Best Boat Grill of 2020 – Top Portable Gas Grill for Your Pontoon

Out on the open water is the perfect place to make refreshing memories and relish what the summer truly has to offer.

While doing so, one thing that’ll add more flavor to your vacation is taking along the best boat grill so you’re not limited to enjoying the perfect lunch on land. Carry one of these grills on your boat to make your cruise tastier.

Our Top Recommended

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200

Why We Love It

The best boat grill doesn’t have to be limited to working over boats only. Char-Broil makes for a great portable gas grill for any scenery due to its hardy build. This grill has fixed feet to keep it standing and a duo-lid lock for a stronger hold while you’re traveling.

This grill uses infrared heat, providing you with a more energy efficient grilling method. This is perhaps the grill’s biggest point as infrared heat traps all of the juices in the meat while still cooking them to perfection. With infrared heat, there’s a mini scale chance of ever experiencing a flare-up and all the heat is evenly distributed.

Best Boat Grill of 2020

1. Magma Cabo Grill Adventurer Marine Series

Magma provides you with a mountable, marine-grade, mirror stainless steel grill for your outdoor needs. The mount doesn’t come with the purchase though and has to be bought separately. It uses propane as fuel, which once again, is not included in the primary purchase.

Magma provides users with a working 162 square inches for grilling. It also has the option to stand on its foldable feet if you’re not up for mounting it on a railing. The lid of this grill can lock over for a more secure clasp during carriage.

This grill has a ‘stay cool’ heat-resistant handle for easier carriage even after you’ve used the grill. It has a snap-out radiant plate for an easy clean after use. The radiant plate evenly distributes the heat over the surface so your meat gets the proper amount to cook inside and out. The grease tray can be pulled out from either side of the grill for when you need to clean it.

This piece can be mounted, but the mount comes with a separate purchase. When you’re not placing it over a railing, you can use the foldable feet this grill has underneath. This particular model is an electric one, indicating that the grill requires a power source for ignition. This may create a greater problem than it does a convenience. The issue that arises with this is that on some boats, the outlets don’t work and the grill doesn’t start, or it doesn’t accumulate a decent amount of heat.

This issue can be solved by simply using a lighter to spark the flame, but it is an inconvenience that customers don’t approve of. They paid for an electric grill and didn’t receive what they wanted.

Overall, this model by Magma is a good fit for boaters who don’t want to substitute quality for cost.


  • The lid can lock over
  • Foldable legs as well as a mount
  • Stay cool handle
  • Snap-out radiant plate


  • Power source sometimes doesn’t compute with the grill

2. Magma Products Marine Kettle Charcoal Grill

Take the smoky tender flavor of charcoal with you on your voyage with the Magma Marine Kettle Charcoal Grill. The taste comes as a bonus with this delightful grill. This piece is durable and easy to clean with an entirely stainless steel body. It also proves resilient against rust which can be an issue when taking grills on the water.

The handle on this spherical grill is heat-resistant, maintaining a cooler temperature than the body so you may open and close the lid without burning yourself. The lid is hinged tightly onto the body so the lid doesn’t come crashing down against the wind. You can pull down the lid for a more baked style to your meat and other food items. On a lower temperature, this style can still hold the juice as well as the taste of charcoal.

With the right amount, this grill’s height can be adjusted to greater convenience you while you’re working. There are a variety of mounts that can work with Magma products, but they’re all sold separately from the primary purchase of the grill itself. The design of the grill allows it to rotate while you work over it. This can help you block out the wind, prevent it from lowing out your flame. The lid can also swivel independently around to act as a shield. This grill gives you 133 square inches of working space to use.

For your charcoal to remain burning, it’s placed inside of an enclosed space along with a sealed ash compartment for all of the remains. This makes cleaning up much easier than fishing out all the gunk through the grill.

One issue customers have experienced with this grill though isn’t from the performance of the grill itself. The most common complaint issues with missing pieces when the shipment arrives. Charcoal grills are more foolproof than having to experiment with propane and electric grills. The only issue arises when some smaller pieces of the grill aren’t sent along, therefore resulting in a useless stainless steel paperweight.


  • Charcoal taste in the grill
  • Rotating body and lid
  • Adjustable height


  • Issues with the shipment of product

3. Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill (2th Pick)

Another grill from the line of Magma, this grill works with standard 1lb propane tanks. The grill also comes with a hefty stainless steel body with an aluminum lid for resilience against smoke, steam, and rust.

