Behmor 1600 Plus Review – Can It Roast Beans Perfectly?

It doesn't matter whether you prefer light, medium, or dark; coarsely ground, medium, or fine, this machine handles it all! 

If you're searching for an easy-to-use coffee roasting machine that gives you a perfect cup each time, let the Behmor 1600 Plus review guide your decision.

Behmor 1600 Plus review - At A Glance

The Behmor 1600 Plus is one of a kind - and in a good way. This powerful coffee roaster has a dazzling array of custom roast settings with its myriad of buttons that can create even the most specific and particular roast.

  • Custom settings let you specify whether you want an Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, or just a regular cup of coffee
  • The coffee roaster can roast up to one pound of coffee at a time, which beats any other coffee maker on the market!
  • This machine features adjustable, real-time controls for optimal roasting
  • A highly visible and easy-to-read display screen that even illuminates for optimal visibility
  • A high-tech fan separates the chaff from the coffee beans and disposes it in the chaff tray
  • The coffee can be expertly made with the help of 5 programmable and custom settings. The manual roasting setting provides even more custom roast options
  • In comparison to other coffee roasters on the market, it produces much less smoke during the process of roasting coffee (1)
  • When you order the Behmor 1600 Plus, you'll get a complimentary eight-pound sampler of green coffee beans from eight different origin locations
  • The sample beans even let you choose between regular coffee and an espresso coffee when you place your order
  • Regular coffees are best for traditional brews, while espresso beans are noticeably darker and specifically designed for making espresso
  • The espresso blend packages mix things up by creating some single origin beans and some mixed origin blends
  • In case something goes wrong with the coffee roaster, an automatic troubleshooting mechanism helps diagnose problems quickly so that they can be fixed as soon as possible
Behmor 5400 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster

To ensure you get the right cup of coffee each time, the Behmor 1600 Plus comes with some customized controls. One is that there is a variable speed setting that ensures the roasting drum rotates evenly to create a uniformly roasted batch each time.

When you're done, the roasting machine has an efficient cooling system that allows it to cool off rapidly. Cleanup is further expedited with the easily removable drum and chaff tray, which you can virtually pry away from the machine to wash and dry the parts even before you leave for the day.

If you plan to purchase and send the coffee roaster as a gift, you can rest assured that you have the option of having it beautifully pre-wrapped and professionally boxed before it's shipped from the manufacturer or seller.

Dimensions and Specs

Thanks to the roaster's lighted interior, you can see exactly what you're doing, even when it's otherwise dark out or if your vision isn't the best. With the bright interior light, you can see what settings you're pressing, and you can keep an eye on the roasting process each step of the way (2).

In total, the Behmor 1600 Plus has a dimension of 17” x 12” x 10.25 inches. It weighs a total of 22.4 pounds, and it has a total shipping weight of about 24 pounds. This means that it is light enough to move around the kitchen, dining room, or any other place where it needs to be moved occasionally to free up space.

The Behmor 1600 stands at a height of just over 10 inches, which means that it will easily fit into a cabinet or stand on the counter while still giving enough room to cook and clean around it.

The roaster has a six-unit row of master cartons and pallet of 12: 320 lbs. The pallet is also 32” high, and it has a height of 88.” The container quantity is: 20'270 units, 800 40' units, and 40HQ 920 units.

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coffee roasting

The Pros

  • It's (almost) Smoke-free
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • You have maximal control over the roasting process
  • It roasts nuts, too!

One of the best benefits of this machine is that it produces minimal amounts of smoke.

In fact, the machine even has a patent pending smoke dampening system, which means that, for the first time, you'll be able to roast your own coffee inside the comfort of your own home rather than having to deal with roasting smokey beans outside.

This is an especially beneficial amenity if you live in a cold environment where you'd like to be able to roast your favorite coffee year-round. The only requirement is that you keep the coffee roaster by a vent or underneath a stove hood while you're roasting coffee beans.

Sometimes, a product will give you more than you bargained for. This is the case with the Behmor 1600 Plus, which doubles as a nut roaster when it's not busy roasting coffee.

The 1600 Plus is adept at roasting cashews, almonds, peanuts, and toasting pine nuts. The catch, as with watching the machine roast coffee, is that you'll have to stand guard and make sure the nuts don't burn.

Behmor 5400 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster

The Cons

  • It can't roast all blends
  • It can be complicated to use, and therefore only ideal for "pro" coffee roasters
  • It's compatible only with 120V outlets

Although it seems the sky is the limit with the Behmor 1600 Plus, this coffee roaster does inevitably have some shortcomings. One is that while it can roast most blends of coffee, it can't make all roasts perfectly. The roasts that it is not ideal for are Vienna, Italian, French, and other naturally darker roasts.

A second disadvantage of the Behmor 1600 Plus is that all the settings can make it complicated, and even intimidating, for use by novice roasters.

In other words, if you're just starting to roast your own beans, this might not be the perfect machine to use. A point of frustration that novice coffee roasters should keep in mind, with the Behmor and other brands, is that practice makes perfect when it comes to roasting coffee.

This means that it can take some experimentation, and trial and error, to make a flawless batch of roasted coffee. Inevitably, you'll waste time and money in the process.

Lastly, the roasting machine is only compatible with 120V outlets. Since it can't be safely used with adapters, it can't be transported on vacation to places without the same electrical usage.

It also can't be used in countries that use anything different than a 120V outlet.

Behmor 5400 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster

Techniques, Tips, And Tricks

As mentioned before, practice does eventually make perfect with the Behmor 1600 Plus. At first, you'll have to stand and watch the machine to make sure it's not over-roasting the beans.

Like other coffee roasters, you'll need to be diligent about cleaning the machine. Cleaning the coffee roaster on a regular basis prevents mineral buildup from accumulating on the machine's parts.

It also acts as a form of quality control by ensuring each batch (and cup) of coffee tastes as pure and fresh as it can and should (3).

For more tips from owners, see this YouTube video: 

Comparison to Similar Products

The Behmor 1600 Plus is an award-winning coffee roaster that competes with world-renowned name brands. One of its top competitors is Gene Cafe, which one-ups the Behmor 1600 with the fact that it brews darker roasts.

Another competitor is the Breville, which also produces quality roasts but can't handle the large batch sizes that the Behmor 1600 is capable of producing. The Breville coffee roaster also produces considerably more smoke than the Behmor 1600, which really only makes it suitable for outdoor use.

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The Final Word

All in all, the Behmor 1600 Plus is a good deal for the price. It offers more precision for lighter roasts than many competitors, and it lets you create large coffee batch sizes than other brands.

A Behmor 1600 Plus review will tell you that, like anything, you'll need to get used to your machine first before you can learn to use it quickly, confidently, and efficiently.

However, once you've overcome the learning curve, you'll be left with a quality coffee roasting machine that you can enjoy for years to come.

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