters.

In the end, it’s a matter of preference on which one suits you more and works better over your surface, but they do pose different outcomes on different materials.

Which Sealer Is Right For Your Granite?

Best Granite Sealer right for you

Not all stones are the same. In fact, even if you look at two stones that are identified as the same type, they most certainly will not have the exact same molecular structure. The diversity of stones can make one block of granite more porous than another, though they are identified as the same stone. Look at the following factors before you decide:

  • Granite Porosity

Granite is a much more porous stone in comparison to others which means it’s going to require a much stronger sealer to ensure nothing seeps through into the stone’s structure.

When choosing a sealer, customers often cannot find a sealant strong enough for their granite. The first instinct would be to blame the brand product you purchased, but this isn’t always the case. You could have a very strong sealant at hand, but simply a much more porous granite to seal.

It’s a great idea to consult with a professional who can tell you exactly how porous your stone is in order for you to figure out how many layers of sealant you’re going to need before you get the right protection.

  • Granite Color

Darker granites are less porous and have less chance of being stained. Lighter granites are at the disadvantage of being stained more easily. When it comes to lighter granites, there is also a greater chance of discoloration.

If you have granite with lighter and darker spots, a sealant too strong in pH chemicals does pose the risk of damaging and discoloring your surface. The dark spots can get darker and the light spots can alter in color. This can ruin the appearance of your granite.

It’s always better to try out your sealant on a small unnoticed spot on your surface before you apply it over the entire countertop. This way, you’ll be able to determine if you get a reaction from your sealant.

How often should you reapply your granite sealer?

how often Best Granite Sealer

Reapplying granite sealer at correct intervals will protect the granite from stains and other damage and add to its longevity. Common variables that determine reapplication include:

  • The quality and type of cleaner used. Sealers that feature some kind of advanced chemical technology will form a more permanent bond on the granite.
  • The color of the granite also affects the frequency of sealing, with dark colored, high-density granite needing fewer reapplications than lighter varieties.
  • Absorption rate of the stone surface. Once again, porosity factors in as sealers that seep into the stone will break down over time. It is much more cost effective to reseal the granite timely instead of trying to restore the stone.
  • Products used to clean the countertops. Harsh cleaning products will mar the performance of the sealer.

Experts recommend sealing granite countertops at least once yearly. If your countertops get used daily and endure more usage, you may need to do so even more often.

Once you’ve applied the sealant the first time, the next times you apply it shouldn’t require as many layers. Applications should have a six month break in them although some brands claim that their sealant lasts one year before the next application is required.

To test this, you can sprinkle some water over your counter. If the water beads up as it has nowhere to go, then rest assured your sealant layer is standing strong and you don’t need another layer. If the water seeps into the stone and creates a stain, then it’s time for another application.


Rock Doctor Gives the solution to stopping water and other liquids from seeping into your stone surfaces. It can also stop dust and germs from developing inside and over the stone.

Though this spray is targeted to granite, it can also be used over other natural stone surfaces. This is a great solution if your countertops are made out of granite and you need to work over them often. With other products, you bear the risk of stains, streaks and in some cases, wiping the coating away.

With the Rock Doctor, once the coating has been applied it intends to stay and keep anything from damaging your stone surfaces, let those be on the wall, floor, or countertop.

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