Once more, this grill comes with a lid hinged onto the body of the grill. This lid doesn’t slam against the wind thanks to this placement and instead acts as a windshield while you’re using the unit. The handle on this piece is also heat-resistant, staying cool for when you need to open and close the lid.

This model comes with a grease catch pan rather than a sealed ash compartment since you’re dealing with propane gas, not charcoal. The grill quickly accumulates the required temperature and distributes it over the surface evenly. This ensures nothing is left uncooked even when you’re not working directly over the grill.

The disassembly of the grill is easy and tool-free, so it doesn’t prove inconvenient or a hassle when dinner and the cruise are over. Once again, this piece works with a large variety of mounts, only they’re all sold separately from the grill.

Overall, this product does a job almost all well as the charcoal marine kettle but does collect some complaints different from it. Multiple customers have complained that the material for the grill itself is quite flimsy. Even before using it, some customers felt uncomfortable with the feel of the thin material and others have had it burn slightly in the interior while using it.

There’s also some ruckus about the flame coming out as uneven. Some spots on the grill won’t heat up as much as the front and middle which can prove inconvenient when cooking more than one item on the surface.

Other than these issues, this grill strongly withstands the force of wind when the boat is on the move. It maintains its position orderly and doesn’t fall around when on the mount. It’s an overall good boat grill.


  • Rust-resistant construction
  • Removable grease catch pan
  • Quick heat accumulation


  • Thin, flimsy material can burn through
  • Heat comes out unevenly

4. Camco Olympian 5500 Stainless Steel Portable Gas Grill

This grill suffices as a wonderful option for a mountable grill. Camco’s grill uses propane as its primary fuel source. Since the grill is made to fit over an RV it’s capable of connecting to the RV directly. With a separate purchase though, you can get a nozzle that’s competent with propane tanks. The mount can also go over railings such as those on the boat, so you can rest assured this grill doesn’t only satisfy on land.

If you’re not up to mounting your grill, this model also has foldable feet to act as a stand on a flat surface. It’s made entirely out of stainless steel for a stronger, longer, more durable lifespan. It also comes covered with a one year warranty in case of any issues that occur while you’re using it.

Upon delivery, there’s no assembly required on your behalf, you only have to mount the grill and get ready to cook. It comes with a removable grease tray for a cleaner performance and easier clean when you’re wrapping up the fun. This model isn’t liable to flare-ups as some others may be prone to. This makes it a safer option to have around more people and machinery. This unit has an electric ignition for a quick start-up.

The Camco grill is great for on the go work anywhere, whether you’re going out for a camping trip or out on the water for a stimulating day out. It offers you 180 square inches of working space alongside a burner that can accumulate 12,000-BTUs of heat for a strong-standing performance.

The most common complaint about this product though would be directed towards the heat. It’s common for customers to report that the heat doesn’t go down past a certain point or it refuses to escalate past another. For some, the grill worked completely fine for a while and then developed the issue, while others have dealt with the inconsistent temperature regulation as soon as they purchased the grill.


  • Comes with a mount for railings and foldable feet for flat surfaces
  • Removable grease tray
  • No assembly required upon delivery


  • The additional nozzle must be purchased to use this grill with a propane tank
  • Temperature regulation isn’t efficient in some grills

5. Coleman Camp Propane Grill

Coleman gives you a nifty solution to your portable demands with their propane grill. This versatile grill can find itself working on land and over the water wherever you need it to be.

It offers you a working space of 180 square inches powered by the heat of an acquiring 11,000-BTU. This power flies over the surface of the grill, covering all your food swiftly.

This Coleman model has two side tables that can also behave as windshields to prevent your flame from blowing out. The grill uses PerfectHeat technology that helps even out the heat regulation on the surface. All of your food receives the desired amount of heat for a proper grill and is finished quickly. This technology skillfully divides and charges the heat while saving your propane. The results from this grill are steady and consistent for are more pleasing use each time.

This unit is built slim for easier, more compact storage and quicker carriage when you need to take it with you. It can also be carried with its sturdy heat-resistant handle. The grill is porcelain coated for an easy-sweep clean and has a removable grease tray that’ll hold your debris to deal with later when you’re done working.

The only issue multiple customers have had with this product is the material. The material isn’t flimsy on first glance, but it does tend to heat up quicker than it should. Regardless, it pulls off a decent performance while you’re using it, but heat is an issue with this grill.

From a Coleman grill though, people were disappointed with this factor heavily and they also didn’t enjoy the flimsiness of the sliding tables and windshields. Though there are positive additions to the grill and some customers did comment that they worked fine, others found that they were either collapsing against the wind or falling off entirely.


