5 Best Camping Coffee Makers (Review of 2020)

If you have any upcoming camping adventures planned out, we doubt you would like to head out without some coffee to keep you company.

The sensation of comfort that falls over you while you build the campfire on an astounding morning while sipping coffee is definitely too great to miss.

So, here five best camping coffee makers for you.

The best camping coffee makers reviews of 2019

Now that you have an idea what you’re looking for, here is our list of 2018's top coffee makers for outdoors:

1. Farberware Coffee Percolator (Our Top Recommended)

Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator - 8 Cup, Silver

This percolator takes you back to the 50’s with its very groovy design.

Die-hard coffee enthusiasts would be glad to know that the Farberware Yosemite Coffee Percolator manages to fulfill its quality and efficiency requirements while still giving you a traditional vibe. 

You can conveniently make some good-tasting coffee using the machine without needing to worry about the use of any coffee filters.

This machine provides you with an eight-cup serving capacity which is great for a large group of coffee lovers on any group camping trips.

You can regulate the percolation at each time interval using the transparent plastic cap, and the insulated handle prevents you from burning your hand while pouring coffee. 

Cleanup and control are also convenient, you just have to clean the model by hand and voila!

For a retro coffee percolator fan, the Farberware Yosemite is the ideal coffee solution.

This is a nostalgia trip that you can carry around with you during your camping adventures for a great cup of coffee for plenty of people.

What I Like

  • Unique ’50s design
  • It is safe for dishwashing
  • No need to use coffee filters
  • check
    The transparent plastic cap makes percolation control easy

What I Didn't Like

  • Stainless steel has to be cleaned frequently to avoid marks and fingerprints

2. Coleman Camping Coffeemaker

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

The Coleman Coffeemaker is built to be used on any Coleman double- or triple-burner stove for camping.

Actually, they manage to work on most stove burners easily, unless the heat levels are too extreme.

If you overlook its power supply, you can look at this coffee maker as a regular drip machine.

It uses a solid steel construction for its base, where the fire warms the liquid in the container, a filtration basket that is removable, and also a decanter which is drip-resistant. 

The machine has a regular paper filter for the basket, although you can make use of a permanent one if you'd like.

Ideally, brands like Coleman are well-known for their high quality, so you don’t have to worry about compromises in quality even with Chinese manufacturing.

The Chinese factories have stringent policies and regulations for the best production.

In fact, the decanter is made in Germany for the highest quality in design. This manufacturing background makes the product quite reliable.

While the machine itself does have some plastic components, be comforted by the fact that all the areas that are meant to be exposed to open flames are made using steel.

If you enjoy camping and coffee that has no grounds while you drink, then the Coleman Coffeemaker is a great choice.

What I Like

  • Easy to store
  • Provides 10 six-ounce cups
  • Brewing takes 10-15 minutes
  • check
    No grounds in the coffee

What I Didn't Like

  • No monitoring system to prevent overflow
  • Coffee doesn’t stay warm for long outdoors

3. Litchi Mini Portable Espresso Machine

Portable Hand Held Espresso Maker, Mini Hand Operated Coffee Machine, No Battery, No Electric Power, Coffee Maker for Outdoor, Camping, Travel by Litchi

The Litchi Portable Espresso Machine is well-known for its ease of use during outdoor adventures.

You just add hot water into the liquid compartment and fill the secondary compartment using grounds of coffee to get a steaming cup of espresso.

The machine is compact enough to fit conveniently in your camping bag while taking over very little space.

You can carry it around with you like a tiny water bottle that allows you to carry it wherever you go.

Since there are no temperature components or other parts that work on power, you don't need to rely on batteries. You just have to pump it to get your coffee cup.

The machine uses plantar pressure to effectively strain and drain your espresso with no coffee grounds left in your cup.

This high pressure also gives the espresso its strength. The machine can conveniently be cleaned by hand. You don’t need to get any special equipment for cleanup.

This makes it perfect for any road trips where water cannot be sourced easily. All you need is some flowing water, and the machine is spotless.

Overall, the Litchi Mini Portable Espresso machine is a versatile coffee solution you can find out on the market.

You should consider this as a camping must-have since it offers all the qualities of a good coffee maker in an ideal price range.

What I Like

  • Can be carried around for outdoor activities
  • Uses around 8 bars of pressure for extraction and brewing
  • Provides 80 ml of espresso plus crema

What I Didn't Like

  • Not good for instant coffee brewing

4. Texsport Aluminum Percolator

Texsport Aluminum 20 Cup Percolator Coffee Maker for Outdoor Camping

The Texsport Aluminum Percolator if unique since it provides 20 cups of espresso with each use. This will provide you with a large coffee capacity for any coffee lovers camping with you.

This also makes it easier for you to make plenty of coffee that can last you a whole day so long as you manage to maintain its warmth throughout the day.

The sides and top of the machine are designed using hard anodized substances.

This especially great for people who go on trough camping trips and are looking for strong durable coffee pot options that can resist scratches or damages during use.

Also, this machine provides you with the benefit of easy precision pouring with its well-designed pour spout with the ideal shape to funnel out great tasting coffee into your cups, without the need of any knobs that make pouring even more difficult.

Finally, the Texsport Aluminum Percolator is a great option for fast brewing.

As the machine is an aluminum model designed for camping, you can see that it is able to warm up quite rapidly which will make brewing simpler and faster for a quick cup of coffee before you start the day.

