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A.G. Ferrari Biscotti

Crunchy, Light and Irresistible Since 1929.

December 08, 2016

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Hand-made since 1929 by a small family-run bakery in Florence, Biscotti are the quintessential Italian treat. Light, crispy and hard to resist, Biscotti are perfect when enjoyed at the end of the meal with a glass of sweet wine, with coffee for a mid-day pick-me-up or coarsely ground as a topping for gelato, served alongside sliced strawberries.

Our Tuscan Almond biscotti, comes from a recipe that originated in Tuscany. This most traditional Biscotti it is made with flour, farm-fresh eggs, sugar, almonds, bitter almonds and a few pine nuts. Crispy, subtly sweet and excellent when served with panna cotta, gelato, or as part of an afternoon tea.

Our Chocolate Chip made with flour, farm-fresh eggs, sugar, and studded with Bittersweet chocolate chips. This new twist on tradition is perfection when served with coffee, Port wine after a meal, or dipped in Mascarpone cheese.

You can always find our A.G. Ferrari Biscotti at one of our Bay Area Cafés or online here.

A.G. Ferrari products are also available in select locations in the U.S.:

Balducci's Food Lover's Markets in Greenwich & Westport, Connecticut; Scarsdale, New York; Bethesda, Maryland; and Alexandria & McLean, Virginia

Dave's Marketplace in Rhode Island

DeCicco & Sons Markets in New York

Fairway Markets in New York, New Jersey & Stamford, CT

Jensen's in California

King's Food Markets in New Jersey

Kowalski’s in Minnesota

Mom's Organic Markets in New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia & Pennsylvania

Woodland's in California

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