  • Side tables that can behave as windshields
  • PerfectHeat Technology helps regulate heat and save propane
  • Porcelain coated for an easier clean
  • Removable grease tray


  • The material is not heat-resistant

6. Kuuma Stow and Go 160 Propane Grill

Kuuma brings one of their own products to this list; Stow and Go. As the name says, this grill uses propane and is compatible with standard 1lb disposable bottles. These bottles have to be bought separately.

This grill is made entirely out of stainless steel for a rust resistant, long-lasting lifespan. It has a removable grease tray to clean up the mess while you’re working and makes your job easier once the work is done. When the grill comes, there’s no assembly required to get it ready. This model is compatible with a mount, but it comes in a separate purchase, not with the grill itself.

The Kuuma grill offers you a space of 160 square inches for working. This space is fueled with a 13,000-BTU burner for a fast-paced job.

Though these were not complaints, they are some things that this grill lacks in comparison to the other listed grills. This grill doesn’t come with ignition so you have to use a lighter or matches to start your flame. It also doesn’t come with a temperature gauge, meaning that you’ll have to monitor the heat on your own. Without these aspects, it can become harder to use this grill. Granted they aren’t mandatory requirements for a functioning grill, but they are convenient and make the job easier.

When it comes to actual complaints, customers have had many issues with the shipment of this product. Some complain that they didn’t receive the entire grill while others have had issues with getting the wrong product. While some customers didn’t have issues with the shipment, they did encounter a very unwilling customer service which didn’t satisfy. Customers were left fixing issues on their own or abandoning the grill entirely.


  • Rust-resistant, stainless steel construction
  • Removable grease tray
  • No assembly required on shipment


  • Issues during shipment
  • Customer service not accommodating

7. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill (Our Top Recommended)

Travel light, compact and efficiently when you carry Char-Broil on you for all of your on land and overseas adventures. This grill has a rugged build that can withstand a little tossing and turning during the cruise. Once it gets to work, you have the delightful, savory and juicy taste of barbeque laid out at your fingertips.

Char-Broil’s Grill2Go uses TRU-infrared ray for their grill, which entraps the juicy tender flavor of meat much more efficiently.  Infrared rays use less fuel and reach hotter temperatures quicker. Infrared rays also have a wider range of temperatures to which it can reach from simmer to sear, so your grill is capable of cooking more types of food to perfection.

Infrared cooking is free of any flare-ups for a safer, easier grill with each use. The grill heats up evenly with infrared rays, removing the chance of colder spots while grilling. All your food gets the right amount of warm-up it needs.

This grill has a push-button ignition for an easy start-up each time. You have 200 square inches of space to grill along with a 9,500-BTU burner to help hasten the job.

This Char-Broil model is built with heavy-duty stainless steel and an aluminum lid coupled with two locks on the side to keep the grill closed during carriage. The handles are heat-resistant so you don’t have to risk burning your hand when picking up the grill. There is a mounted temperature gauge on top of the lid, enabling you to keep an eye on the heat while the lid is down.

One complaint about this grill is that the temperature is generally hot. When it comes to grilling on low heat, the grill proves to not reach a heat low enough to compliment the meat. This issue has been solved by some customers by raising the grate or by purchasing a new regulator. These are great solutions, only they can come with an added, and unnecessary expense for the users.

This grill is overall great since it’s a versatile build that can be used almost anywhere and is robust enough to handle rugged travels. It has a sturdy body with locks on the lid for further support. The heat-up is quick and this grill can overall handle a diverse group of dishes meticulously.


  • Robust compact build
  • Infrared rays for heat
  • The vast amount of space
  • Heat-resistant handles and temperature gauge


  • Sometimes may not yield a low enough heat

Buying Guide

Also known as a marine grill, a boat grill is exactly what its name suggests. It is a grill that is best suited to take along on the water and comes with features that are compatible with the marine environment. This means taking into consideration factors such as construction, durability, anti-corrosive properties, and an efficient mounting system to name a few.

To help you make an informed decision about getting the right grill for your boat, here are some things to keep in mind:

What to Look For In a Good Boat Grill

For a boat grill to last you a long time, you need to make sure it is a durable unit that resists rust and decay. Ideally, it should be a detachable model that mounts and removes easily and is convenient to use when onboard.


With the grill spending a lot of the time on the water, it becomes imperative that it is built to last with rust-resistant materials. Chances are that the boat will be in different weather conditions when you use the grill, so it should be able to withstand these varying conditions.