What I Like

  • Waiting time is only a few minutes
  • Provides 20 cups of coffee
  • Basket and stem are provided

What I Didn't Like

  • Poor design

5. Pressopump KOHIPRESS Coffee Maker

KOHIPRESS The Original Portable French Press Coffee Maker | Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug | Premium Stainless Steel | Hot and Cold Brew (12 oz) | Great for Commuter, Camping, Outdoors and Office (Black)

The Pressopump KOHIPRESS French press uses a pressurized press that lets users brew a strong cup of coffee while camping.

It uses thin stainless steel to make a reusable mesh, as well as a double wall with a vacuum to better insulate the container for a hot brew that lasts a long time.

The machine uses a leak-proof design for every camper and traveler's needs.

It is very simple to clean the pot since it uses a patented self-lock system that locks away coffee grounds from the coffee after its brewed. 

All you have to do is wash the plunger and the container using running water.

The machine is quite easy to use since you just have to take out the plunger and fill the container with three to four tablespoons coffee and add water to finish the short brewing process that only takes 3 minutes.

Then, push down on the lid to get some good coffee during your camping days.

What I Like

  • Pressurized press for better extraction
  • Double-walled vacuum as an insulation barrier
  • Brewing takes 3 minutes

What I Didn't Like

  • Small opening

How to choose the best camping coffee maker?

Here are some imperative questions to consider when trying to get the right camping coffee makers:

1. Is flavor a major concern?

If you’re particular about coffee flavors, then it is important for you to learn how to best make coffee with the coffee maker you choose.

Knowing the right recipe and getting the right machine before you go camping means you'll more likely have better-tasting coffee during your adventures.

2. How many people do you plan on serving while camping?

Is your camping coffee maker needed for an individual backpacking adventure or do you like to camp with different people?

It’s better for you to get a coffee maker with a large serving capacity in case you plan on traveling with family and friends so that you can easily serve everyone without having every person bring their own individual brewer.

3. Do you want an easy brewing experience while camping?

Focusing on what components you will have to focus, how simple the brewing method is, whether you’ll need any other filters or accessories, and how easy cleaning the machine will play a major role in the satisfaction level while camping.

Choose machine models that provide easy usage and cleanup.

4. Is the design lightweight, compact and portable?

If you want a brewing machine for backpacking or difficult hiking activities, make sure to focus on the design of the coffee machine.

It should be easy to carry around, store and set up at a moment's notice during any camping situation.

What are the types of camping coffee makers?

Before you decide to get a camping coffee maker, you need to know the different types of coffee machine to see which one works best for outdoors:

1. Percolators

Percolators are traditional brewers used while camping.

Generally, a percolator looks like a metal pot that has a basket internally that you can fill with coffee grounds. 

This pot is put on the burner and, while the water boils from underneath, it rises up past the grinds and into the transparent glass knobs.

When percolation begins, if you are particular about flavor, you can start timing the process. 

Brewing needs around five minutes to give you that strong flavor. Any longer or shorter and you will likely ruin the flavor of your brew.

2. French Press

A French press is pretty simple to use, although cleanup is definitely annoying.

You brew a cup by putting coffee in the bottom of the jug, putting in water, and allowing it to steep.

Once you want to drink, press down the screen to fix the coffee to the bottom and get yourself a cup.

This machine gives a dark flavor that many people seem to enjoy.

3. Pour-Over Style Drip

The pour-over drip is an easy but sophisticated way of brewing a good cup of coffee.

True coffee enthusiasts have specific techniques for brewing, including grinding by hand, figuring out the temperature of the brew using a thermometer, and deciding how long the coffee sits in the water.

For people who aren’t really that crazy about technique, the pour-over manages to give adequate coffee.

Since the machine just needs a cone and coffee filter, it is great for portability.

4. Espresso Makers

Espresso machines have been used for decades so it's no wonder they’re so popular.

Some models like the AeroPress acts as a mix of an espresso and pour-over machine, while other devices out there can build plenty of internal pressure so you get a great deal of crema.

All these devices are for coffee enthusiasts that want a kick from their morning cup of Joe, even though the brewing method is a bit more difficult.

5. The AeroPress

An AeroPress usually gets categorized with other espresso machines.

Though it can make a very strong brew and sometimes a small amount of crema, the machine’s actually more like a hybrid with its own separate class.

With one part as French press, and the other part as pour-over, the AeroPress manages to pay homage to all these styles.

There are two specific techniques for brewing with an AeroPress.

These are standard and inverted, and most coffee enthusiast like the inverted technique.

6. Instant

For people who tend to prioritize flavor, this isn't exactly the best choice.

However, for anyone who wants the lightweight choice, this is the machine for you.

Instant coffee does not need brewing machine and only requires a cup and some water so you get an easy coffee option.

The drawback is that the coffee doesn't taste as nice as a fresh coffee cup. Can't even compare, actually.

That said, for a camper, this could be an ideal solution.

7. Gas Grill Coffee Maker

Generally, these are kettles surprisingly like the containers that you have in your home kitchens, except they utilize a gas grill or things like fuel cans to work.

You manage to get the benefit of a full pot the same as if you made the coffee at home.

These models are heavy and pretty costly, but they manage to brew conveniently for lots of people so you get the advantage of an at-home coffee machine while camping.


Hopefully, you're now well-informed about the types of coffee makers best suited for camping.

With our list of best camping coffee makers, you should be able to pick one that works best for you. With that being said, our winner for in this regard is the Farberware Coffee Percolator!

The machine provides 10 cups of delicious coffee so you get the benefit of both a large serving size as well as great coffee flavor.

The machine's clear plastic design and zero reliance on coffee filters also make the product quite easy to use for outdoor needs. 

Furthermore, the lightweight build and construction give you a clear winner!

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