Most marine grills recommended by experts are manufactured using high-quality stainless steel. This construction ensures that the unit stays protected against the elements while still delivering on the promised performance.

While cooking on stainless steel may mean that you don’t get the high heat of cast iron, you do gain some of that back with heat retention. Plus, stainless steel is much more durable, resilient and fairly low maintenance as compared to other materials whereas cast iron is fairly corrosive.

Quality marine grills will also feature a doubler liner stainless steel housing located on the inside of the shell. This helps protect the unit against any grease leaks or discoloration. The housing also offers the added benefit of keeping the outside cool and makes the grill more appropriate for use in salt water surroundings.

Fuel Type

Most boating and fishing enthusiasts opt for propane-powered grills given their ease of use and superior temperature regulation. Besides, there are more options available with this fuel source.

Propane powered grills are also favored for use on a boat as they are able to deliver heat more consistently as opposed to their charcoal counterparts. This gives the chef more control over temperature settings. Some models attach to both small and full-sized propane tanks so you have the choice of getting what’s right for you.

Despite the benefits of a propane grill, charcoal may still be a favorite with people if they prefer taste over the convenience of easy operation and clean up. But if you can’t seem to decide between the two fuel types, then just keep in mind that you can always opt for combo or hybrid portable grills which give users the options of using two fuel types instead of one.

A different option other than gas and charcoal is a technology called infrared. These grills use a mechanism rather similar to how a microwave works. The grill works by transferring heat to the food’s surface searing it well on the outside while keeping it moist inside. The result is food cooked to perfection in only a matter of minutes.

The other obvious benefits of infrared technology include excellent temperature regulation and the ability to withstand windy or turbulent conditions well.

If you want to explore more flameless options, then electric grills are another way to go. Available in compact, portable sizes, the electric grill is also a good option for temperature regulation and has no problems holding its own in windy conditions. However, it does not offer the same authenticity of flavor that gas or charcoal grills promise. These grills use electricity as their heat source so make sure that your onboard generator is large enough to accommodate the grill and other items you may be using.

Since the boat will be out in the open, it is very possible to encounter windy conditions. For this reason specifically, you need to ensure that your grill comes with a strong and effective ignition. A good ignition will fire up every time and in the case of gas grills, won’t burn a huge amount of propane.

Mounting Options

Some boat grills will come with all mounting components included with the purchase. For others, however, you may need to purchase these separately.

In either case, look for a grill that is easy to mount and unmount when not in use. There are individual railing bracket systems available that will attach the grill easily to any part of the boat. For many models, the pushpit or rail work well to mount the grill while keeping it safely out of the way yet within easy access of the chef.

If the grill itself doesn’t come with mounting options, then you could go for a model that is pluggable into deck sockets or rod holders on the boat. Many rod holder mounts are height adjustable and rest at an angle to yield the perfect grill mount.

A clever way to mount the grill is over the water. That way, food drippings end up landing in the water instead of on the boat, saving you the trouble of cleaning up later on.

If mounting seems too bothersome a task, then you could also go with grills that require no mounting whatsoever. These grills are usually tabletop models that can be placed in any corner or flat surface on the boat. If you want to take the grill with you when you get off the boat, then this grill type will be your best choice.

Boat Grill Maintenance

For maximum longevity, boat grills need more maintenance than others placed in the backyard or the patio. This becomes especially important if you work with your grill a lot onboard salt water. Prolonged exposure to salt can be damaging to the grill’s outer protective layer if it’s left attached to the boat for long periods. The grill can corrode and rust faster than usual so make it a point to wash it with soap water and soft cloth after every use.

It’s also a good idea to use a cover for the grill when not in use.

Just like the exterior, the interior of a boat grill also demands attention. Experts recommend removing any lingering residue and emptying the grease tray after every use. Cast the grill grates with cooking oil every time you are going to grill, to keep food pieces from sticking so that it’s quicker to clean once the grilling is done. It’s best to work with a wire brush for cleaning the surface while still warm for easy removal of food particles.

Any electrical components of the grill should also be kept free of debris and grease to keep them working well.


As a final decision, Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 tops the list thanks to its versatility. This grill is by far the sturdiest of all those listed here, with a strong build that keeps it standing and fights off heat on a professional grade.

Char-Broil also focuses on making your experience with their product easier by providing a push button ignition and lid locks to ensure your grill doesn’t open during carriage. This grill is lightweight to carry around and easy to assemble when you need to use it. Unfortunately, this grill does not come with a mount for boat railings.

Char-Broil is not only the best boat grill, but also a great choice for all other travels when you need to bring along reliable grill.

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